collective live+work spaces
for people going places with purpose

Your pledge …but hang about!

Firstly — do you think you'll fit in? We'll not be an intentional community following doctrine. We'll ascribe to just two core principles, diversity and dynamism. We're carnivores, paleos and vegans. We're electro, death metal and chamber music fans. Someone may support Trump or have been abducted by 👽. And we'll all get along. If you gonna try converting everyone to veganism (death metal, Trump, tinfoil hats…) you won't last long. Yet if on suitable occasion you simply espouse their apparent virtues, then awesome — welcome to our purposeful community!

Pledges are no-commitment at this stage. Be prepared for the project to take time, and do get involved. A candidate property will be shortlisted, with plans and costs. Acquisiton will be put to vote when membership is opened, and you'll reserve shares in the co-op if you're still onboard.

I'm interested…

for fractional coownership up to € 
giving approximate use in
please select all that you'd use, where available

Share cost/use may vary by ±35% amongst properties. Use contributions around €275/month. Minimum stay 2 weeks, maximum ~4 months. You can trade unused time with other members.
As long as you hold your shares you gain their immediate savings of at-cost use.

Issued as withdrawable non-transferable community shares by waiting list (FAQ), it shall thus be in the interests of all members to maintain a desireable community and facilities that others will continue to want to buy into, should it no longer suit you and you wish to withdraw your shares. If you as a member reduce community value—consider Hotel California.

Need to give any notes for your pledge? (Pet, family, dislike lava lamps…?)

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To ensure you're reasonably serious at this stage, pledges require a card payment — you'll be redirected to checkout on Stripe to complete. Please be sure to check and confirm your email.