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🏘#59 🏅59%  REJECT • €145k • industrial • town • 2300m² complex • Despite being a bit higher in the valley it is surrounded by allotments, trees and scrubland, except for a car workshop next door. The stream runs around the property. It would be possible to harvest the water for small scale hydro or at least a water feature and pool in the stream.
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Portugal: Castelo Branco, Guarda, (Lisbon)
☃️6–14–19°  🏖33–39°  ☀️13 days  🌧9 days
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BAD  🔨 effort
OKAY  💰 cost
DODGY  🚌 transport
OKAY  ✈️ access
OKAY  🛒 shops
DODGY  🏙 towns
OKAY  🧗 activities
GOOD  ☀️ climate
OKAY  ⛰️ nature
DODGY  🌷 garden
GOOD  🏠 building
GOOD  🏘 hood
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Environment ✧ natural park with 2,000m peak, lakes; town has gym and sports centre; paths but start 1h through town; river 5km, would ned own equipment; small ski station 30mins drive; coast 2h

Services ✧ all, town centre 30mins walk; next town 1h train

Access ✧ station 15mins walk (3h30 Lisbon); airports too far (2h30 drive)

Notes ✧ ✅ fibre
✦ would demolish small building to open up acess to stream
✦ no usable land but surrounded by allotments, so could probably acquire one thus garden score increased (perhaps on opposite side of stream which is overgrown and has a very productive water source)
✦ two courtyards
✦ limited sun in winter and because it is more enclosed, colder than #53
✦ Apparently the plot is 5,000m2 plot but very steep so only suitable for limited decking no other uses.
✦ requires 650m2 of new roofing
✦ stream is suitable and permitted small scale hydro in winter
✦ can be very hot although buildings remain cool and is cooler in the valley, down season might be split betwen winter
✦ a couple of tracks a short walk away, however most activities involve a quick trip, e.g. 20–40 mins bike/car
✦ local town of Guarda is on Mardrid-Lisbon night train line but not useful; new services may be introduced
✦ town has a datacentre and fibre networks are being rolled out
✦ 51
✦ 300m2 (main building, ground and first)
✦ 75m2 shed (to demolish for terrace)
✦ 750m2 (ground, plus subground floors)
✦ 200m2 basement
✦ (100m2 covered basement terrace)
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