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Gea de Albarracín
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🏬#134 🏅55%   €75k • typical • village • 750m² mini-hub • Random buildings on high plateau
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Spain: Teruel
☃️3–9–15°  🏖30–34°  ☀️10 days  🌧9 days
OKAY  🔨 effort
GOOD  💰 cost
BAD  🚌 transport
OKAY  ✈️ access
OKAY  🛒 shops
DODGY  🏙 towns
OKAY  🧗 activities
DODGY  ☀️ climate
OKAY  ⛰️ nature
GOOD  🌷 garden
DODGY  🏠 building
OKAY  🏘 hood
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Environment ✧ scuplted sandstone hills and valleys, both barren and wooded with pines; hikes on doorstep

Services ✧ ok, small town 30mins bike, towns 20mins drive

Access ✧ station 10mins drive, 40mins bike: Valencia/Zaragoza 3h

Notes ✧ price drop from 105k; private sale
✦ 1000m elevation
✦ lake 25mins drive away
✦ good natural park on doorstep and some other natural features plus some bits of ruined roman aqudects
✦ two buildings, one a functional apartment of 4 bedrooms, 75m2 top floor, 120m2 ground, 75m2 side plus a further tiny outbuilding of 2 floors each of 10m2
✦ an industrial metal-roofedopen plan building of 225m2 on two floors, with windows on top, but closed on ground; roofing could be kept but requiring additional insulation; height suitable for mezzanine rooms
✦ two 60m2 courtyards, one could be opened onto lane thus having views; 2 20m2 terraces, one with views
✦ on quiet lane looking over a water canal and small fields
✦ ground floor could be opened up with windows across lane for common spaces cadastral data
✦ may include use of canal and tiny waterwheel; there are some apparently unused tiny land plots opposite next to teh fields and canal
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