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🏢#5 🏅65%  REJECT • €117k • rustic • village • 900m² hub • Offers both nature and a station (2h to Paris). The environment isn't terribly exciting and only marginally sunny, though there's some non-challenging trails, sitting on the terrace with the green view will make up for that when not working or in the conservatory if raining, which is does a fair bit. Very cool vaulted stone caves with view for working from. Needs quite a bit of work to enlarge and extend. Disadvantages: most rooms in loft thus with small windows or skylights.
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central France: La Souterraine, Limoges
☃️7–13°  🏖24–32°  ☀️9 days  🌧15 days
DUBIOUS  🔨 effort
OKAY  💰 cost
GOOD  🚃 transport
DUBIOUS  ✈️ access
OKAY  🛒 shops
OKAY  🏙 towns
GOOD  🏇 activities
BAD  ☀️ climate
OKAY  🏔 nature
OKAY  🌷 garden
OKAY  🏠 building
OKAY  🏘 neighbourhood
OKAY  📡 internet
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Environment ✧ lovely view across rolling hills, not very diverse some woodland mostly agricultural, some trails; borderline climate: ☃️7–13°,  🏖24–32°, sunny 9 days, rainy 15 days(!!)

Services ✧ bakery, bar, butcher; small market; rolling hills; goats cheese bio veg and snails near village; town 15mins by train

Access ✧ local station; 3h30 (cheap) train to Paris 4x daily; few air options (Stansted)

Property ✧ windows would be enlarged for 1st floor studios; vaulted cellars and dovecote but half of rooms would be in loft (with skylights/small windws only) and needs an additional new wing, worst option but most like to get permission is simply in the courtyard; could regardless build event space in field

Notes ✧ rejected due to climate
✦ charges to seller
✦ 300m2 x3 7.5m x 41m; p184
✦ VDSL2: 60Mbps (Orange) +4G +OVH
✦ field, courtyard, ruined gatehouse, 3 floors (top with 4 windows onto courtyard, access door above field); south onto field
✦ TER limoges 30m, 5 daily; chateauroux 1h; LA SOUTERRAINE 15mins
✦ - Not ZRR
✦ Paris 3h30; 4 daily
✦ limoges-bordeaux 2h30 +30min car 3h30 once daily train
✦ airport; Poitiers (porto/mrs) or Perigeux 2h; limoges 45m (stansted year round); Brive 1h30 (porto)
✦ 30m bike to shop
✦ + 4 new wind turbines being installed nearby
✦ 11 rooms (4 shared double, 3 shared single; 7 ensuite)+1 dorm top + 2 ensuite rooms courtyard
✦ 5 ~30m studios with courtyard access and window south
✦ ==19 rooms
✦ 7.5 m hexagon seated rows 36; movies/workshops 26; yoga 12 (20 with doors open)

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