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Jacob Jay🎩

Those of you in or around London, it'd be great to meet you! Yes in person, albeit maybe not with undue proximity…

Ping me and we can coordinate, I'm around Monday 20th lunch until teatime Weds 22nd. +33652516291

I'll be off to Italy in August to continue visits. I'm not posting an update on Portugal — except to say a few days before I flew out, the agent for the new candidate I'd posited, told me it'd sold, seeming somewhat surprised. Then another I hastily unearthed also transpired to have sold without being delisted.🙄 We did visit some others but let's just say they fell into the category of not terribly impressive… actually one was a rather nice building, but its locality and capacity debatable, to say nothing of its foundations.

Don't forget you can keep an eye on candidates on the site, for an idea of what I'm finding and might be looking at.


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