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Property Candidates

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🏡#193 La Petite Puce €33k • pretty dynamic village close to small city
central France • historicvillage • Limoges
400m² satellite • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️2–8–14°☀️5☁️17 • 🍂11–22°☀️6☁️13; 340m

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment rolling agricultural and wooded river valleys; walks and biking close

Services all; city 30mins transit

Access station 15mins walk; 20mins train to Limoges last 9pm; Eymoutiers 30mins; 4h Paris; aiport 40mins drive

🏡#190 Maurs–Gare €46k • rambling building at station, pleasant but unexciting countryside
central France • typicalvillage • Figeac
500m² satellite • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️2–9–17°☀️7☁️16 • 🍂12–23°☀️8☁️11 300m

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment rolling agricultural; limited walks

Services several bakeries, bars, restos, supermarkets; town 20mins train

Access station at door; 20mins Figeac for Toulouse (3h) and Paris (7h or nighttrain); Rodez airport (seasonal for UK/Brussels) 50mins drive

🏡#169 Le Bousquet-d'Orb €60k • nice area, but needs significant work to fully realise
southern France • typicalvillage • Beziers, Clermont, Lodeve, (Agde)
400m² satellite • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️3–10–17°☀️7☁️12 • 🍂13–25°☀️8☁️10

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment woods, heaths and scrub, rocky rivery valleys; hikes on door; coast 1h

Services all; towns 15mins drive or train/bus

Access station on doorstep: 5h Paris / Barcelona

🏬#187 Besseges–5 Gambetta €49k • PICK • largeish village house at base of Cevennes having connections
southern France • historicvillage • Ales, (Nimes)
430m² mini-hub • 📍Map
☃️3mo 10° ☀️10 days 🍂3mo 12–23°  🌧10 days 300m

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment hills amongst windy rocky river valleys, scrubland and woods; hikes on doorstep

Services supermarket, shops, bars/resto; nicer village 10mins drive/bus; town 35mins drive/45mins bus

Access station/bus 10mins walk; Nimes 1h15, airport +30mins shuttle; train 4h30 Paris; Barcelona 6h

🏢#174 Eup €150k • auberge with garden at base of pyrenees
southern France • commercialhamlet • Saint Gaudens, (Tarbes, Toulouse)
750m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️3–10–19°☀️8☁️10 • 🍂14–25°☀️7☁️10 500m

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment lower mountains, hiking on doorstep, small skiing 15mins, peaks 45mins

Services minimart, bakery, bar 20mins walk, supermarket 15mins bike; towns 25mins drive, 40mins bus 5mins walk

Access local station 15mins drive, mainline 25mins; Toulouse ~1h30 direct or bus (last 4:30pm), Paris 6h30 or overnight; airports: Tarbes 1h drive, Toulouse 1h30

🏢#199 Minoterie de Naurouze €47k • old mill complex in incredible historic location
southern France • typicalhamlet • Carcassonne, Castres, Toulouse
500m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2Advert #3Advert #4Advert #5Advert #6Advert #7
☃️3–10–18°☀️4☁️17 • 🍂14–26°☀️7☁️13

🗣Discussions & Details

historical location where the water supply from the hills joins and feeds the canal at its highest point between the two seas, and was also used to power the mill which features huge water channels in vaults under the building

Environment good walks but no terrain; agricultural plains; hills 30mins drive; coast/mountains 1h30

Services resto 5mins walk; supermarket/bakery/ 8mins bike; bus stop 5mins walk

Access mainline train 15mins drive, +3h Barcelona; Paris 6h; two airports both with transit

🏬#156 Auberge du Pecheur €120k • small old hotel close to typically pretty villages and valleys
southern France • typicalhamlet • Montauban, Albi, Toulouse
470m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️3mo 11–17°☀️5🌧13 • 🍂3mo 15–25°☀️6🌧13

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment rolling agricultural river valley, some deep sections, rocky features and scrub woods

Services none; village shop and good mill resto 10mins bike/30mins walk; towns 30mins train (last 8pm)

Access opposite station: Toulouse 1h10, connecting for Paris night-train and Barcelona (3h30)

🏡#143 Auberge Gasconne €97k • well located quirky little hotel
southern France • commercialvillage • Tarbes, (Toulouse)
400m² satellite • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️3mo 11°  🍂3mo 14–26°  ☀️9 days  🌧11 days 400m

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment rolling agricultural between base of mountains and plains; walks along river

Services all on doorstep; town 15mins, big town 40mins train (last 7:30pm)

Access station 15mins walk: Toulouse 1h15 (last 8:30pm), Paris 5h30 or overnight; airports: Tarbes 1h transit, Toulouse 1h30

🏡#166 Société des Mineurs €39k • VISITED • great area, but little house in a quiet village
southern France • typicalhamlet • Beziers, Clermont, Lodeve, (Agde)
320m² satellite • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️1–9–17°☀️7☁️12 • 🍂12–23°☀️8☁️10; 325m

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment woods, heaths and scrub, rocky rivery valleys; hikes on door; coast 1h

Services minimart, bar, resto; tiny weekly market, villages with supermarkets and more 30mins bike

Access station 20mins drive: 5h Paris / Barcelona

🏬#195 Sauviat-sur-Vige €72k • old auberge on edge of village with gentle woods
central France • typicalhamlet • Limoges
500m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️2–8–14°☀️5☁️17 • 🍂11–22°☀️6☁️13; 400m

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment rolling agricultural and wooded river valleys; walks and biking close

Services bakers, simple restos, supermarket; small towns 10mins bus

Access station 15mins drive +20mins Limoges (last 9pm) or 45mins direct bus (last 6:30pm); 4h Paris; aiport 1h drive

🏡#141 Capvern–Hotel Printania €60k • tiny abandoned hotel in hills
southern France • commercialrural • Tarbres, Lourdes, (Pau, Toulouse)
600m² satellite • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️3–11–18°  ☀️8 days  ⛅️9 days  🌧11 days

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment wooded hills; some paths close

Services cafe with basic supplies; 10min shuttle to village, supermarket 20mins bike; town 30mins drive

Access station 10mins bike: +20mins Tarbes, +6h/overnight Paris €45; Tarbres airport 30mins drive/transit

🏬#170 Ouveillan €45k
southern France • typicalvillage • Narbonne, Beziers
550m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️5–10–19°☀️3☁️16 • 🍂14–26°☀️6☁️12

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment vineyards, plains, canal, small hills; coast 25mins

Services minimarts, some eateries; town 25mins bus

Access station 20mins drive: 2h Barcelona, 4h30 Paris; several airports by train

🏬#189 Alas €33k • village house next to stream
southern France • typicalvillage • Saint Girons, Foix
450m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️2–11–19°☀️8☁️11 • 🍂14–26°☀️8☁️9

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment bottom of mountains, lots of paths

Services 15mins walk (tiny), bike (minimart/bakery), or bus (town)

Access coach 15mins drive/bus; station +45mins; thus Toulouse 2h30

🏬#157 Atelier–Esperaza €77k • good potential, location and courtyard, but significant work
southern France • rusticvillage • Limoux, Mirepoix, Carcassonne, Castelnaudry
500m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️3mo 11–19°☀️4🌧12 • 🍂3mo 14–25°☀️6🌧12

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment river valley below Pyrenees, hillside vinyards, scrub woods and rocky outcrops

Services good; small town 25mins drive/bus

Access airport and mainline station 1h drive/bus/train, +1h Toulouse, +2h30 Barcelona (direct), +5h30 Paris or night

🏡#185 Eymoutiers–14 Karl Marx €45k
central France • typicalvillage • Limoges
365m² satellite • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️2–8–16°☀️6☁️16 • 🍂11–22°☀️6☁️14 400m

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment rolling wooded river valley, light agricultural

Services organic shop, bakeries, supermarket, restos

Access stations 5mins walk: 45mins Limoges (airport +20mins), Paris 4h30, Bordeaux 3h30

🏡#176 Hotel de la Montagne €29k
central France • typicalvillage • Limoges
480m² satellite • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️2–8–16°☀️6☁️16 • 🍂11–22°☀️6☁️14 400m

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment rolling wooded river valley, light agricultural

Services organic shop, bakeries, supermarket, restos

Access stations 5mins walk: 45mins Limoges (airport +20mins), Paris 4h30, Bordeaux 3h30

🏢#200 anc. Pharmacie Pays d'Aigre €75k • collection of buildings with large garden in heart of a river village
central France • typicalvillage • Angouleme
775m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️3–10–17°☀️4☁️15 • 🍂13–27°☀️6☁️12

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment undulating argrcultural plains, wooded walks closeish

Services supermarket, resto, café and various shops, weekly market

Access local station 10mins drive / 30mins bike, +20mins Angouleme +1–2h Bordeaux +2h45 Paris

🏡#196 Moulin de la Brugère €96k • old auberge on edge of village with gentle woods
central France • typicalrural • Perigueux
500m² satellite • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️2–9–10°☀️5☁️14 • 🍂12–23°☀️7☁️11

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment rolling agricultural and wooded river valleys; some trails

Services village 20mins bike

Access station 5mins drive; 20mins Perigeux (last 9pm) / 40mins Limoges / 1h30 Bordeaux; 4h15 Paris; aiport 1h drive

🏬#159 Flaujac €39k • fairly stately house in a ruined fort
central France • typicalhamlet • Rodez
520m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️3mo 9–16°☀️6🌧16 • 🍂3mo 12–23°☀️6🌧13

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment rolling wooded agricultural river valley, no notable features

Services small town 30mins walk/10mins bike; town 30mins drive

Access station/airport 30mins drive; Paris 7h or night train, Toulouse 2h15

🏬#149 Cave–Floure €67k • wine warehouse with good environs but some drawbacks
southern France • rustichamlet • Carcassonne, Narbonne
500m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2Advert #3
☃️3mo 10–17°☀️3🌧19 • 🍂3mo 14–21°☀️5🌧17

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment vineyard valley, escarpments with good hikes on doorstep; 1h coast/mountains

Services bus 5mins walk; basic shop 15mins walk; good village 20mins bike; town 20mins drive

Access station 20mins drive, 5h30 Paris changing or night train, Barcelona 3h direct; airport 25mins drive

🏡#167 Meyrueis–Blaise €39k • heart of a bustling little village in the mountains
central France • typicalvillage • Millau
340m² satellite • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️1–7–15°☀️6☁️16 • 🍂10–21°☀️6☁️14; 700m

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment forests, barren plauteaus, mountains and river gorges; hikes on doorstep

Services minimarts, cafes and restaurants; town 50 mins drive(!)

Access 1h local bus/pickup: +2h express bus to Montpellier (last 8pm) or 2h train to Beziers: +3h30 Paris / Barcelona

🏬#116 Hôtel de la Poste €190k • functional hotel in mountains
southern France • typicalhamlet • Pau
1500m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️1–7–14°  🏖24–32°  ☀️8 days  🌧14 days

🗣Discussions & Details

large functional hotel in tiny ornate hill-station with splendid position

Environment mountains; stunning valley and hikes on doorstep

Services village 10mins bus

Access station 1h bus; airport 1h drive

🏡#165 Ladignac €35k
central France • typicalvillage • Limoges
340m² satellite • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️1–8–15°☀️5☁️15 • 🍂11–22°☀️6☁️12; 400m

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment agricultural plains and scattered woods

Services minimart and bakery; small town 10mins drive; station 20mins bike

Access stations 10mins drive: 4h Paris, 3h Bordeaux; Airport 40mins drive

🏡#146 St-Jean du Bruel €45k • village house next to river in Cevennes
central France • typicalvillage • Millau, Lodeve, Le Vigan, (Montpellier)
600m² satellite • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️1–8–14°☀️6🌧15 • 🍂11–22°☀️7🌧16; 550m

🗣Discussions & Details

Environment wooded lower mountains, small gorges and scrub plateaus; hiking on doorstep

Services minimart and cafe/restos; small supermarket 20mins bike; towns 40mins drive

Access 20mins pickup and 1h30 bus to Montpellier (last 8pm): +3h30 Paris / Barcelona

🏘#102 Village Vacances Cap-Pyrenees €220k • functional holiday complex at base of pyrenees
southern France • commercialvillage • Tarbes, Pau, (Toulouse)
3800m² complex • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️3–11–18° 🏖26–34°  ☀️8 days  🌧12 days

🗣Discussions & Details

Expensive up-front but mostly functional so little work beyond decoration and ensuites.

Environment rolling argicultural valleys at base of the Pyrenees; some paths on doorstep, lots close drive; 30mins walk to river, lakes and swimming; 45mins+ drive into mountains and skiing

Services basics 15mins walk; small town 15mins drive/30 bike;

Access station 10mins drive; +Tarbes 25mins train; 40mins drive airport; 1h train Toulouse; 6h Paris (€40)

🏬#137 Cenne–La Filature €140k • unique building balancing countryside and towns
southern France • historichamlet • Castelnaudry, Carcassonne, (Narbonne, Toulouse)
700m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️3mo 10–17°🌧17☀️4 • 🍂3mo 13–25°🌧16☀️5

🗣Discussions & Details

imposing old factory building in good condition, with a garden; could be a lovely space in its semi-rural location with good towns, and potential to linkup with local associations and producers; if adventurous environment/activities

Environment edge of valley and rolling hills with mixed agriculture/vineyards/scrubland; simple paths on doorstep, river/canal 15mins bike; coast/mountains 1h15

Services minimarket 30mins bike; town 20mins drive

Access airport 30mins drive; station 20mins drive: Toulouse 40mins, Barcelona 2h30 direct, Paris 5h30 changing or night direct

🏢#114 Evêché de St Gaultier €130k • old clergical palace over river
central France • historicvillage • Chateauroux, (Paris)
800m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2Advert #3Advert #4
☃️3mo 9–17°☀️4🌧14 • 🍂3mo 13–23°☀️5🌧13

🗣Discussions & Details

An impressive old clergical building attached to a church and priory, having wonderful stone vaults and views over the river.

Environment agricultural plains, river ralley, some wooded walks on door

Services most; town 15mins drive/35 bike; bigger town 30mins drive/45 bus

Access station 15mins drive; Paris 2h30 (ith bus connection 3h30)

🏘#70 Filature de Boubers €160k • CONCEPTUAL • Humungous old textile factory on river
northern France • industrialvillage • Amiens, Boulogne, Lille, (Paris, Brussels)
9500m² complex • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️2–7–12°  🏖23–31°  ☀️6 days  🌧13 days

🗣Discussions & Details

Striking distance to many major metros, huge property for development into a truly dynamic multifunction hub supporting mixed housing and workshops.

Environment rolling agricultural; in the Vallée de la Canche with several walking routes with paths, greenway and woods on doorstep; coast 1h drive

Services 2 restos, nothing else; small town 15mins bike, other 30mins bus twice daily

Access station 15mins drive or bus; Lille 2h, Paris 2h, Brussels 3h, London 4h, Amsterdam 5h

🏢#45 Ecole St. Michel €130k • Large in village surrounded by nature
central France • commercialvillage • Figeac, Rodez, Brive, (Toulouse)
1150m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️2–9–15°  🏖26–33°  ☀️10 days  🌧12 days

🗣Discussions & Details

Large building in well-served but quiet village (1.5k pop) with markets, station, gardens, casino(!). Not very distinctive setting but good convenience for work.

Environment unadventurous but pleasant agricultural and wooded hilly river valleys; paths on doorstep

Services all, town 15mins (local busses), larger 30mins

Access Rodez airport 30mins drive; station 15mins walk with night train to Paris, Toulouse 3h

🏬#11 Guitres €80k
central France • rusticvillage
1000m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1

🗣Discussions & Details

🏬#69 La Garinie €110k • Farm buildings with land and stream next to chateau
central France • rusticrural • Figeac, Villfranche de Rouergue, Rodez
1000m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️1–8–14°  🏖26–34°  ☀️8 days  🌧13 days

🗣Discussions & Details

Pleasently rural yet not completely inaccessible, a quick drive to get to decent towns; solid but needs a lot of fairly simple building work; off season is 4+ months but with big spaces would still be good, however heating would be more expensive; very few activities and nature is fairly mundane.

Environment on a small plateau amongst rolling agricultural; two national parks within 1h; tracks and woods for walking on doorstep

Services 15 mins walk into village with a few shops, bakery, cafes, outdoor market and regular bus; supermarket is 10 mins bike; several better towns all close

Access stations 15mins drive or 25mins bus; Rodez airport 30mins serving London/Brussels/Dublin seasonal; Paris overnight or 7h, Toulouse 2h30

🏢#6 Clog Factory €60k • CONCEPTUAL • amazingly vast and open, with greenery and good village
central France • industrialvillage • Nevers, Moulins
2200m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️8–14°  🏖26–34°  ☀️9 days  🌧12 days; borderline as mild and often overcast or showery

🗣Discussions & Details

Whilst the surroundings don't offer too much variety and its badly connected, the tiny town (2k pop) seems fairly dynamic with unusual attractions — Street Art City (22,000m2 of art by new artists every year!), a velodrome, a (tiny) F1/F3 racetrack and also a lake/leisure area with volley-ball and probably suitable for SUP if we get boards, oh and there's a tennis club. The space itself is plenty big enough to be attractive year round, it benefits from natural surroundings being the last building on the stream. The climate is pretty similar to all the Northern Italy candidates, except a few degrees less hot in  🏖. The opportunity to have an incredible space where many of us can congregate and still have lots of personal space may outweigh the negatives.

Environment fairly boring northly agricultural terrain; theree's a few paths on the doorstep and forests for biking and horse riding, plus river canoeing all 10mins

Services whilst not connected it has all services including a covered market, local towns Nevers and Moulins are 35mins drive

Access station 20min (car, 1h bike) 2h30 paris 1h Nevers; Clermont 1h45; driving bourges/mont lucon 1h; clermont 1h30; bus Moulins twice daily (maybe res req by tel?)