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🏢#252 🥇95%   €160k • historic • village • 720m² hub • unusual property in decent little town and nice location
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southern France: Limoux, Mirepoix, Carcassonne, Castelnaudry
☃️3mo 11–19°☀️4🌧12 • 🍂3mo 14–25°☀️6🌧12
GOOD  🔨 effort
OKAY  💰 cost
GOOD  🚌 transport
GREAT  ✈️ access
GOOD  🛒 shops
OKAY  🏙 towns
GREAT  🧗 activities
OKAY  ☀️ climate
GOOD  ⛰️ nature
GOOD  🌷 garden
GOOD  🏠 building
OKAY  🏘 hood
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Environment ✧ river valley below Pyrenees, hillside vinyards, scrub woods and rocky outcrops

Services ✧ all

Access ✧ station 10mins walk; town/mainline station/airport 30mins: +1h Toulouse, +2h30 Barcelona, +5h30 Paris or night

Property ✧ slightly unusual layout with lots of impressive features though potentially hard to adapt
✦ 2 towers with about 60m2 on each of 2 floors
✦ 250m2 of main building on each of 3 floors
✦ 65m2 terrace
✦ 240m2 (slightly raised) garden with trees and wall from street
✦ 35m2 garage at end of garden, could be extended, and given a roof terrace, or used as footprint for orangery
✦ the parcel originally had other buildings on the lane behind (90m2, 70m2 and 30m2 footprints) plus an 80m2 inner courtyard, but at least one of these appears to have been sold, probably including the courtyard; a narrow 2-floor garage connecting back to the main buildign is still for sale at 18k

Notes ✧ a fairly lively little riverfront town in a locality with (prettier) typically French villages and castles all about, and offering varied attractions heading into the hills, plus down the lower valley and towards the plains; is well known for is sparkling wine, and has a nice square
✦ during the off season, there's carnival events every weekend for several months helps offset the slightly dreary climate
✦ a nearby village hosts a well known weekly creative/hippie market with many foreign alternative folks living around
✦ in 35mins drive another small town has an even more picture-postcard medieval square
✦ only one there-and-back hike from the door, but climbs onto a ridge going a long way; others start 20mins along lanes; good variety for biking
✦ more adventurous routes closeby (and possible by bus); wild swimming and warm springs; cathar castles, great countryside, mystical woods, forests, gorges and a via ferrata in around 30mins
✦ many activity centres offering kayak, rafting, canyoning, climbing etc, plus 2 lakes also 30mins drive
✦ station with all trips at €1 with Carcassonne (last 7pm) in 30mins; slated for reopening into the mountains around 2025 putting more villages and Quillan at the end of the line in reach for better hiking/biking
✦ daily Barcelona train April-September, a seasonal flight to Porto, and 4 more cheapflight airports including for Morocco, plus there's a Lisbon Flixbus; the Paris night train runs only some days (daily may be restored), all other cases require a change in Narbonne or Toulouse
✦ the heart of the mountains is a hefty drive at 1h30, same for the coast so not reasonable for a day out, however there is a lake in 35mins with boats and SUP but the rivers are much better, and there's close peaks of 1200m
✦ the climate is better than down in the valley because it's sheltered from the winds that carry rain down there, thus there's a decent number of mild sunny days to take advantage of the outdoors even in winter
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