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San Pietro Complex
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🏢#42 🏅65%  REJECT • €178k • rustic • rural • 900m² hub • Fantastic potential in huge partly ruined building complex with an immense 500m2 arched covered space, huge brick vaulting, and garden full of trees. Good connection to towns, cities and for daytrips, but immediate enviornment offers very little although there's a bus stop outside for the town/station which makes escapes easy. Could be developed into two spaces one being multigenerational and overlapping with the first.
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central Italy: Bologna, Ferrara, Modena, (Venice)
☃️9–15°  🏖32–37°  ☀️10 days  🌧10 days
DUBIOUS  🔨 effort
DUBIOUS  💰 cost
OKAY  🚃 transport
GOOD  ✈️ access
OKAY  🛒 shops
GOOD  🏙 towns
DUBIOUS  🏇 activities
OKAY  ☀️ climate
BAD  🏔 nature
GOOD  🌷 garden
OKAY  🏠 building
OKAY  🏘 neighbourhood
OKAY  📡 internet
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Environment ✧ Boring flat agricultural, one or two paths within 5km; horse 20mins, hills 1h15 train, coast 1h

Services ✧ 5mins walk for frequent bus to everything or 40mins walk, town 5mins drive/20mins bike

Access ✧ station 5mins drive 40mins walk; Bologna 45mins

Property ✧ potentially 4000m2; 25x10=250m2 building *2+attic, 50x10=500m2 arched tunnel, and 1400m2 of footprint (most two storey), however much likely needs demolishing, in any case the accommodation needs access to light thus a central building needs demoolishing to create a courtyard for windows, with the tunnel interconnecting everything

Notes ✧ can most definately be knocked down on price
✦ excellent WiMAX, fibre 5km, VDSL 60/20 2km, excellent 4G
✦ setback from moderately busy road behind trees, may not be anough to be adequately calm on south (garden) side, but north os open well shielded; although really needs neigbouring small 3000m2 field to be rewilded to shelter east side of surviving (main) building
✦ south side of arched area needs lots of large windows and part of the roof could be converted to glass as well to function as huge conservatory, else extended in length
✦ local suburb is ugly but slightly further towns are good
✦ acquiring and rewilding a neigbouring field would be benficial, there's also lots of other abandoned buildings

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