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What's a coliving hub? 🏡👩‍💻🤩

It's a shared home and workspace, where members also share some purpose in life. For digital nomads, creators, entrepreneurs and anyone who fancies an amazing place to getaway from routine, on a workation, or —at Hub House— to use as a part-time base.

By embracing diversity and serendipity we create vitality in our lives. You've got your own independent lifestyle and need a space to match, in a Hub House you also get great common spaces and friendly faces crossing paths doing all sorts of stuff. There's always folks to cook a meal with, watch a movie or even learn some reiki… Yet with varied workspaces in the house you're always productive, doing your best work.

Learn about coliving at some of our favourite spaces, Sun and Co in Spain, Nine in the Canaries and Playworking in Montenegro. There's also projects such as Alchemy Spaces in Italy. Yet these are all rentals… we need a new choice. 😉

We're creating amazing new spaces!

Our goal is affordable co-ownership, giving use of private accommodation along with many varied communal areas… in multiple locations. So we're scouting properties across the Mediterranean to renovate and redevelop.

We share the benefits of an ecosystem whilst also running it as a business with rental revenue creating passive income for us, its co-owners. We can participate in decoration, programes (e.g. retreats, talks, …), and future direction.

Candidate location: Covilhã, Portugal

What about the properties? There's lots of old textile factories, and we've got visits planned on the 2nd July so stay tuned on Facebook or check our current candidates.

#10 Southern France

#26 Northern Italy

We'll be adding more locations in future so we all get choice amongst varied locations. And don't worry about languages, there'll always be folks around to help. 🙆‍♂️‍ (If you're a non-EU citizen, you have to make sure you've the right visa, but we want to add locations outside the EU too!)

Seeking balance… 🌿👨‍🌾

It's not just about having an amazing space to get our work done, but also popping out for a break to welcoming towns and villages, escaping into a natural park and great wilderness, with hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, kayaking, wild swimming within reach. Even daytrips to the seaside🏖 and skiiing⛷ too.

We're running it together! 👷‍♀️

264 200 pledged €195 800 remaining

Whether you participate from day one as a co-owner, or visit as a rental guest—as a member you get to be as involved as much as you like.

To become a co-owner, make a no-commitment pledge for any share that suits you, then make your final decision when we've selected and completed due diligence on the first property, else join us for the next…?!

For your own lifelong use equivalent to one month of an ensuite every year, we're targetting a co-ownership share buy-in around €1,750 with €250 of recurring running costs for each month you stay. This compares to rental at around €550, which will be available for everyone (if not reserved by co-owners).

If you don't stay you get dividends corresponding to your share of the profits, which is forecast at around €262 per share. (Scroll on down for more details.) For the ultimate freedom, this means that with two shares you should have a entirely cost-free stay for one month.

Either way, why stay in one place? Get away for a while — make a pledge or stay tuned to visit and rent as a guest.

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Facilities that accommodate all of us…

Converting an affordable open-plan property enables us to better invest in dedicated facilities as a coliving hub, instead of spending piles on maintaining a fancy chateau. 🏰💸 We all agree—it's worth it right?!

The following are example floorplans for candidate property #1. To get in the loop as we narrow down the first property simply like our FB page, or if you pledge, you can join our private group.


A lower acquisition cost means significant labour is required, however we will utilise (paid) volunteers (inlcuding you maybe?) to help with rennovation and operations, keeping costs reasonable and phased works will commence before full funding is acheived as not all the capacity and facilities will be needed immediately.

We won't be like a hotel or some of the other premium coliving spaces. We'll be a community that helps each other keep things clean, and does our own laundry. Our volunteers will however help look after the basics with us, and if you prefer to be looked after they'll be able to offer you serviced rooms and mealplans. 👏

Initial fitout includes all services and rooms to a functional level, such as studios with a hotplate and fridge, low-cost Ikea crockery or eclectic second-hands. Refinement of decoration would be undertaken either gradually through reinvestment as occupancy increases, with volunteering by co-owners, or an additional funding round. Costs do not include finishing (painting, repointing) the facades of the building, nor installation of hydro or solar power. We'll decide these things once the core requirements are done.


This crowdfunding approach is going well, however we may consider other approaches such as dedicated real-estate crowdfunding platforms (although these charge ~8%), and loans for future locations, or if we do not complete the crowdfunding target.

The forecast obviously depend upon specific properties and operations, therefore until finalised we are using the following indicative figures from candidate property #1.

Co-ownership will be fractional, therefore any size shareholding is possible and the owner's usage will be offset against this. Co-owners gain a share of revenues (dividens) corresponding any unused part of their share. Annual budgets will be voted upon by all co-owners (as shareholders).

Rental rates


The instigator

This endeavour is being initiated by Jacob Jay, founder of the first ever coliving hub offering coliving with open-access coworking which was located in Delhi, India, and operated for four years. I will invest ~15% of the funds, and anyone wishing to make a signficant investment alongside me would be invited to become a cofounder with a small supplementary equity reward.


We will be engaging volunteers soon, and if you'd like to get involved in any other way please do get in touch with Jacob directly. If you're simply interested in renting as a guest, please follow us on Facebook to hear about future launch dates.

If you're interested in being a co-owner please don't hesitate to reach out to for further details or to share your expectations. Pledges are not contractual and no guarantee is made that it will secure you any share.

Count me in!

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57.4% pledged