shared live+work spaces
for people going places with purpose

The Hub House mark identifies to guests, the specific kind of spaces they're seeking that offer both coliving and coworking in the same property. Without confusion! «What kind of coliving? Is it only monthly? What's the minimum stay? Is it good for working?»

Your visitors needn't spend time asking questions so you can convert faster. It's a mark we'll all know and trust as demand for the offer grows the market. Participation is free of costs, so get moving now and choose how you'd like to be involved


Add you location(s), and when you meet the requirements you'll be listed as a Hub House and can use the logo! That simple. Even if you don't qualify you'll still be listed on the directory.

  • minimum stay 14 days or less (not monthly)
  • between 8 and 24 bedrooms† (most private)
  • seperate dedicated workspace (not dining/living)
  • seperate common kitchen and living areas
  • all facilities at the same property
†We may add mini and maxi Hub Houses in future, list your location now and you'll be upgraded to a Hub House at that time.


If you wish to demonstrate to your guests that your brand has a leading involvement in the movement, and gain the benefits of promoting its offerings more widely.

  • shown before other listings on the site
  • include the Hub House network snippet in your booking confirmation emails, and be promoted across the network with fair weighting
  • link the «a Hub House leader» logo on your front page so visitors know you're one of the leading hubs
  • participate in co-branded advertising campaigns (optional, requires budget contribution)

Future benefits for leaders:

  • star-gradings to hilight your standout facilities
  • availability check (with compatible systems) for no-fee direct bookings
  • promote events and retreats
  • piles of exciting integrations