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🏬#207 🥉78%  SOLD • €55k • typical • village • 600m² mini-hub • apparently typical building with unusual capacity
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southern France: Marmande, Villeneuve, Agen, (Bordeaux)
☃️4–11–19°☀️4☁️13 • 🍂15–26°☀️7☁️11
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GOOD  ✈️ access
OKAY  🛒 shops
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Environment ✧ agricultural river valley, some rolling woods

Services ✧ bakery, restos, minimart; superkmarket across bridge; town 15mins bike/bus

Access ✧ station 5mins drive/bus; 1h30 Toulouse, Barcelona 4h, Paris 6h30; airport 2h30

Notes ✧ price drop from 66k
✦ one lovely little town (Villeneuve 30mins drive/bus; 1h30 leisurely cycle on lanes) plus some othes and pretty riverside villages (lively in summer), but not too much else, though Eymet is 45mins, but given the station is only 5mins drive and Bordeaux is then 55mins it's an easy day trip with the last back 9:30pm
✦ 2 walks on tracks and some bits of rocky paths hanging above the river start 20–30mins along lane and can take 2–3h, decent for biking but no other variety nor options; horse riding 30mins walk; easy kayaking 30mins drive; lots of woods with tracks start 15mins drive, and some other trails next to the town (30mins drive); canal 40mins bike
✦ there's a section of quiet riverfront with trees a stone's throw, plus a small beach
✦ north end looks onto a square which is regrettably only used for parking but has trees, could probably persuade the mayor to allocate a few spaces to seating and flowers; south end looks onto garages but is a bit more open with a glimpse down to river; east windows on ground are blocked by narrow lane, but 1st gets morning sun
✦ only interesting as includes the adjacent building which is an old boulangerie shopfront with garage behind, 100m2 footprint, most of which would accommodate a 1st floor with mezzanines, some of which already exists above the shop; would offer a good 45m2 roof terrace at the south, possibly with another 30m2 up another level or even extending all the way to to the north over the square (neigbours have a similar arrangement but smaller), could even include a splash pool
✦ main building is 140m2 footprint with two floors
✦ cellars with garage door (south facing but low) and vents all around, suitable for cinema and storage, possibly a glass fronted room instead of the garage with spiral staircase for access
✦ attic with little height at edges due to heigh ceilings below, and in two parts with mid section missing floor; probably good for mezzanines
✦ 22m length, 6–7m depth; one end perhaps 30m2 has its floors raised higher than the rest
✦ 40m2 of roof at the middle needs new tiles having a temporary metal surface
✦ fibre in 2022 (Orange AMEL)
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