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Jacob Jay🎩

Well yikes there's now almost 700 of us signed up and interested in the project. It's past time to better connect everyone together — so welcome to the new forum/mailing list.📯🎊 You'll get email summaries of posts not only from me, but also from any of you whom might fancy participating or even getting together to plot projects.

If you don't want community updates and simply want to join-in with what we create, once we've done so(!) just change your email preferences and profile. You'll still get announcements.

More functionality to be added in due course! In case it wasn't obvious and despite a passion for architecture/space planning, my profession is actually that of a software/usability architect/developer. I'm afraid I was actually having fun working on this thus it's rather later than I had wanted! Currently a bit of a hack although entirely bespoke so as to eventually include things like our voting process. Please say if you find bugs or have ideas to help us all communicate.

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Jacob Jay🎩 with 💬8 replies, latest

We've reached the point at which I have to decide the best path forwards. I've ended the promotional campaigns as there should be enough of us to complete a first phase at the least; withstanding the incorporation this wraps my initial investment into the project. So let's take stock and see where to go! It's those of you who give feedback who'll help decide the plan! 👍

I've actually found solutions for the issues at the lead candidate, Cravinos, so it's back on and I'm psyched for it. But it'll take much longer to do all three buildings (at a relaxed pace, first remains simple) and the contingency budget would need increasing making the total capital higher. (Returned or reinvested if unneeded, could be contractual instead of by vote.)

The updated share cost for a month is thus on the up, presently €1750, but I'm not expending more time updating the figures until I've gotten more feedback… see my updated report, with some quick interior renders of bedrooms and cohousing.

All this has made me consider that maybe we should start with something maybe less ambitious — what do you think?

If you all indicate a preference for something smaller with less risk, I will continue looking. There's a few on the list. We could still do Covilhã after.

Compromise is also possible. Whilst I'm not keen to back a more rural location first, there's a bunch of you who would. #60 Instituit Lamothe-Poulin (southern France) is a distinct possibility, reducing the risks whilst still allowing scaling and extra facilities in future—having both a station and 7ha of land. I'll go visit if you pick it in the following poll!

Otherwise if we're still all on board 🚀 then onwards with Covilhã, I've a pending meeting with the planning department, and a student of the architecture faculty up to help…

So, do let us all know know what you vote to support:
[you can choose multiple next; only counted if you've pledged]

Note that small satellite properties are not yet planned — keep an eye on posts in the other people's projects topic. 😉

BTW I'll be proposing a London meetup shortly…


Hey! So good to hear from you! After 4 months in LIsbon, I have to say that Covilhã is really too cold for my taste! I don't know if I can invest in a location like that! What happened to Spain?

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Jacob Jay🎩

Hi Harry! I only remember lovely sunny days in the north—certainly idealised childhood memories though. ;) Unlike the British Isles, where as we know rainfall at the level of Covilhã often means depressing drizzle all day, it can blow over quickly. The climate models are not entirely clear, the one I've been using defines a sunny day as over 80% cloudless (not sure how that's measured!). Even 50% cloudless by any measure is still a sunny day nice for sitting out.
I believe most of us have the freedom to seize good days so I don't consider it make‑or‑break as long as there is sun, even for south‑west France some of the deepest winter days are 16° and 100% sunny, which is not bad (at least with some complimentary winter facilities). I am wary of higher numbers of precipitation days though, yet both Covilhã and Agen are 10 days rather than 20 days as with the north of England. Thinking about the future I worry that low numbers like 4 days for Valencia might be bigger issues…
For a hub (as opposed satellite) property the draw should be as much dynamism and community as location. Obviously both are desirable as there's only such much of that we may want. (I'm going to include #90 El Batán in my next batch of visits.)
The business/revenue side is not a significant criteria, technically with 30% unallocated capacity all members could visit during only the nice months (obviously limited flexibility), in reality it will balance out wherever the location is, due to seasonal rates and the varied profiles.
Given all the criteria, I can't focus on any single one too much otherwise nothing matches. If we get as far as a second property, then it gets really interesting. There's mutterings about Greece and Morocco… 😎

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