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Lead Generation

693 leads, 321 verified; 217 active (31%)
540 signalled (149 unnotified); 12 unsubscribed
23% (160) recently openned, 23% high; 78% alltime
234 pledges for €902 065 (135 confirmed)
19% conversion from lead
€3 196 pledge average

β€” scenarios β€”

Optimistic: €431 550 (101)
Confirmed pledge, but not considering email reachability (early pledges did not require email verification).

Likely: €421 500 (94)
Confirmed pledge, and either verified email or opened.

Conservative: €327 800 (69)
Confirmed pledge plus verified email.

β€” plus β€”

Potential: €339 794 (91)
Any unconfirmed including future, but with a verified or opened email, thus may convert in addition to the above.

Unreachable: €62 550 (23)
Unverified and unopened, including future, not counted above. May include recent signups so some may yet convert.

Unconverted: (459)
Leads that have expressed interest but not yet pledged.

Motivations Probable

Readiness Probable


This only ran for a short while to ascertain if there's any demographic segmentation.


The only notable separately identified campaign is nl=Nomadlist.