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Ideas on what we might be able to do together as groups within the community and how to achieve them once we 've a hub up and running.

Jacob Jay🎩

One of my principles for hubs is simply for members to collaborate and form groups that achieve things together—without imposing. 🤝

A fab example is food and I'd love to see a cooking club in which participants collectively prepare meals, maybe taking turns or simply all working together. There could even be multiple competing clubs with different tastes, approaches and timings. There could be a contribution for those not participating, ensuring inclusion without feeling like being a canteen, eventually I think everyone would participate as it could be fun and rewarding even if you hate cooking!

Similarly there could be a gang interested in growing food. Though agriculture and livestock need continuous looking after, and the skills aren't quite so easily learned as cooking, our volunteers however stay longer than most other members, and might be persuaded to participate too.

These have tangible (tasty!) results but many of us seek less tangible ones too. Likely groups will yoga, accountability sessions, maybe even a morning rave (à la Morning Gloryville)! How about skill shares? That'd actually be useful! 😇

These things don't need to be part of some 'official' agenda, it'll just take several members with the same intentions coming together to make it happen. The resident guide ('community manager') and volunteers would nonetheless facilitate to link everyone up. 👍

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Ciprian Iamandi

#32 Tobacco Warehouse I like this candidate for a mini‑hub

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Ciprian Iamandi

#94 Union de Coopératives du Cognac Too bad about the cancelled visit! The town looks lovely. About the lack of interesting activities in the area, I agree. It would be preferable if we had that. What would be the next best candidate, in this case?

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* 241 chars * beginning: Discussions amongst those most interested in the more accommodating spaces that make longer stays, l

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Feel free to mention your own or other's you discover for inspiration and to know how the co-ownership coliving movement grows.


Hi there! I am Isadora from Italy living in Portugal. I am leaving all the doors open to my options. I would love to be part of a project here in Portugal but somewhere closet to the beach.

I am also working on a smaller project in Tuscany together with a friend of cohousing, sustainable tourism and local development. In specific, we are planning to buy old beautiful historical buildings and renovate them to create small communities of people who want to cohouse and manage sustainable tourism projects and local projects.

We are in the process of building a website, so, more info coming up soon!

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Hello! We are in Japan - and have leased a beautiful, Showa period large house. We are considering now possible live -work inclusions. Since we primarily use this house for cycling excursions in the region. Japan has many dis‑used properties but they are difficult to access without being Japanese (mainly language, process, etc). I'm interested, possibly , to pursuing more of these with some co‑living support.

If anyone wants to see what they are like -- here's our cycling house up in Gunma which is just 2hr from central Tokyo.‑cc‑kiryu?share

Welcome any feedback, ideas, collab, etc.


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* 244 chars * beginning: These are comparable to most other destinational/lifestyle coliving places; as there's plenty on the

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* 428 chars * beginning: Hypothetical as property is expensive, demand and particiption unknown, so would it be crowdfunded w

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Higher-level discussions about strategy amongst the board and executives, visible to everyone but posting is locked to avoid interruptions. If you need their ear please contact them directly.

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Plausible properties? (see all)

Hôtel le Panoramic 🏢
€300k • southern France • village
Perched next to a view point above the Dordogne river.
Abbaye de Clairac 🏢
€380k • southern France • village
Exceptional history uniquely perched above the river in a village; whilst not having standout looks, provides great spaces for varied […]
Château de Montlédier 🏢
€450k • southern France • village
Imposingly perched on rocks above a river just outside an unimpressive town but with a lovely one close by.
Châtaigneraie d'Olargues 🏢
€260k • southern France • village
In a fantastic natural location, amongst chestnuts above a lovely rocky river. With creative efforts, stone walls […]
St-Béat 🏡
€69k • southern France • village
good location and property but with issue delaying use significantly
Cenne–La Filature 🏬
€140k • southern France • hamlet
imposing old factory building in good condition, with a garden; could be a lovely space in its semi-rural location with good towns […]
Fábrica de telas 🏬
€??k • Spain • village
historic textile factory in fairly good condition, with land and another building, but likely municipal
Montemor-o-Velho 🏬
€110k • Portugal • village
pretty historic house in village with small castle ruins, and good potential as a mini-hub but dubious surroundings