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Feel free to mention your own or other's you discover for inspiration and to know how the co-ownership coliving movement grows.


Hi there! I am Isadora from Italy living in Portugal. I am leaving all the doors open to my options. I would love to be part of a project here in Portugal but somewhere closet to the beach.

I am also working on a smaller project in Tuscany together with a friend of cohousing, sustainable tourism and local development. In specific, we are planning to buy old beautiful historical buildings and renovate them to create small communities of people who want to cohouse and manage sustainable tourism projects and local projects.

We are in the process of building a website, so, more info coming up soon!

Jacob Jay🎩

I'll also mention that River, one of our board members, has a property he's setting up as a coliving in the Italian mountains (, using a co‑ownership model and likely joining the Hub House network as a satellite. We'll be able to exchange time with owners in other spaces of the network, whether or not they use a similar model, although I haven't yet gotten into specifics of how it would actually work.

Here's two other recent projects I've come across, at different ends of the spectrum…

Firstly the very cool a bootstrap London coworking operator (from £50/month!), is getting into coliving with a property in Tenerife. Targeting in the same vein as their coworking, a low‑ow cost of €300/month, albeit in this case with pods in a fairly small property. Whilst this project is not currently slated for c‑wnership, the founder Ben has some vision for future projects and I'm looking forward to meeting him when I'm in London.

Secondly, there's which is looking to crowdfund a mansion 2h30 outside Stockholm, with dedicated rooms at €75k. I though the benefit of getting outside cities was that one could reduce costs, well either that or upscale your lifestyle. 😅
There's a typically amusing (and insightful!) thread in this FB digital nomad group (members only):…


Hello! We are in Japan - and have leased a beautiful, Showa period large house. We are considering now possible live -work inclusions. Since we primarily use this house for cycling excursions in the region. Japan has many dis‑used properties but they are difficult to access without being Japanese (mainly language, process, etc). I'm interested, possibly , to pursuing more of these with some co‑living support.

If anyone wants to see what they are like -- here's our cycling house up in Gunma which is just 2hr from central Tokyo.‑cc‑kiryu?share

Welcome any feedback, ideas, collab, etc.


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