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🏬#211 🥈86%  SOLD • €105k • typical • village • 460m² mini-hub • 7👤15👥nice area, but needs work
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southern France: Beziers, Clermont, Lodeve, (Agde)
☃️3–10–17°☀️7☁️12 • 🍂13–25°☀️8☁️10
OKAY  🔨 effort
OKAY  💰 cost
GOOD  🚌 transport
GOOD  ✈️ access
GOOD  🛒 shops
OKAY  🏙 towns
GOOD  🧗 activities
GOOD  ☀️ climate
GOOD  ⛰️ nature
GOOD  🌷 garden
OKAY  🏠 building
OKAY  🏘 hood
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Environment ✧ woods, heaths and scrub, rocky rivery valleys; hikes on door; coast 1h

Services ✧ 2 bakeries, new minimart, cafe-bar-pizza; weekly market; restos 10mins bike; supermarket 15mins bike; small town 15mins drive/train/bus

Access ✧ station at door / 15mins drive: 5h30 Paris / 3h30 Barcelona

Notes ✧ probably sold; was advertised as private sale for 90k, with 50k downpayment and 40k owner credit over 7 years (€500/month x80) which may remain possible; seller failed to organise visit having taken on promises from others (relying on bank)
✦ partly usable quickly
✦ versus #227 does not require roof work, has smaller garden and less transit/town access and is slightly smaller, but quieter in garden
✦ village garden across the road, tennis courts
✦ pretty village with restos 10mins bike
✦ town is uninteresting but has some restos; a slightly nicer little town is 20mins (Lodeve), and better one 35mins (Clermont l'Herault)
✦ great countryside all about, 10mins bike to river swimming, 10mins drive to a via ferrata, 30mins to impressive gorges and rock pools; 35mins to Lac de Salagou for sailing, kayak, SUP
✦ simple hikes from door with 1-2h circuits reaching 800m (400m climb) or 1000m (3h30 one-way 650m climb); 20mins along lanes to great hikes up onto an outcrop
✦ 45mins drive to Gorges de l'Herault
✦ proper towns a bit far at 45mins for Beziers/Pezenas, with train to Beziers from door it is easy, but currently only two trains outbound (7am and 2:45pm) and one inbound at 6:20pm thus rather unhelpful but good for inbound as only one change to the door from Paris/Barcelona; there are however additional trains/busses and then a connecting bus from the small town (15mins; 8:20am and 1:30pm with 4 afternoon returns), plus to Montpellier
✦ outbound and inbound is very easy by train leaving at 7am and arriving Paris 12h45 with one change, inbound similar departing after midday and arriving at 7pm; more complicated for Barcelona despite being closer due to the only direct train arriving after the last has left but still decent
✦ the village's streets have been tidied up versus the tatty state in streetview
✦ has its own gites from 1000/month (apr-sept) 600/month off
✦ advert is almost certainly incorrect with its measurements
✦ 90m2 courtyard at rear, 45m2 roofed as extension, best turned into full extension with conservatory-kitchen
✦ 90m2 south-west garden at 1st floor, plus 40m2 conservatory-dining
✦ 2 almost identical buildings ~40m2 on 3 floors plus good attic
✦ ground floor is two shops with street frontage and 40m2 extensions
✦ needs 90m2 of new build on each of two floors, plus 1–2 small new lintels on 1st, and 1–2 at ground
✦ the rear has almost no windows, but no issue
✦ one of the stairs would be removed and filled in
✦ ground: S- casual coworking (10 seats, 45m2) onto street connecting to cinema/events in extension (45m2 only tiny lightwell), N- 6 pods in extension (40m2, only small light well), storage/bathrooms/breakout (40m2 onto street)
✦ 1st floor: S- lounge spanning front and back (45m2, with east juliet balcony), connecting to kitchen/dining (90m2 but half as conservatory) and garden; N- library workspace (40m2 8 seats, with east juliet balcony) through to conservatory/dining
✦ 2nd floor plus attic: 7 generous ensuite mezzanines, 4 premium each having two east windows (one floor, one mezzanine above), 4 standard having only a skylight
✦ a callroom could plausibly be built at the end of the garden, else would be off the breakout area onto the street
✦ parcels 4455 (#36) and 1762 (#40) thus not full garden behind
✦ the two sides would be interconnected through new extension which is the only significant work and would involve demolishing some existing sheds and extensions; the new extension itself is just sealing the ground level, a new slab, walls and roof, half of which (up to 35m2) would be glass (with a simple retractable shade for summers), whilst this could be double-glazed it would not be necessary and thus presents no significant cost
✦ in winter the conservatory would only be used on sunny days and at mealtimes when temporary directional (IR) heating would be sufficient, but alternately with low occupancy the table could be moved into the adjoining library or lounge
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