Lead Generation

453 leads (161 verified, 198 signalled; 125 new since last email)
191 pledges for €817 564 (112 confirmed)
25% conversion from lead
€4 003 pledge average

NOTE: there is currently a €2500 discrepancy in the public amount (will reset).

Optimistic: €445 850 (93)
Confirmed pledge, but does not consider email reachability (early pledges did not require email verification).

Probable: €371 600 (69)
Confirmed pledge, and either verified their email or opened a recent one.

Conservative: €279 900 (44)
Confirmed pledge plus verified their email.

Potential: €212 843 (35)
Any unconfirmed including future, but with a verified or opened email, thus may convert in addition to the above.

Unreachable: €194 900 (71)
Unverified and unopened, including future, not counted above. May include recent signups so some may yet convert.

Unconverted: (262)
Leads that have expressed interest but not yet pledged.

Motivations Probable

Readiness Probable


This was added 16th Aug, to ascertain if there's any demographic segmentation.


The only notable separately identified campaign is nl=Nomadlist.