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Property Candidates

Not pledged? Learn about the project. These are properties currently being evaluated and is frequently updated, most get rejected. Bear in mind some imagination may be required to think of them as amazing hubs! As evaluation progresses floorplans and renders will be added for the final candidates. Please do share your thoughts!

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Latest: #82 Sanatorio Caramulo

🏬#64 Albaida Señorial €100k • VISITED • Historic townhouse with garden, 1h Valencia
Spain • historictown • Xatavia, Valencia, Alicante, (Murcia)
1900m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2Advert #3
☃️14–21°C  🏖32–39°  ☀️11 days  ☔️7 days

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1h to amazing Valencia. Could be a really good townhouse as benefits from an internal garden with orange trees. A not particularly interesting nor pretty small town (lots of apartment blocks, and a modern textile industry), yet has good facilities. Thus interest lies in surroundings, proximity to cities, and a potentially very charcaterful space itself. Lots of day trips possible, with coast (Gandia) 45mins drive.

Environment dry and craggy, seasonal streams, decent hiking on doorstep, surrounded by neigbouring hills, gorges, rock pools, caves, but not verdant; next to a park served by train which is a bit wilder; a fair bit of small scale agriculture

Services supermarkets, indoor market, ice-cream, good number of cafes and small restos

Access station/bus 4 daily to Valencia 1h15 (€7), Barcelona about 5h (€18++); Madrid 3h30 (€20+) changing in Valencia or stopping on mainline 20mins away; Valencia/airport and Alicante/airport are 1h drive

Property Following my visit, it is in pretty bad condition, all the roofs need replacing, the extra building really needs knocking down, although could be kept but if rebuilt would add better ensuite rooms. Some floors need replacing or at least reenforcing. Many walls and plasterwork need entirely stripping.
• Also needs restructuring to strengthen some floors, and interconnect the three seperate buildings on multiple levels.
• These are not things I can handle, thus dedicated builders are required. Which means the cost is likely to be as high as any other project but with less flexibility because it is mostly unusable until done (there is a partially functional apartment).
• Would also need extra building work (new wing and event space) to add extra bedrooms with ensuites and an upstairs workspace as only existing shops are currently suitable for workspace. This however is not complicated.

Other Notes Lovely garden that could be turned into a fantastic courtyard with fountain a splash pool, thus despite being town centre should feel calm; is enclosed amongst houses, but can have multiple roof terraces albeit lacking views. Most of the interesting interior features would have to be remopved due to poor condition.
• Very similar charcateristiocs as Covilha, yet closer to cities (1h) albeit about 30% smaller, but because it's smaller prevents use as a significant hub.
• Could have a public coworking cafe fronting onto the street and opening through to the garden with an event space replacing the shed building with 200m2 over two floors.
• Currently 17 bedrooms, 7 baths, few usable although there is a semi usable apartment.
• altitude ~300m, hilltop 700m, mountain 1300m; gets snow briefly
• 300mbps fiber from local companies and who also offer WiMAX
• generally quiet and quite unimpressive town; there is some traffic on the street, but no issue for bedrooms at night and living areas would be onto quiet courtyard
• a few moderately fancy/dynamic places to hangout/eat nonetheless
• some paths 15mins, countryside (hill) 30mins walk; actually on the new santiago trail from Javea; can do one-way hikes with train
• sports center with pools; rock pools 15mins drive; lake 25mins
• local towns (15 and 30mins) are better with public gardens, hilltop fort and some hangouts
• last train/bus 9pm from town, 8pm from Valencia
• Two ads placed at different times first by owner at much higher price, second by agent with much larger space estimations. Garden is 420m2 including a shed, built floor is also 420m but comprised several building sections and multiple entrances, thus much reduced but could be claimed back by closing off some. Includes 200m2 neigbouring building across 3 floors.
• would probably accept €85k
• There's actually a large abandoned yet partly rebuilt factory 1500m2 + 1400m2warehouse next to the station it's on the road though not busy, and above a little rivulet.

🏡#66 San Ildefonso €100k • PICK • Old house at royal site, 30mins Madrid
Spain • historictown • Segovia, Madrid
800m² satellite • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️0–7–13°C  🏖28–34°  ☀️11 days  ☔️10 days


45mins to Madrid. Right next to the stunning royal summer palace and gardens (the Versailles of Spain), on a fantastic mountain range. A bit pokey, but affordably sized satellite, just 20mins from skiing and the impressive town of Segovia.

Environment on the 2400m Peñalara mountain, 30mins walk to a dam with lots of walks on doorstep

Services some shops, mostly touristic; town 20mins

Access 15mins drive to high speed line and town and 30mins to Madrid (€14); regular bus 20mins to town

Property Most rooms would have windows only onto an airshaft or gap between buildings; there would be a few premium rooms with windows onto alley (maybe street).
• The top floor has windows on 3 sides thus can be used for coworking/living, whilst the attic if usable could have additional gables or sunlights.
• Ground floor would be kitchen/dining. There's a neighbouring garage on another alley that might be acquired and knocked through (although on a different level) for better street access and light as it opens towards a square, giving a much better ground floor space with light on two sides not just one. This would thus become the lively coworking.
• Has one of the highest roofs thus if permission can be obtained a roof terrace would be amazing (but unlikely given that the entire area is protected and no other roof terraces exist.
• Is a small building across 6 floors. Very narrow staircase. Could plausibly have good common spaces on top floor, and ground floor.
• Access is via two sides, at the front there's a narrow (3m) frontage onto Calle Cuartel Nuevo opposite a large well-presented building next to a square, which may include a window on each floor; second at the back via an absurdly narrow alley that opens out a bit and could be repaved as a semi-private outdoor space.
• Front:,-4.0074301,3a,75y,28.98h,93.24t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sAzXu68jSmFkHQyg8vpJRXg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
• Back:,-4.0073254,3a,60y,169.06h,95.17t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1srVUef_LA-FbAAkuX3ECyYg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

Other Notes Could be a very affordable refit as a large satellite space, with 14 bedrooms and 240m2 of common spaces.
• Climate ranks ok as would be a satellite thus not attempting to be year-round appealing to everyone, rather in the winter it would attract wintery-folks!
• Whilst the building is very limited and gloomy with small rooms and no outdoor space, there are numerous places in the town.
• Skiing at Valdesqui, and Puerto de Navacerrada only 20mins away.
• Local town of Segovia matches most hub requirements being a university town of about 50k population.
• Altitude is 1200m with quite a cold climate extending over 5 months.
• 600Mbps fibre (Orange)

🏬#76 Capdangelle, Lourdes €170k • PICK • Just off town centre, fab surroundings at base of Pyrénées
southern France • commercialtown • Lourdes, Tarbres, Pau, (Biarritz, Toulouse)
1300m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️4–11–18°C  🏖27–35°  ☀️8 days  ☔️14 days;


Would be a very well located hub, but higher up-front capital requirement. (Photo pre-repairs, better than appears.)

Environment base of mountains, paths on hill 15mins walk; skiing 45mins, coast 1h30

Services everything; train to Tarbres 15mins, Pau 25mins

Access almost next to station, airport 15mins (year-round Lisbon, London; many seasonal); Toulouse 2h, Bordeaux 2h30; Paris 5h (€40)

Other Notes very briefly advertised but may return to market as seemed to be a last ditch effort by the company owner before winding up
• roof and facade recently repaired
• easily 20 rooms with good communal spaces in-line with target budget
• 2x 500m2 floors (16x30) and a 300m2 basement (48x6)
• basement is actually equiavalent to second storey as on hill, having windows along its length albeit above the garages and facing the apartment block, thus not great but fine for standard rooms
• 350m2 outdoor space that could be made into garden/terraces, one edge bordered by some trees
• on a rise partly above other buildings; south view is obstructed by apartment block, west view to chateau in winter (trees), north and east across town into hills

🏘#60 Institut Lamothe-Poulin €60k • PICK • Green and calm complex with land
southern France • commercialrural • Agen, Villeneuve-sur-Lot, (Toulouse, Bordeaux)
2000m² complex • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️2–10–16°C  🏖27–36°  ☀️10 days  ☔️9 days


Did not sell at auction (unlikely area for a property development!) so now greatly reduced for the next (24th Feb). Would be a very interesting hub albeit pretty tame in all respects. Still lots of potential because of its land (check the photos in the ad), multiple buildings give additional accommodation/cohousing studios and huge workshops. Could host big gatherings with space for camping/vanlifers too. Compared Covilha, is less sunny, slightly colder winter, town and activities are less interesting, yet it is much greener and quieter and much less risk.

Environment very pleasant but unadventurous rolling agricultural, nothing notable

Services 25mins walk village supermarket, restos and cafe/bar; town 20mins via train (€4) last return 8:30pm

Access station 5mins walk, Toulouse/Bordeaux ~1h45 train, Paris 4h; Cahors/Bergerac airports 1h drive

Other Notes versus Covilha and Lisbon, Agen/Toulouse/Bordeaux are not nearly as appealing, however…
• fast Paris connections are possible; there's two daily Ouigo TGV to the local town in 3h15 and only €20(!), 4h with connection to local station; but return can add an hour or two for a change
• thus the local station does not have great connections to cities, so a 20mins drive is better for departures, it is good for access to town where the local line terminates
• shops/village are a quiet walk/bike/scoot along backlane
• 7ha of land on a slope, mostly field (below and to right of pin on the map) yet also a bit of woods
• winters are not particularly great so maybe less rental demand than Covilha (better than the UK though!)
• there's really no variation in the countryside for at least an hour in any direction, and then only moderately (i.e. woods, and slightly bigger hills; mountains/coast are 2h+ drive so implausible except for very occasional multi-day activities
• nonetheless very nice, limited paths for walks; waterplan for SUP (if allowed) and horse riding nearby, nearest water (and kayaking) is either of two big rivers which should be great in summer about 20mins drive so easy for regular trips (train+bike or minivan)
• has a 15m pool
• probably partially usable with limited effort
• all the buildings have outlook over a shallow valley and surrounded by trees; only one adjoining neigbour just above
• VDSL2 ~2km to exchange so maybe only 30Mbps but can bond multiple; WiMAX is also available although not full bandwidth (; fibre is likely to take be a couple of years
• currently zoned as collective equipment which is ideal, and the seller is the department
• could function very well as rural coworking as has parking and is within 20mins of 20 villages plus the suburbs of two towns
• the biggest cost would be heating and all the buildings are some distance apart; the main building's common areas would need new underfloor, but a groundsource heatpump from the south facing field would help
• could have an excellent glass conservatory in the main SE porch.
• built 1960s onwards (some parts older), vacated 2015
• some minor asbestos present (floor tiles, and cement pipework; but in good condition for removal)
• most of the roofs appear to need only minor repairs; most windows should be replaced for better insulation and enlarged for more light but could simply be repaired in many cases
• the accommodation blocks have somewhat strange window placements, thus would need new ones created but probably cinderblock so not too hard
• main building ~800m2
• accommodation block ~1000m2
• additional accommodation 420m2
1,000m2 of outbuildings suitable for workshops/workspaces extending over 70m long(!) but need to be more presentable, else for demolition
• parcels 47 (buildings and field) + 9 (trees above right) plus private track above and around; high res sat view:

🏘#59 Fábrica do Padre João €145k • CANDIDATE • Warehouses nestled next to stream
Portugal • industrialtown • Castelo Branco, Guarda, (Lisbon)
2300m² complex • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️6–14–19°C  🏖33–39°  ☀️13 days  ☔️9 days

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Despite being a bit higher in the valley it is surrounded by allotments, trees and scrubland, except for a car workshop next door. The stream runs around the property. It would be possible to harvest the water for small scale hydro or at least a water feature and pool in the stream.

Environment natural park with 2,000m peak, lakes; town has gym and sports centre; paths but start 1h through town; river 5km, would ned own equipment; small ski station 30mins drive; coast 2h

Services all, town centre 30mins walk; next town 1h train

Access station 15mins walk (3h30 Lisbon); airports too far (2h30 drive)

Other Notes ✅ fibre
• would demolish small building to open up acess to stream
• no usable land but surrounded by allotments, so could probably acquire one thus garden score increased (perhaps on opposite side of stream which is overgrown and has a very productive water source)
• two courtyards
• limited sun in winter and because it is more enclosed, colder than #53
• Apparently the plot is 5,000m2 plot but very steep so only suitable for limited decking no other uses.
• requires 650m2 of new roofing
• stream is suitable and permitted small scale hydro in winter

• can be very hot although buildings remain cool and is cooler in the valley, down season might be split betwen winter

• a couple of tracks a short walk away, however most activities involve a quick trip, e.g. 20–40 mins bike/car

• local town of Guarda is on Mardrid-Lisbon night train line but not useful; new services may be introduced
• town has a datacentre and fibre networks are being rolled out
• 51

• 300m2 (main building, ground and first)
• 75m2 shed (to demolish for terrace)
• 750m2 (ground, plus subground floors)
• 200m2 basement
• (100m2 covered basement terrace)

🏘#53 Têxtil Cravinos €180k • CANDIDATE • Warehouses straddling stream next to town and natural park
Portugal • industrialtown • Castelo Branco, Guarda, (Lisbon)
2750m² complex • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️6–14–19°C  🏖33–39°  ☀️13 days  ☔️9 days

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Rather above budget but will reduce, an incredible complex of buildings with rocky stream and bridge between them. Land is not included thus requires negotiations, it comprises stone steps covered in vines up small terraces behind (and a large terrace for veg!).

Environment natural park with 2,000m peak, lakes; town has gym and sports centre; paths but start 1h through town; river 5km, would ned own equipment; small ski station 30mins drive; coast 2h

Services all, town centre and shop 20mins walk; next town 1h train

Access station 20mins walk (3h30 Lisbon); airports too far (2h30 drive)

Property First building next to the lane is a more recent 70s cement structure whose roof can be kept and thus usable quickly. Has four floors with lift shaft. Over the stream the buildings need entirely new floors although the roofs only need minor repair.

Other Notes can be redeveloped in several phases, finishing with cohousing units
• capacity allows much larger reserved usage improving access and prices
• will require pumped sewerage, thus also a tank, which would have to be placed in front at the bottom of the main building, but could have a terrace over it thus isolating the pump, could also have an off mode during the night during when the tank fills and is only pumped if full
• work score doesn't include the buildings on other side of stream but that would not be required for the initial member allocation
• a couple of tracks a short walks away, however most activities involve a quick trip, e.g. 20–40 mins bike/car
• slightly sheltered from the south by being built into the hill
• next to a rail bridge, the line will be reopened soon after being upgraded and electrified, thus traffic should be fairly quiet, currently there's only four trains per day
• stream might be suitable for small scale hydro during winter (maybe covering heating costs)
• can be very hot although buildings remain cool and is cooler in the valley, down season might be split betwen winter
• access is restricted to train or bus from Lisbon or Porto as rather far to drive unless combined with a group day trip, however future rail connections will improve
• 53 and 54
• town has a datacentre and fibre networks are being rolled out; also a new national Center for Innovation in Tourism

🏬#36 Silkworm Farm €199k • pricey yet connected near coast with land and lots to convert
central Italy • rusticsuburb • Ancona
500m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️10–17°C  🏖31–37°  ☀️14 days  ☔️8 days; perfect!


A pretty good balance of all criteria plus great weather. Advertised as only 500m2 yet lots of conversion/extension potential for up to 1450m2. Whilst it has no transport at the door, everything is only a 30min walk (quicker by bike of course, and it's rarely rainy!). It is reasonably isolated with a very large field which could be re-wilded. The disadvantage is that it is expensive (maybe 175k) however the main buulding requires no structural work to get going, although would need permission for converting a shelter into additional capacity/event space. Just 15mins from airport.

Environment edge of town surrounded by fields, lightly rolling and agricultural but near bigger hills (30mins, also hourly train), cycle path on doorstep, 15 mins coast; one hiking track to coast (but no others)

Services none, 30mins walk to town

Access no busses pass so everything is a 30mins walk or short car/bike ride; 15mins airport(!), year-round to Charleroi, London and Munich, seasonal Berlin; Ancona 30mins; Bologna 2h (train)

Property includes 4ha of surrounding field;

Other Notes on market since Nov so definately can be beaten down
• enough land for cultivation also good for solar/ground-source heatpump
• might hear planes but not in flight path and only a few per day
• no vdsl, but WiMAX (distant yet choice of three bases) and could create relay from fibre (1.5km LoS)
• main building 2x 24x16=380 plus 16*5=80 top floor, has 9x50 (450m2) of shelter that could be built as single storey extension, plus small barn for coworking 6x11=60==120 and additional shed 18x5=90
• there is some kind of processing plant next door but it is hidden by hedge and doesn't look noisy/busy

🏘#70 Filature de Boubers €160k • PICK • Humungous old textile factory on river
northern France • industrialvillage • Amiens, Boulogne, Lille, (Paris, Brussels)
9500m² complex • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️13–17°C  🏖23–31°  ☀️6 days  ☔️13 days


Striking distance to many major metros, huge property for development into a truly dynamic multifunction hub supporting mixed housing and workshops. Not being in a region with an acceptable climate reduces appeal, however as a hub with a wonderful truly massive conservatory space it would have much appeal within. The conservatory would divide the building with river-fronting common spaces on one side, and sleeping spaces on the other.

Environment rolling agricultural; in the Vallée de la Canche with several walking routes with paths, greenway and woods on doorstep; coast 1h drive

Services 2 restos, nothing else; small town 15mins bike, other 30mins bus twice daily

Access station 15mins drive or bus; Lille 2h, Paris 2h, Brussels 3h, London 4h, Amsterdam 5h

Other Notes Variously used as a paper factory, then wool and linen mill.
• 4000m2 of greenable land. 30 rooms (25m2), 16 studios (50m2) all with mezzanines. 1500m2 common spaces. 1600m2 conservatory(!). 1000m2 workshops.
• Wouldn't be too hard to phase, as can simply divide across.
• Most of the building has no internal division (150m long by 30m deep!). Would thus be divided by converting two roof sections into a conservatory with new solid brick walls between the two halves on the building. Would be very simple to acheive albeit quite costly.
• Room costs would be in target (~18k or 1500/month) as would cohousing (~25k).
• Includes a building on the canal, thus likely retains hydro rights, however the sluices have been ordered to be kept open (for fish and restoration of free water flows), thus could only be exploited by (new) water wheels, potentially on the riverbank. If exploitable the building (and conservatories!) would have low cost underfloor heating, necessary as 6 months are cold.
• Parking for rural coworking (~10 small towns within 30mins).
• Green spaces all around.
• Has a brick chimney.

🏢#79 Denholme Mills €450k • Canalside between towns and countryside
UK Midlands • industrialvillage • Halifax, Manchester, Leeds
1700m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️2–6–11°C  🏖19–26°  ☀️2 days  ☔️16 days;


Another hypothetical UK example for a hub, some compromises, but canalside between towns and countryside.

Environment river valleys, woods and crags; canalpath on doorstep, country paths nearby; wilderness 10mins drive/20mins bike

Services bus stop at door; pubs, winebar and cafe walking distance; shops 15mins bike/35mins walk along canal

Access station 5mins bus; Halifax 30mins bike; Leeds 40mins train, Manchester 45mins, London 3h

Other Notes These UK properties would presumably not have notable demand for purchase of units, and remains to be seen for fractional (part-time coliving co-ownership); they would therefore likely be investment opportunities as rentals. This one with a yield potentially (hmmm) around 10%. It is however debateable if hub rentals in the region of £450/month would float for such an area, is there such demand for coliving+coworking? #77 is only 2h to London, whilst this one is closer to nature.
• is a typical tradeoff for Britain, next to road thus traffic, but bus on doorstep, the opposite side fronts onto a canal and greenery, plus Hardcastle Crags, Mere Stones and a bunch of other walking/biking/riding/kayak areas are closeby, albeit super drizzly
• doesn't require major works so if done cost-effectively units could be on-par with the properties abroad (~£30k) albeit for a room not a studio (the UK in this sense is twice the cost)
• 775m2 quiet common spaces on two basement floors, next to canal
• all rooms could be isolated from the traffic by simply only having passages along the road side as the existing planning application uses
• possibility of canal moorings and decking (communal canalboat anyone?!); small bit of steep land, between canal and road however could build a wall for some better protected outdoor space, and add a large south conservatory
• around 28 rooms of about 20m2 but a mere 2m20 wide (if not entirely uncommon for the UK), good 9m50 depth of which 7m/15m2 would be the room proper after ensuite

🏬#80 Hôtel Sainte Radegonde €233k • Large rambling old hotel in town centre
southern France • historictown • Lourdes, Tarbres, Pau, (Biarritz, Toulouse)
1300m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️4–11–18°C  🏖27–35°  ☀️8 days  ☔️14 days;


Environment base of mountains, paths on hill 15mins walk; skiing 45mins, coast 1h30

Services everything; train to Tarbres 15mins, Pau 25mins

Access 5mins to station, airport 15mins (year-round Lisbon, London; many seasonal); Toulouse 2h, Bordeaux 2h30; Paris 5h (€40)

Other Notes moderately usable as is so a likely safe option for phasing; has potential but is expensive (would come down), structural works may not be involved however making large common spaces might be problematic, to make it appealing and functional would require significant interior work
• requires upfront capital even though may not require so much for conversion
• very limited outdoor space, just a patio area jammed in between another building but this opens out onto a public garden, and a large roof terrace could be possible bu would involve structural works (perhaps not much as already a nearly flat roof)
• there are no windows in the end of the extension, if they were added it would potentially provide common space overlooking the garden
• comprises two interconnected buildings, first historic with road frontage and 5 floors of 170m2 (850m2), second a 100m2 extension on 3 floors at the back but with some views onto garden
• whilst there are 57 rooms, many are absurdly basic, probably requiring merging in order to have decent ensuites; many more would obviously have to be merged to make new common areas
• top floor has views to the castle and mountains
• despite a fair score, it's charcateristics don't really seem to balance against the good locality
• Fullname is Hôtel Nôtre Dame de Chartres et Sainte Radegonde

🏬#65 Résidence du Petit Rocher €75k • Social housing complex in village
northern France • commercialvillage • Laval, Le Mans, Angers, Rennes, (Paris)
1500m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️8–13°C  🏖24–32°  ☀️7 days  ☔️13 days


Auction 21st January, price likely to increase. Not particularly destinational due to climate and limited activities, however has potential as quiet city-satellite (2h to Paris) especially as very affordable cohousing.

Environment rolling agricultural, quite tame and easy (±150m) but very pleasant with lots of woodland walks and small rivers

Services 1 shop 5mins, bakery, several cafes, 2 resturants

Access town/station 10mins drive, 30mins bike; + 2h Paris train/drive; mainline 30mins drive + 1h train

Other Notes Tiny village with tourism (a historic chateau and a mill making paper out of old textiles). Public swimming pool in summer. Paths on doorstep around pleasant valley. Several other natural areas 15mins drive.
• Probable cohousing cost would be €20k and rent around €400, lower if no increase.
• Previously used as social housing with 6x 45m2 apartments, and 24x 35m2 studios, some of these would be eliminated to improve communal spaces which are limited to kitchen and dining. Could easily accommodate long-term volunteers plus is thus easy to pruce up and refit.
• Whilst this type of property in such location do not generally get much attention, because of its potential tourism uses, the auction may increase over three times, and it would only really be worth investigating if under €150k.
• Almost no works would actually be required to start using the property as each studio already has a kitchen and bathroom. They do however really need a complete refresh and new community facilities invested in.
• About 1500m2 of garden, would add a large conservatory for the winter months. Could probably acquire some land by the river for a bigger garden and ancillary event space.
• Despite the village being quiet (except for the 150k tourists in summer) the property is big enough to hold events and host volunteers to dynamise things. The village has a very large modern indoor sports hall that could be used for events. It doesn't appear like there's much potential for a community kitchen space, but maybe on a small scale. The neigbouring town (Évron) had a lovely tiny indoor market unfortunately converted to a médiathèque.
• Some busses daily to the larger town, but definately requires communal minibusses to get about, e.g. for the station.
• is right next to the exchange so VDSL2 is ~90Mbps; fibre is being studied in neigbouring villages so relay or commercial connection may be possible
• Built in the 1970s.

🏢#77 Beldray Building €375k • semi-urban, well connected and presentable
UK Midlands • commercialtown • Wolverhampton, Birmingham, (London)
1200m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️2–6–11°C  🏖20–27°  ☀️2 days  ☔️13 days;


Art-deco office on tramline, listed only as an indicatively affordable UK proposition.

Environment suburban, canal walks and some green spaces close; several nature reserves 25mins bus; countryside (Cannock Chase) 30mins drive; Peak District 1h15+ (2h train)

Services bus stop at door direct to town; supermarkets and tram 5mins walk

Access transit: Wolverhampton 20mins, Birmingham 40mins, airport 1h; London 2h

Other Notes This would not be for escapism and nature, as would not be so highly demanded in the UK (within a network that offers better foreign locations anyway) nonetheless it is actually within daytrip distance of the Peak District.
• Would target those preferring to be within easy reach of culture/city whilst attempting to be affordable for long-term use.
• Due to the upfront capital requirements and suitability for long-term rental it wouldn't work for majority crowdfunding, thus the majority share would have to be allocated to investors, nonetheless the rental revenue (as a dynamic coliving hub) would provide a good return.
• currently under offer thus not a candidate, but is indicative of potential UK opportunities
• 500m2 for common spaces
• 28x 17m2 ensuites (would actually be split between smaller standard and slightly larger plus rooms) plus staff rooms
• for studios or unit ownership this does not stack up (€30k+ per room), however with base rents around £275/month (ex costs) it would match local long-term rents, if more expensive once common running costs are included, however one of course gains the common facilities
• 700m2 of off-road outdoor space for garden and large south-facing conservatory (required in British weather)
• backs on to a warehouse, thus would need a wall and soem trees to hide
• 11 parking spaces
• could probably obtain permission for additional extension at rear, if only for event space which would provide community fund revenue, as if majority stake is investors, there's no surplus for that
• being sold by the council? apparently they previously used it as offices

🏢#75 Usine du Bas Moulin €120k • Old factory on nice stream in quiet valley near artist mill
central France • commercialvillage • Limoges, Angoulême, (Paris)
3000m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️2–9–14°C  🏖26–34°  ☀️8 days  ☔️13 days; frequently overcast and quite showery


Environment gentle agricultural, short paths on doorstep; coast 2h30

Services town 15mins walk, everything; hypermarket 25mins

Access station 25mins walk; Limoges 30mins, Angoulême 1h, Poitiers 1h30, Paris 4h15, Bordeaux 3h30

Other Notes lovely quiet location and river
• not really a good candidates but plausible for future and there's lots of other nearby factory buildings which would be better
• zoning may not be suitable
• assume cottage and garden not included as second ad is much more expensive including them
• 1500m2 of roof and 2 floors plus out building
• quite difficult to adapt as very deep; could split the roof in the middle with new walls reducing the total roof to 1000m2 with a 500m2 glasshouse/terrace which with changed outbuilding would provide amazing terraces above the river
• sounds like hydraulic rights are still active, there's a dam with channel and also a hydro generator just above

🏡#74 Usine de draps Fraisse €140k • PICK • edge of village near natural park and coast
southern France • rusticvillage • Beziers, Narbonne, (Carcassonne, Montpellier, Perpignan)
900m² satellite • 📍Map
☃️4–10–17°C  🏖28–35°  ☀️10 days  ☔️12 days


This is the very first building I looked at for the project! In the oldest wine terroir of the region. Neighbours report its sale has not progressed thus may still be an opporunity. Functions only as a large satellite or mini-hub with ~12 rooms and good common spaces. Limited outdoor space made up for by village and great countryside.

Environment hillside vineyards; paths on doorstep, river swimming 30mins bike; natural park 30mins drive; coast 40mins

Services produce markets, minimarket and supermarket, healthshop, cafes/restos; several busses daily to town 40mins

Access stations/Beziers airport 30mins drive, Carcassonne/Montpellier 1h, Barcelona 2h30; Paris 4h30

Other Notes no garden! only a small patio next to the lane and close to a (minor) road, but nature is only a stone's throw and there's lots of places in the village to plonk oneself including along the river; could acquire a small length of unused land on other side of lane below trees and build a wall
• built 1860 as a textile factory but ceased shortly after and apparently fabricated saltpeter operated by the monks of the local abbey, as such has the size of several large houses but is open plan inside thus super easy to convert without any notable costs for involving local labour except a couple of new window openings
• slightly jammed in between two neighbours, one with garden behind is cool and not so noticable, but one to side directly in front however is tiny and appears to be a holiday house, would be better deliniated with partial fence and balcony
• generally solid and good condition, some new windows would need to be created at the south, potentially with a balcony for the living room
• has a continiously fed water canal (canal de l'abbé) dating to the middle ages, which runs directly along the back providing a nice ambience, could potentially be harvested, both kitchen and workspace adjacent;
• 12 rooms plus 8 pods
• close to exchange so VDSl2 is good

🏢#21 Montecastelli Mas €135k • VISIT • well connected semi-rural with land
central Italy • rusticvillage • Umbertide, Città di Castello, Perugia
850m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2Advert #3
☃️9–14°C  🏖30–36°  ☀️12 days  ☔️10 days


Environment varied agriculture but some distance to more interesting easy on train; 1h30 coast; on hillside but no actual walks without short drive; lake 40mins

Services none; towns 5 mins by hourly train or 20mins bike; better town 20mins train

Access station next door; 45mins Perugia (Ryanair); 3h30 Rome (train); Rome/Bologna 2h15 car; 1h45 Florence/Ancona

Property new roof(!) and land; could build event space in field

Other Notes Could be converted in phases with minimal inconvience
• probably drawback is the road, whilst not a major one the noise would be obvious, however the land could be wilded and the back (if acquired) would be protected
• includes 4000m2 of land (field on opposite side of lane) but 15000 more can be acquired
• needs a new wing, could build at bottom/south if large field (1ha) is acquired, or front/east into garden, but most likely for permission is back/west (which would be quieter and have more natural views) however that plot is expensive (€40k+ as ad #3) but would protect from potential neighbours if acquired together (or reserved for later)
• ugly little village but nice surroundings and towns
• 1600s
• 40/10 wimax €150 add 6mbps up for €40; 4G is good
• would need to use wireless to FTTC in umbertide as no VDSL?
• walks short drive away
• towns 10 mins
• 40mins to Perugia/lake Trasimeno
• Florence 1h45 Rome 2h30; coast 2h
• station 5 mins (network being updated)

🏡#81 Hôtel Les Raspes €189k • Functioning hotel in scenic village
southern France • historicvillage • Saint Affrique, Millau, (Rodez, Montpellier)
1000m² satellite • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️2–8–15°C  🏖26–33°  ☀️9 days  ☔️14 days;


Environment slightly barren gorges and deep valleys; river a short walk

Services shop, bakery, bar next door; towns 20mins drive

Access 25mins drive to station +2h Toulouse, 7h Paris; 1h15 Rodez/Montpellier/Beziers airports

Other Notes Good example of a ready-made fully equipped satellite. Would need some work to create common areas. Winter of 4 months is a bit chilly and much less appealing for activities, has fibre so still fine for cosy working in winter. 16 rooms.
• 1150m2 of garden/patio with heated pool

🏢#45 Ecole St. Michel €130k • Large in village surrounded by nature
central France • commercialvillage • Figeac, Rodez, Brive, (Toulouse)
1150m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2Advert #3
☃️2–9–15°C  🏖26–33°  ☀️10 days  ☔️12 days


Large building in well-served but quiet village (1.5k pop) with markets, station, gardens, casino(!) and a thermal spa. Not as natural nor lively as other options but more convenient. Could be purchased in seperate lots which brings it back in budget, however would loose some of the garden.

Environment rolling agricultural land; some paths on doorstep, over 30km of greenway including along canal; lots of rivers, watersports etc, forest 30mins, mountains 1h30, coast too far

Services on doorstep, town 15mins (local busses), larger 30mins

Access local station 15mins walk with overnight train to Paris, Toulouse 3h; larger 30mins + 2h15 Toulouse; Rodez/Brive airports; Toulouse 2h drive

Property total space is around 2350m2; good views across village and valley from upper floors; comprises several buildings, and garages/sheds; one looks onto village square over the road; at the back there's a long shed which would be best demolished for semi-private garden space however the village has a large public garden immediately across the road

Other Notes ZRR ✅ thus no taxe fonciere however is only €3k
• down season is 4 months (daytime average below 15°)
• on market since 2015, reduced from €250k, thus further may bee possible; owner is l'association Sainte-Catherine de Rodez; mayor seems ammenable to repurposing as can't afford to themselves and supports tourism
• purchase in seperate lots (main buildings ~€130k) could leave the 350m2 house (~€80k) but would thus loose some garden space
• 250*3=750 streetfront (gite?); 250*4=1000 side (school); house 120*3=350 (convent?); can demolish 250m2 sheds at back or convert to events or garden; 800–1000m2 of garden/courtyard/terraces
• 1.2km from exchange but LoS relay possible if too slow
• village uses a collective biomass heating circuit
• elementary school behind, which might be moderately noisy at playtime

🏬#26 Mulino Boem €120k • similar to original candidate, smaller but extendable, better connected
northern Italy • historicsuburb • Udine, (Trieste)
775m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️7–12°C  🏖26–33°  ☀️12 days  ☔️10 days; cold ☃️s!


Environment green open agricultural area across stream from apartment blocks; parks in town, walks along river, mountains 15km; 1h coast, 1h30 Slovenian parks and skiing (Sonnenalpe)

Services shops 15mins walk; town centre 40mins walk, but there are busses

Access bus next door every 20 mins to mainline station (40 mins walk); 30mins train to Trieste airport, Venice 1h30, Salzburg 4h30; car 45mins airport, 1h30 Trieste, 1h45 Ljubljana

Property small, adequate with an extra wing (increases to 910m2), also possible to build large conservatory and event space (both 100m2, thus increasing to 1110m2); would have lovely ground floor spaces open between stream and courtyard

Other Notes the advert and thus price is only for the main building, EXCLUDING the front 2-floor xtension and barn which have differnt ownrs (five total) but all ar willing to sell, and two are willing to exchange for a studio
• as it is smaller it is more expensive than original, but much better connected, and actually adequate size if all the sheds are converted
• capacity is 24: 4 studios, 16 rooms (13 ensuite, 2 shared, 1 bunk); 2 living rooms, 100m2 event space, 100m2 conservatory
• extended wing would add 4–6 studios
• FTTC (80/20) and WiMAX are available so both would be perfect; FTTH would only be a few hundred metres of cable lay
• many areas have unrestricted mountain views to the north; existing front looks over Udine and to mountains; back onto stream and field then apartments
• probably still has hydro rights (there's an unused sluice!) thus solving ☃️heating costs (including heating conservatory as with original)
• main building 20x8.5, 3 floors =170 ==510
• side extension 6x8.5, 2 floors ==100
• part ruin 5.5x15, 2 floors ==165 (4 studios) potential to extend 13m ==300
• barn 8x4.5 (16pers workspace on 2 floors)
• 5x20 (100m2) event space in place of sheds (60 people for talks, 21 for yoga)
• annoyingly needs new roof tiles (is corugated metal) but scaffolding is quite useful
• zona M (Parco del Torre)

🏬#71 Pensão Montanha €185k • Old hotel not far from beach
Portugal • historicvillage • Marinha Grande, Leiria, Coimbra, (Porto)
800m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️15–19°C  🏖27–36°  ☀️8 days  ☔️8 days


Environment coastal and dunes, flat and semi-agricultural, lots of boring pine forestry; 30mins to Nazaré, 1h to Peniche; small natural park with hills 30mins; paths along river for walking on edge of village

Services adequate, towns 25mins drive

Access station 20mins walk; Coimbra 1h, Porto 2h30; mainline station 30mins drive + 2h Lisbon

Other Notes This demonstrates that affordable satellites can be found close(ish) to the coast. With 14 beds the per-room cost is maybe €18k or €1.5k/month thus could match targets. There is a garage and plot of land next door that could be acquired for a garden.
• Of course there's always a reason for affordability, and it is very close to an airforce base which could be a noise issue.
• Climate actually has very few completely sunny days, is mostly partly overcast.

🏢#34 Piossasco Fucina di Ferro €100k • both nature and city within reach, but an odd setting
northern Italy • industrialtown • Pinerolo, Turin
650m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️8–15°C  🏖29–34°  ☀️14 days  ☔️10 days; good sun exposure (if not misty!)


Old ironworks on a good plot alongside a stream in the centre of a small town. Whilst obviously long abandonded the structure is easily adapated to a layout that works well for coliving.

Environment small town surrounded by nature, lots of trail 20 mins walk away; mountains 20km, skiing 1h, coast 2h; good activities from SUP 20 mins away on a lake to hang gliding

Services fiber ✅ theatre/cinema/resturant/venue next door; town centre 10mins walk along stream

Access station 15mins drive (different town), Turin 45min bus; airport 40 mins drive

Property not as industrial as it sounds, just a basic open plan factory building having 4000m2 of land overgrown with trees, essentially an island between the canal down from the mill next door (renovated into an event venue) and the stream of which it has around 200m; lovely setting when the trees have leaves, otherwise rather less so

Other Notes in sat view most of the building is hidden by trees (it's below/south of what is visible)
• will require a new extension, not likely to be a problem given that the nextdoor mill has a massive modern exension
• a large walled conservatory will avoid the uglyiness and loss of privacy from the trees during ☃️
• 4,000m2 of land next to (somewhat feeble) stream; can make a path to teh mill so we don't walk along the road into town
• 1st floor for rooms as ground floor below sewerage; ground floor has brick vaulted cielings so floor is solid, 2nd needs replacing; attic is barely usable due to central columns and low pitch, however would make great mezzanines for rooms
• the neighbouring hill has lots of paths
• fibre is available at the other end of the land; WiMAX form the tower too of course
• surrounded by a housing district thus may not feel very natural except in  🏖
• sunnier and warmer than Udine
• fairly unimpressive small town of 18k pop
• main building is ~20mx10=200==400 attic not usable unless roof entirely replaced, plus a tower/staircase?
• not actually straight (plan in ad#1)
• a reasonable size for extension might be 15x6=90==180, with no attic it would be hard to have enough rooms only on the 1st floor, if the extension has a third attic floor it wouldn't be a problem, however it would block sunlight unless oriated parrallel to the main building and joined by a bridge with conservatory in-between (ideal!); in this layout it could be 8*30 or more giving an extra 480m2 on two floors, we really don't need that much common space, so some shared rooms would be on the ground with shared bath above
• the canal has been blocked so doesn't carry water, although it may be possible to regain rights or re-dam the stream
• if it's not foggy could install solar

🏘#63 Felpos São Paio €198k • Rural factory complex
Portugal • historicvillage • Viseu, Coimbra, (Porto)
3200m² complex • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️11–16°C  🏖30–36°  ☀️13 days  ☔️9 days


Ginormous thus immensely promising as a large independent community, however somewhat distant with little life.

Environment rolling agricultural and mountains; hiking tracks on doorstep, 10km to ridge, good river 30 mins bike but very exposed route; barrage in mountains 30mins drive; coast/beaches 1h30

Services very basic, town 10 mins

Access station and coaches 10mins drive (2h30 Porto; 4h30 Lisbon)

Other Notes The village itself has cobbled streets and stone walls and the envionrment is much more typically Portuguese. Opposite side of the natural park as compared Covilha. The local town is Gouveia which was the second textile town of Portugal after Covilha, it is however tiny by comparison, yet has gardens, supermarkets and a good few cafes and some resturants; and more notably unlike Covilha its suburbs are almost nonexistant. There's only a couple of daily busses, but at just 3km/15mins cycling or a quick drive is easy. The next biggest towns are Seia (25mins) and Viseu (45mins) drive but not much better, leaving Coimbra at 1h40 by train.
• 10Km to top of ridge
• All roofing (if not trestles) would need replacing (2150m2) but are in maintainable non-habitation condition
• Has stream frontage, although not really suitable for swimming, a filtered pool could probably be created.
• 3000m2 of garden/veg land

🏬#78 Proença a Velha €195k • pretty stone buildings on edge of small village with land
Portugal • historicvillage • Idanha-A-Nova, Castel Branco, (Coimbra, Lisbon)
1200m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️3–12–17°C  🏖33–39°  ☀️14 days  ☔️6 days;


Delightful semi-rural property with land and good potential as mid-size hub, if not as a base.

Environment rolling agricultural; walks and (seasonal) river on doorstep; barrage/swimming 10mins drive; hills 30mins; coast 2h

Services none; larger village/supermarket 10 mins drive; town 30mins drive 45mins bus 3x daily

Access Coimbra 1h30 bus; Lisbon, 30 mins drive +2h30 train

Other Notes no local services (just a primitive bar) thus requires communal shopping or bus
• 3 busses daily, town 45mins/15€, Coimbra 1h30/€20 (+change/train for Lisbon)
• local village with supermarkets, cafés and 1 notable resto, is close, but quite unreamarkable
• a fleet of electric motorbikes would give folks freedom to get to teh village and around independently but is a bit isolated for a base, however that will appeal for some as one can still get to Lisbon and stay overnight for more life
• the countryisde is pleasant but not notable and likely a bit monotonous in summer
• 1ha of land with olive, cork and scrub oak trees
• there is a small garden in front of the building, most the land is over the road
• moderate work
• bit expensive given already reduced, thus would require more significant pledge commitments to acquire
• could get ~20 rooms so cost would be on-par with large
• serra da estrella 1h drive
• village seems it may have fibre
• ~500m2 main building
• roof needs rebuilding/raising to gain extra 250m2 (not too bad)
• probably extra 350m2 in barn, but needs (many) windows to be put in (appears to be rubble masonry)
• some other small buildings that are not clear
• is next to the cobbled road but probably not busy and is shielded by bulk of the building
• submitted by River F

🏬#73 Cave Coopérative Montouliers €55k • building in tiny nicely located village
southern France • commercialvillage • Beziers, Narbonne, Carcassonne, (Montpellier, Toulouse)
900m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️4–10–17°C  🏖29–35°  ☀️10 days  ☔️12 days


Environment hillside vineyards and canal valley; paths on doorstep, river/canal 15mins bike; coast and natural park 40mins drive

Services tiny shop; minimarket/resto 10mins bike; larger 30mins bike; 2 big towns 30mins drive

Access stations/Beziers airport 30mins drive, Carcassonne 1h, Toulouse/Montpellier 1h30, Barcelona 2h30; Paris 4h30

Other Notes good value mini-hub with good nature and towns but no independence
• building would be much more presentable than initial seems, especially with a walled garden
• solid concrete building with stone facade; requires windows to be cut into it and vats demolished which for France will be fairly expensive probably 50k using local labour for window openings alone; maybe the whole lot could be done using non-local labour for 75k
• view from top floor with high cieling for workspaces and lounge; cool ground floor for kitchen and cinema
• at least 6 premium rooms (25m2), 10 standard (16m2 mezz), 1 pod room, plus good common space (450m2)
• there is an infrequent / school bus
• 25m long in 5 section of 5m each; 12m deep each 5m with 4m central
• exchange next door so very good VDSL2 and can aggregrate multiple
• garden is currently 140m2 of tarmac and is also overlooked by the new vats, thus sun blocked for all but north wall in winter, however whole south wall gets sun all years
• could probably easily get permission to have a raised roof garden and gain the extra 140m2 at ground level
• newer but tiny cave is next door, a bit urgly, and will smell during harvest
• choice of address: Rue de la Mairie or Rue de la Cave Cooperative

🏢#30 Sorbolo Complex €160k • quiet and well placed giant barn, but little nature, Bologna 1h
northern Italy • rusticsuburb • Parma, (Bologna)
900m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️8–15°C  🏖30–35°  ☀️12 days  ☔️9 days


Environment flat and agricultural, limited trails, but rivers near and hills 45mins (train or car); coast 1h30

Services village 15mins walk

Access 3 stations in 15mins; 1h Bologna

Property 3 buildings, a house in good condition, the huge barn (pictured) requiring significant work to add floors, and a small barn requiring very little; a conservatory could be built to connect the house and large barn, whilst the small barn could be 4–6 studios
• can be converted to 1300m2, perhaps 1500 or 1800; could maybe acquire plot of land next door for larger garden; regrettably attic cannot be used as roof has no gables, but if gables added (not so hard) added +300m2

Other Notes 165/25 FTTC + wimax + 4G
• on quiet lane, garden has some trees, views oveer fields, but also warehouses across road
• main building 300m2 27x12 2 floors (attic not usable)
• big barn 260 20x13 but actually bigger with covered terraces, roof needs partial repair; needs floor; possibility of third floor but only windows at end or skylights; good for events but better for rooms with events at ground
• small barn 110 10x11 2 floors
• =800
• ==1300+

🏬#69 La Garinie €110k • Farm buildings with land and stream next to chateau
central France • rusticrural • Figeac, Villfranche de Rouergue, Rodez
1000m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️10–16°C  🏖26–34°  ☀️8 days  ☔️13 days


Pleasently rural yet not completely inaccessible, a quick drive to get to decent towns; solid but needs a lot of fairly simple building work; off season is 4+ months but with big spaces would still be good, however heating would be more expensive; very few activities and nature is fairly mundane.

Environment on a small plateau amongst rolling agricultural; two national parks within 1h; tracks and woods for walking on doorstep

Services 15 mins walk into village with a few shops, barkey, cafes, outdoor market, disco; supermarket is 10 mins bike; several better towns all 25mins

Access Rodez airport 30mins serving Paris, London/Brussels/Dublin seasonal; 3 stations 15mins, Toulouse 2h, Paris overnight

Property requires creation of windows; could really do with floor being moved up, possibly creating an extra floor
• main building (40x8m) is 300m2 on 2 floors; plus 150m2 porch, possibly 2 floors
• second building 125m2 on two floors but also probably requires floor height adjustment
• 250m2 shelter, could get permission to make event space and would have space for camping; this would also enable additional common spaces (or cohousing) in the second building
• easily 21 rooms; 13 standard rooms (window onto lane, view slightly obscured by trees), 5 premium rooms with mini balconies and outlooks over countryside; 3+ cohousing studios (in second building)

Other Notes See #45 nearby for comparison (station is walking distance, better access to countryside).
• Can reach Rodez in 1h with 20min bike and 1€ train; Figeac also and last train is 23:30.
• Very likely has fibre, if not the exchange is next door (1km) or a relay would be easy.
• ~7ha of fields with stream traverssing, seems to have been damned but not much flow so not suitable for hydro
• small municipal pool (jul/aug); tennis
• nightrain from local station to Paris, 23:30–8:30; €30 with a seat, €60 with a bed; from Paris 19h30–5h30 (bit early for pickups)
• there are also daytime trains changing in Brive for €40, or Toulouse (€50) but 7h (2h of which is local train)
• Greenway 20mins drive away

🏢#27 Brickworks €110k • natural, isolated ruin with 5ha land near station
northern Italy • rusticisolated • Savona
1500m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️7–13°C  🏖26–31°  ☀️11 days  ☔️9 days; chilly ☃️


Environment fabulous location in hills completely surrounded by nature, 30 min walk to station and shops along backroad; coast 40mins; skiing (Prato Nevoso) 1h30; trails on doorstep; nice river in village, stream at end of track

Services basics near, town 15mins

Access 40mins Savona, 1h Genova airport, 1h30 Alessandria/Turin; hourly trains

Property 55000m2 of land including woods and fields (probably the two big neigbouring fields plus some of the trees; over 900m2 of footprint, with two floors that's 1800m2 usable; but currently only 180m2 usable

Other Notes has WiMAX coverage, and adequate 4G
• knock the price down to 90k and within budget could build a decently sized functioning space, whilst a huge amount more could be added in due course
• climate a little colder than desireable in ☃️, and avg 26°C in  🏖(max 31°)
• main building is 17x46
• TODO: quick build costing

🏢#42 San Pietro Complex €178k • ginormous and unusual near Bologna but boring surroundings
central Italy • rusticrural • Bologna, Ferrara, Modena, (Venice)
900m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️9–15°C  🏖32–37°  ☀️10 days  ☔️10 days


Fantastic potential in huge partly ruined building complex with an immense 500m2 arched covered space, huge brick vaulting, and garden full of trees. Good connection to towns, cities and for daytrips, but immediate enviornment offers very little although there's a bus stop outside for the town/station which makes escapes easy. Could be developed into two spaces one being multigenerational and overlapping with the first.

Environment Boring flat agricultural, one or two paths within 5km; horse 20mins, hills 1h15 train, coast 1h

Services 5mins walk for frequent bus to everything or 40mins walk, town 5mins drive/20mins bike

Access station 5mins drive 40mins walk; Bologna 45mins

Property potentially 4000m2; 25x10=250m2 building *2+attic, 50x10=500m2 arched tunnel, and 1400m2 of footprint (most two storey), however much likely needs demolishing, in any case the accommodation needs access to light thus a central building needs demoolishing to create a courtyard for windows, with the tunnel interconnecting everything

Other Notes can most definately be knocked down on price
• excellent WiMAX, fibre 5km, VDSL 60/20 2km, excellent 4G
• setback from moderately busy road behind trees, may not be anough to be adequately calm on south (garden) side, but north os open well shielded; although really needs neigbouring small 3000m2 field to be rewilded to shelter east side of surviving (main) building
• south side of arched area needs lots of large windows and part of the roof could be converted to glass as well to function as huge conservatory, else extended in length
• local suburb is ugly but slightly further towns are good
• acquiring and rewilding a neigbouring field would be benficial, there's also lots of other abandoned buildings

🏘#43 Velino Casale €200k • Rural farm on river
central Italy • rusticrural • Terni, (Perugia, Rome)
1100m² complex • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️10–16°C  🏖31–36°  ☀️11 days  ☔️10 days; very good although ☃️nights cold


Great climate, varied location, natural and semi-isolated with possibility of fairly easy trips to town on nearby train, or shopping by scooter/bike. Lots of potential for the land, with hyrdo and isolated work/event space.

Environment hills and river walks on doorstep, lake with boating walkable; mountains 30km (30mins regular train), coast 1h30

Services no shops walkable, basics bikeable 5km/20mins, local station 30mins walk +25mins to town 3 times daily, more frequent from next station at 3.5km (i.e. bike/scooter

Access 20mins mainline station, Rome 1h, Florence 3h, Bologna 3h30; driving Perugia 1h, Rome 1h30

Property 4ha land bordered by river; advertised as less floorspace, but inludes several outbuildings including a huge 450m2 footprint that could be rebuilt for floorspace totalling up to 1400m2

Other Notes Chelsea Rustrum's is 15mins away! (very different positioning, starts at €1600/mo so arguably complimentary)
• probably would come down to 175k in which case it's okay, otherwise too expensive although the main building (700m2 usable) has a solid roof and floors so no major works, however needs 500m2 to be built (foundations, some walling and maybe roof frame exists)
• 41x8=300==600 +200m2 attic; 300x2 38x11=450 base; 50m2 60m2 and 100m2 outbuildings, plus 120m2 base
• WiMAX coverage from Rieti but ~10km could be supplemented with 4G from same location (signal is fair); might be possible mount relay on antenna on hill above (1000m) for connection in Terni or secondary WiMAX
• backs onto road but very quiet because mainroad is in tunnel through opposite hill (although exists in front of a hill that may reflect sound across the narrow valley); possible also to use a 2-step relay from Spinacetto to the intervening ridge (3.75+2.5 80/24), or from edge of Colli via the houses on the ridge (1km+1; 40/17)
• railway actually cuts through property, but tiny singletrack and no more frequent than hourly so I'd argue this is quite a nice reminder that we'd still be connected civilisation
• will need septic tank as usual but possibility of natural treatment into canal?
• river is very still as damed much further down, so probably not great for swimming but good for kayak/SUP on dorrstep itself up to 7km probably much further
• 3 water courses (river plus 2 canalised through property) potential for micro hydro maybe larger as one has weir at top of property; plus solar and groundsource heatpump
• could possibly use water from canal for a natural pool if filtered (sandpit)

🏢#58 Antigua Fabrica €250k • Big mill with hydro rights on river
Spain • historicrural • Valladolid
3475m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️8–13°C  🏖28–35°  ☀️11 days  ☔️9 days


Lots of potential in an unappealing village, but easy access

Environment rolling agricultural; river on property; tracks on doorstep, woods 5km

Services basics; bigger town 30mins

Access mainline station 30mins drive, Madrid 2h; local station 15mins walk, 2h20 Santander, 2h20 Madrid; Valladolid 1h (airport Barcelona all year and Canaries seasonal), Vitoria 1h30 (airport, Cologne and Bergamo year-round) Santander 1h30, Bilbao 2h

Other Notes access via Madrid is adquate, otherwise limited airports except if combining with daytrip to Bilbao
• main building 550*3=1600
• road building 2 floors 300m2, basement and attic 200m2 ==1000m2
• side building 1 floor 170m2
• possible 80m2*2==160 house
• (doesn't add up so must be more)
• if the land between the canal and river can be aquired would have a lovely garden; may include a small section down to river
• on quiet lane only used for farms but maybe also occasional sandpit lorries
• train service is limited, only twice daily between Santander and Palencia, but the line has been approved for upgrades to higher speed service through to Madrid; single train from Bilbao to Mataporquera (3h30+45min drive

🏢#51 Torre Beretti Complex €63k • Multiple courtyard buuldings and garden
northern Italy • typicalrural • Tortona, Voghera, Alessandria, Pavia, (Milan)
2100m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️8–14°C  🏖30–34°  ☀️11 days  ☔️11 days; foggy


Auction scheduled for 18th August. Listed since 2011, and reduced seveeral times, other bids unlikely.

Environment flat and agricultural but lots of paths in natural reserve along river; hills 45mins, coast 1h15; skiing/mountains 1h30

Services only bar; easy busses and trains

Access station 10mins walk; Genoa/Milan 1h, Turin 1h15

Property Loads of old buildings and two courtyards, plus trees next to road thus shielding.

Other Notes some bits renovated, some falling down, quite a mix

🏬#37 Minoterie de la Chalosse €76k • PICK • isolated in woods next to river and town, but unusual
southern France • industrialtown • Mont-de-Marsan, Dax, (Pau, Bayonne, Bordeaux)
600m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️11–18°C  🏖26–35°  ☀️9 days  ☔️12 days; mild but often overcast(!?)


Environment natural setting but flat agricultural environment with little variety; beach 1h, hills 1h30, mountains/skiing 2h; one greenway on doorstep, very few trails nearby, tennis courts; could SUP and kayak on the river; horse/kayak within 30mins

Services all 15mins walk; 20mins drive to town

Access busses to Mont de Marsan and Hagetmau (thrice) and Dax (once 6am); stations 40mins; 1h15 to three airports including Bordeaux

Property needs significant extension but only has 650m2 garden so needa additional land for garden, next to abandoned railway; includes four ugly cement grain silos attached to the building itself, but could maybe install spiral water slides instead 🙃 difficult to demolish so have to keep them; could have amazing roof terrace!

Other Notes p45 zone UHc extensions permitted and is surrounded by protected zone with exception of the station°5.1.Document%20graphique_Planche%202.pdf
• ZRR ✅ tax reductions
• 1.5km to exchange so only ADSL2+; but there's a pocket of VDSL2 across the field (and river) so could relay
• 34km greenway to Dax (can start on railway at doorstep); the remaining railway to Mont-de-Marsan past the building will probably be converted in future as well which would be very cool
• unusally ugly, so more creativity needed!
• island in the river just across the railway (cross p2 to reach, probably communal land)
• with our own, good for SUP (river is damned above) and canoe/kayak on doorstep!
• silo building 4 floors, 17x5.5=85==340, too narrow for rooms boths sides! could maybe use for spiral stairway and remove the existing inside but the main wing is narrow and full depth should probably be used for studios at that end rather than lost to corridors unless with balcony?
• office building 3 floors 13x6=75==225 which would leave very little garden without additional aquisition
• garage 50m2
• would need to build at least 200m2 new on 2 floors
• there is a large mostly wooded plot (73) of 1.8ha opposite over the lane, or neigbouring plot (44) with sheds but huge, might need splitting if expensive
• original perspective

🏬#48 Molini di Faenza €150k • Small courtyard mill with great space if rebuilt
northern Italy • typicalvillage • Vigevano, Pavia, (Milan)
1100m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️6–12°C  🏖30–34°  ☀️13 days  ☔️7 days; good sun (if not foggy) but cold winter


Environment flat and agricultural but many tracks, 3 rivers close for longer trails but few kayak/SUP operators so would need own; coast 1h30; 2h skiing

Services 25mins walk station/supermarket; town 10mins drive, 20mins bike; busses on doorstep

Access 45mins Milan airport, Pavia, Alessandria; 1h Milan; 1h30 Genoa

Property Despite being on the edge of the hamlet, with a neighbour directly on the canal there's no windows and it's ivy-cpvered, there's also a a bit of garden onto the stream although that faces the neigbourhour and the other edges of the property are hemmed by the village lanes. Nonetheless quiet and calm and pretty. Especially if the side onto the canal is opened up with big windows or a terrace.

Other Notes Expensive even if knocked down given amount of new and rebuilding required, but well positioned.
• could aquire extra small bit of land next to stream, and even the larger parcel with trees on other side in hamlet for a very cool garden and event space which is otherwise lacking
• Multiple WiMAX and possibility of LoS fibre/VDSL2 relay
• can create a natural water pool; canal is fed from another canal fed from the Ticiono above Milan
• need to ask the mayor to move the bins!

🏢#33 Manzo Complex €135k • buildings at bottom of hills
northern Italy • rusticvillage • Pavia, Voghera
350m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1


Environment tracks at doorstep, but short; mountains 40km; coast 1h

Services basics, several towns within 30 mins

Access station 20mins walk, local busses; Milan 1h; Milan/Genoa/Parma airports all 1h20

Property 2700m2 plot, 5 buildings several undeveloped barns so easily extendable

• on market since Dec

🏬#67 Moulin de St-Christophe €160k • Factory building on canal with own woods, Bordeaux 1h
southern France • commercialvillage • Marmande, Agen, (Bordeaux, Toulouse)
1100m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️10–16°C  🏖27–36°  ☀️11 days  ☔️10 days


As a mini-hub this has a lovely location on the Canal du Midi and it's own small woods but very few activities.

Environment flat and agricultural but river swimming and walks; forest 15mins drive; coast/hills 1h30

Services none, 15mins bike to small town; 20mins drive to larger towns

Access mainline station 5mins drive; Bordeaux 1h (last train 9pm), Toulouse 1h30

Other Notes Less interesting than #60 which is larger, cheaper and walking distance to station, however this is less isolated and 1h from Bordeaux for escapes.
• includes 2ha of woods with 200m of frontage along canal path
• next to a lock and good restaurant (closed nov through feb) and there's another a short walk
• very close to #60 which is better
• price would probably reduce to 130k
• main building is 3 floors of 330m2
• lacks windows which would be a significant cost to install, however has a new floor and roof structure is solid just needs new covering
• 2 smaller buildings, 1 of 120m2 would need rebuilding but could be two floors, the other is a garage
• 500m2 of roofing to replace
• adjoining a spillway but likely doesn't have hydro rights
• 5km from exchange thus only ADSL2 but WiMAX is available ( albeit very expensive for pro bandwidth, however an antenna to the local town could be plausible

🏬#32 Tobacco Warehouse €150k • VISIT • lovely building on edge of village near lake
central Italy • historicvillage • Perugia
970m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2
☃️9–14°C  🏖31–36°  ☀️14 days  ☔️8 days; very good!


Environment mostly flat and cultivated but paths on doorstep to hills (1h walk) and a very large lake with watersports; 2h15 to either coast

Services local busses, basics (cafes, food), 15 mins walk to supermarket; 30mins bike to small town, 40mins drive to Perugia

Access good local busses, station 10mins, Florence 1h30, Rome 2h

Property gorgeous internal arches although possibly difficult to plan around; can rebuild the ruined '☃️garden' for extra 160m2 (maybe double if two floors is allowed) and neigbour will sell some adjoining garden of around 1300m2; a vegetable plot is included on opposite side of road

Other Notes roof already renovated
• adjacent part of the same building is also for sale but already renovated thus no value in purchasing
• with extra garden could using ground source heatpump and install solar
• Capacities:
• attic 7 bedrooms (3 ensuite, 4 shared), all with one small window, 2 large rooms would need skylights
• 1st floor 7 rooms (3 ensuite, 4 shared) + dorm
• ground floor 8 rooms (all ensuite)
• event space must be in garden but workspace (

🏢#6 Clog Factory €60k • VISIT • amazingly vast and open, with greenery and good village
central France • industrialvillage • Nevers, Moulins
2200m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️8–14°C  🏖26–34°  ☀️9 days  ☔️12 days; borderline as mild and often overcast or showery


Whilst the surroundings don't offer too much variety and its badly connected, the tiny town (2k pop) seems fairly dynamic with unusual attractions — Street Art City (22,000m2 of art by new artists every year!), a velodrome, a (tiny) F1/F3 racetrack and also a lake/leisure area with volley-ball and probably suitable for SUP if we get boards, oh and there's a tennis club. The space itself is plenty big enough to be attractive year round, it benefits from natural surroundings being the last building on the stream. The climate is pretty similar to all the Northern Italy candidates, except a few degrees less hot in  🏖. The opportunity to have an incredible space where many of us can congregate and still have lots of personal space may outweigh the negatives.

Environment fairly boring northly agricultural terrain; theree's a few paths on the doorstep and forests for biking and horse riding, plus river canoeing all 10mins

Services whilst not connected it has all services including a covered market, local towns Nevers and Moulins are 35mins drive

Access station 20min (car, 1h bike) 2h30 paris 1h Nevers; Clermont 1h45; driving bourges/mont lucon 1h; clermont 1h30; bus Moulins twice daily (maybe res req by tel?)

Property unusually large with a fantastic top floor having a 4m high roof with full width skylights; all floors have large windows and all rooms would be spacious benefitting from at least one window each looking either west or east onto a courtyard; located on edge of village next to stream, thus lots of view onto nature; with some climbing plants to hide the ugly bits of the building and some garden it could be welcoming

Other Notes there might be the possibility of persuading the mayor to let us dam the stream for a pond and hydro, it has been damned for the lake and several other pools
• could maybe acquire land on other side of stream (p68 1.2ha), or downstream towards allotments (p169, 3600m2) both apparently unused
• currently has septic tank but should be no problem to build a pumped connection if possible via right of way
• p178;
• +250m to exchange (+Free)
• 1500m2 land alongside stream
• + extra buildings
• 3 floors, top is over 4m with full width skylights
• 53m long, 11m wide (ex stairs etc)
• 22 generous rooms and studios all with at least one large window either east or west
• 2nd: 2 large studios
• 1st: 6 shared, 7 ensuite, 1 bunkroom
• ground: 3 studios, 4 ensuite, 1 bunkroom
• =22 + bunkrooms

• 140m2 casual work area with 27 desks and sofas
• 50m2 quiet work area with 10 desks
• conservatory with work area with 6 desks and sofas
• 190m2 dual station kitchen with breakfast bars and sofas and dining for 32 extending onto terrace beside stream
• 90m2 cinema lounge
• 260m2 unallocated space with high ceilings and skylights
• large staircase
• potential for 480m2 of solar (skylights face north)

🏬#82 Sanatorio Caramulo €220k • Old sanatorium in pretty hills
Portugal • commercialvillage • Tondela, Viseu, Coimbra, (Lisbon)
1200m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️2–9–14°C  🏖25–33°  ☀️13 days  ☔️8 days;


Environment hilly plateau with woods and streams; 1h coast

Services basics and some restos; town 25mins drive, no bus

Access 25mins drive to town, + regular busses 1h Coimbra, 3h30 Lisbon, 2h30 Porto changing

Other Notes Village in the Serra do Caramulo has many abandoned sanatoriums having been famous for its nature and fresh air, some converted to hotels/hostels and there's apparently strong support as the village has lost its purpose and wants to redevelop.
• closer to nature and the coast as compared Covilha, but weather and access are not as good
• whilst the price should come down, it is a high initial capital requirement, the interior would probably however still have rooms in a useful layout thus not require significant work for this
• beaches 1h drive and and Porto 1h15, so good for occasional daytrips
• local town is small, no others within reasonable distance
• as a primary hub is too cold with long winters and inaccessible, but potential as a mini-hub
• on a quiet lane amongst a few other houses with unobstructed view over valley at 800m altitude
• 3500m2 of sloping land with some trees for garden and veg
• could have a good south facing conservatory
• 15mins drive to two stream swimming spots, 45mins to bigger rivers
• walks on doorstep but not not much else
• submitted by Humberto M

🏬#49 Molino Desana €49k • Good value village mill
northern Italy • typicalvillage • Vercelli, Alessandria, (Milan, Turin)
1000m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️6–12°C  🏖30–34°  ☀️13 days  ☔️7 days; good sun (if not foggy) but cold winter


Environment flat and agricultural but many tracks, 3 rivers close for longer trails but few kayak/SUP operators so would need own; coast 1h30; 2h skiing

Services basics; town 10mins drive, 20mins bike; busses on doorstep

Access 15mins station; 1h Turin/Milan airport, Asti, Alessandria; 1h15 Milan; 1h30 Genoa

Property comprises buildings on both sides of canal with mill wheels and wier/walkway in middle, with both properties opened up onto the canal would be really nice; but needs garden and additional building

Other Notes could aquire either or both the 900m2 strip of land or the field, thus gaining a great garden and preserving a gren view
• 190m2*2 warehoouse
• 110*2
• maybe:100*2

🏢#50 Rata Farm €115k • Farmhouse with land
northern Italy • typicalrural • Mantua, Verona, Modena
1300m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1
☃️6–13°C  🏖31–36°  ☀️13 days  ☔️7 days; good sun (if not foggy)


Environment flat and agricultural no pathhs, some tracks near, lake/hills 45mins, 3 rivers close for longer trails but few kayak/SUP operators so would need own; 1h45 coast and skiing

Services basics/busses 30mins; station/supermarket 10mins drive, 30mins bike

Access 45mins Verona; 1h30 Bologna

Property Much larger than indicated as has 550m2 barn, which can be demolished in favour of a new wing creating a new private courtyard facing west into the field which is included.

Other Notes 350*2 main barn, 90*2 front wing, 240*2 main wing
• kif knocking down barn +200 *2 replace warehouse; includes large field (1.4ha) to weast

🏢#3 Vigevano Farm €120k • natural, quiet and really well positioned but misty/muggy
northern Italy • typicalrural • Vigevano, Milan
1900m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2


This is quite an unusual and appealing option, being both in a quiet and green setting, yet 10 mins outside a good town and 45 mins from Milan! The accommodation would be rustic (i.e. small rooms) although there's barns (and a ruined brick church) that'd be gutted for some larger modern facilities. The disadvantage is potentially pollution from Milan, and misty/fog even though according to data it gets more clear sunny days than a location further south near Perugia.

Environment flat and agricultural (rice fields), few trails but natural along nearby river; 1h to hills, 1h30 to coast/Alps; 45 mins to Pavia and many interesting towns; extreme climate: ☃️6–8°, shoulder 12–18°, mean sumnmer 30°, 14 sunny days, 7 rainy

Services everything in town 15 mins, 40mins walk

Access station 15 mins by car; 45 mins Milan

Property isolated complex of multiple buildings with old church next to farm that can be bought separately to double the size, 4500m2 of land (10km2 possible total)

Other Notes not sure if fog is counted as cloud cover, lots of mist/fog
• Wimax, maybe relay to local fibre? good 4G; dsl bad
• lot1 120k
• (6) main 2fl: 30x8 plus wing 6x6
• two sections? 12+18
• (5) tall 12x9 wide 3 floors or 2 with high ground and high ciel
• lot 3 65k
• (1) secondary 2fl: 22x8 5 windows across
• lot2 mostly garden

• edge of town
• station (Vigevano) 40mins walk; 15mins car
• airport 45mins car
• milan 1h (train/car)
• hills 1h drive (3h train)
• Pavia 45 mins
• Turin/coast 1h30

🏬#31 Clavesana Complex €73k • natural, hillside hamlet but no transport or paths
northern Italy • rusticrural • Mondovi, Cuneo, (Turin, Savona)
1100m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2


Environment in cultivated hills, river below; 45mins mountains, 1h coast/skiing (Prato Nevoso); climate is borderline; ☃️9°C, 3 months 12–16°,  🏖mean only 26°; sunny over 14 days, rainy under 9 days; can gently explore by bike amongst the towns and rivers, but everything else requires a drive

Services nearest irregular bus 30mins walk, 40mins to town; could have some scooters as well as bikes; 4 towns 10–20 mins;

Access 30mins station; 1h Turin/Savona; 1h30 Genoa

Property on steep hillside with some land below and on lane in hamlet at the top; also has own tree-lined track through groves; 4 buildings with two courtyards; really needs to be supplemented with neigbouring building (500m2+); could probably also get extra adjoining land
• TODO: capacity

Other Notes private sale

🏢#19 Sangarrén Molino €70k • warm/hot all year but arid and argicultural
Spain • rusticvillage • Huesca, Zaragoza
900m² hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2Advert #3


Environment arid and agricultural, but pyrenees not far, plus has stream next door and a few nominal walks

Services nothing, big town is only 10mins with (occasional?) coach

Access 3 towns with AVE trains in 15 mins: 2h30 Madrid, 3h Barcelona; by car: 1h Zaragoza, Pamplona 2h30

Other Notes 1500m2 land outside village next to stream
• could become too hot in  🏖(for two months can reach 38°C though usually 32), and we would porbably need A/C although there'd be a good shaded courtyard
• WiMAX with; LoS is possible to Huesca (13km)
• 33m x 8 3 storeys = 750 +176 road +60 front (high) or 120(2 storey)
• new build 5.5x 16m (studios onto courtyard with outdoor steps + 8 wide 7.7 deep to front
• can have north facing courtyard and sheltered from NW wind by hillock
• + great weather (maybe bit hot)
• very barren
• mountains 30mins car; 1h train +15km
• possible hydro source (unlikely as irrigation changing to pumped)
• 3 stories
• + can build extra 200m2 on two floors

🏬#16 Juillac Duo €60k • cheap, enlargable and pleasant but village traffic and cloudy
central France • typicalvillage • Brive-la-Gaillard
900m² mini-hub • 📍MapAdvert #1Advert #2


Environment rolling hills, mostly agricultural, no trails; kayaking and horse riding

Services most shops; town 30mins

Access 2h45 Toulouse by train + car; no air

Property two great stone buildings with restoration works partially completed; would expand and connect with large conservatory; small garden; edge of village but on the road into

Other Notes p245
• probably noise from village traffic would require garden wall
• 2 buildings
• 200m2 3 floors + loft; 13m wide 4 windows; 13.5m deep no windows!
• 120m2 2 floors +larger loft; requires 1st floor beams; 3 windows 11.5m wide; 3 windows (one side only) 9m deep
• + garden, cave,
• + exterior renovated, new floor supports
• + shops
• <500m to exchange vdsl2 >30mbps + free
• no floors
• car needed no regular bus; TER 15mins 6x daily to Brive
• 30 mins to brive; 45 Uzerche (4h Paris)
• BUS objat 12:05 sat; 13:50 weds 18:05 MTTF
• brive-toulouse 2h15 (last 18h30)