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Web developer interested in Buddhism.
Gui Perdrix
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crazy passionate about the coliving movement, organising meetups as global ambassador at the association, creator of the spaces, and now writing a book about it all
River Ferdinandy
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splits time between Portugal and the Italian mountains where he's creating a coliving—whilst working to make our travel lives easier at Rome2Rio
Clément Roméas…
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has travelled and worked with a multitude of coliving spaces, whilst developing his own concept, yet now plotting to join and help us
Margaret Manning
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created an online community bringing together boomers spanning the globe, whilst recognising and promoting (multigenerational!) coliving as a positive direction for us all
Jacob Jay
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sketching building plans as a kid probably beat out design and software, yet during a career in the latter I created the first-ever open access coliving +coworking hub in India, and now onwards!
Erik Mesikäpp
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Dolly Evans
Sebastian Borch
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Riska van den Akker - Orpa Sari
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Marcel Mitsuto Fucatu Sugano
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an Open Source Software consultant. I help small companies make better use of Open Source Software to lower Total Cost of Ownership of tech systems.
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Francois-Julien Alcaraz
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Ciprian Iamandi
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Zsuzsanna Valkó erdőfürdőzé
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Sofía Garcia
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Alison Brooks
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Richard Bartlett
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Etienne Brodu
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Samuel Michelot
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Anastasiya Anderson (Steklova)
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Boca Adrian
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Musaid Raheel
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Mauricio Gonzalez Martinez
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Dominguez Carlucci Sara
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Shelly Steffler
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