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🏡#254 🥇89%   €65k • typical • village • 290m² satellite • tiny but well located for city
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southern France: Avignon, Orange, (Nimes,Marseille)
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Environment ✧ suburban river valley surrounded by craggy scrubland

Services ✧ all

Access ✧ Avignon 10mins train, +Marseille airport 1h, Nimes airport +1h45

Notes ✧ station reopening end 2025 putting the city at just 10mins, until then a regular bus takes a much less acceptable 45mins (last 8:15pm daily)
✦ with the station or driving, is an excellent location for access to towns, with a choice of Avignon (10mins), Arles (+15mins), Nimes (1h), Orange (15mins drive), Uzes, Carpentras, Cavaillon, St-Remy, Beaucaire (40mins drive), even Marseille (+1h)
✦ the environment is interesting if limited and obstructed by the rail lines and motorway, there are a couple of paths along a nice rocky littl escarpment, and along the riverside
✦ there are actually lots of tracks for biking albeit interspersed with suburbs, however wilderness starts 30mins along lanes; with the train, much better countryside is accessible from Remoulins around the Pont du Gard where there's also a greenway to Beaucaire making exploring by bike easy
✦ the pont du Gard is 30mins drive (transit possible), base of Mont Ventoux (45mins), and river gorges 1h
✦ the village is passable, actually has a nice square and old tower but no cafes, also some riverfront though also onyl passable
✦ winter here has good sun but is very windy, this would be less of a problem with the courtyard terrace/1st floor conservatory/orangery
✦ is being sold in two lots and is only really interesting with both the other is the same price but worth far less as is smaller (50m2 footprint, 15m2 courtyard, 20m2 annexe), however the other is unlikely to sell so might be acquired later
✦ 40m2 courtyard, 40m2 front building, 45m2 rear building
✦ the space could be expanded and improved by covering the courtyard with a roof terrace
✦ with the other parcel capacity could increase 110m2 to 400m2, with a 75m2 terrace and access onto two lanes
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