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🏬#190 🥈81%   €43k • typical • village • 500m² mini-hub • rambling building at station, pleasant but unexciting countryside
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central France: Figeac, Aurillac, (Rodez)
☃️2–9–17°☀️7☁️16 • 🍂12–23°☀️8☁️11 300m
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Environment ✧ rolling agricultural; limited walks

Services ✧ several bakeries, bars, restos, supermarkets; town 20mins train/bus (last 8:40pm)

Access ✧ station at door; 20mins Figeac for Toulouse (3h) and Paris (7h or nighttrain); Rodez airport (seasonal for UK/Brussels) 50mins drive

Notes ✧ been on market since 2013 so significantly reduced, though was still partly being used at that time; even a further attempt with another 3k off
✦ just on edge of pleasant and moderately lively village, no adventourous countryside, but a very nice town only 20mins train from the door, thus would work well for work focus with escapes rather than at door activities
✦ as the property is quite large with lots of potential it would work quite well with an inward focus, the climate is however rather dreary in winter, but with the courtyard catching midday-afternoon sun would still be adequately nice
✦ 100m2 courtyard wth large basement opening onto it, could have a glass house; could easily build an extra space to raise the glass house up to catch some evening sun too; 15m2 front balcony catching morning midday sun
✦ directly opposite is a large public space with the boules pitches, and would offer opportunity for some community gardening, catching the sun all day
✦ there's a small lake with public grounds and tennis 10mins walk; horse riding also a few minutes walk away
✦ large lake with beach 30mins train
✦ kayak/canoe is possible along the river from the next village or the town with SUP summer only (probably possible by arrangement for groups at other times); more adventurous (Lot) 40mins drive
✦ mountains 1h drive
✦ Paris night train arrives Figeac 5am; departs midnight 30€ thus requring pickup
✦ 1 walk from door 45min circuit part track/path; or track starts 20mins away for 2h
✦ only 3 daily trains, the rest are busses (25mins)
✦ there's a small coworking in town and another 35mins drive/45 train for variety which negates space as hub
✦ 45m2 corner building, 2 floors +attic
✦ 100m2 main with balcony, 2 floors +attic
✦ 140m2 basement open at back courtyard plus side passage
✦ one section of roof needs slates cleaning and relaying, and is leaking clearly having caused some interior damage, otherwise appears okay indeed the south part has a new block and beam floor; it would require a fair bit of scaffolding thus entirely undesireable, but for light cleaning and repairs a telescopic boom could suffice; another section appears to be asbestos though ok
✦ the front covered terrace, presumably belonging to a prior restaurant, would need to be removed as is on public pavement
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