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for people going places with purpose

a community-owned gathering place and base for purposeful professionals seeking dynamism and diversity

Make a pledge from €1 800to join us for a month, every year
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What's a coliving hub?


A shared home and workspace, where we also share some of our purpose and learnings.


For a workation to escape routine, as a retreat to dig into projects, or as a base.


Be you an entrepreneur, remote worker, digital nomad, a creative, or anything else!

By embracing diversity and serendipity we create vitality in our lives. You've got your own independent lifestyle and need a house with workspace to match. At a coliving hub you have great common spaces and friendly faces all crossing paths.

There's always folks to whip up a soufflé with, watch a movie or even learn some reiki… Yet with varied spaces you're always productive, to do your best work, collaborate with our community, support member's ventures or even start your own!?

Learn about coliving at some of our favourites, Sun and Co in Spain, Nine in the Canaries and Playworking in Montenegro. Yet what if we owned one collectively…?!

Better still, scroll down to make a pledge!

We're creating amazing new spaces—reinvigorating old ones!


Benefit from shared facilities (cinema, bikes, workspaces, ice-cream maker, …).


Get closer to nature whilst remaining connected to the wider world.


Stay affordably, buying into use of properties as you are able.


Be part of community respecting innovation and independence.

Facilities to accommodate all of us…

Our purpose as a member owned co‑operative will be providing affordable co‑ownership and rental, giving us use of spaces, growing across multiple locations.

As participants in a dynamic ecosystem we share its opportunities whilst generating rental revenue as a social enterprise — reinvesting in hosting workshops, talks, and activities, enriching not just ourselves, but the wider community.

By doing it collaboratively, we reduce our footprints and enhance the effects.

The original campaign

The plan—part deux!

A super appealing area is the lower Cévennes around Saint–Ambroix, lots to explore with the excellent Cèze and Ardèche river gorges, and (if pushing a bit further) the Pont du Gard, plus up into mountains. The towns of Andouze, Uzès and Alès. Plus there's public transport.

For contrast there's the little town of Lourdes at the base of the central Pyrénées, famous for pilgrimage (lots of empty hotels), just 15mins train from two great little cities, Tarbes and Pau, a funicular at the door up a little peak that's hosted MTB championships, with great hikes starting from 10mins away, plus proper mountains and skiing from 30mins. Even an airport 15min.

Some candidates…

If you want to join any visits and to see more, do pledge and vote to join our Whatsapp group.

  1. large and pricey

    amazing and rare
  2. mid-size

    good compromise?
  3. small and cheap

    wider choice
Without dedicated acquisition it'd be reliant upon fractional backing thus no easier, yet with a minimum stake from say 40 initial backers at €5k (~3 months basic room) it would be do‑able. And hey—for those watning dedicated there's a building with 5 studios for sale next to it!


100% €198k 800m² mini-hub

  • garden and massive unusual vaulted cave
  • great region with diversity
  • trainline reopening
  • some apartments ready to use
  • a couple of studios
  • a neighbouring property for dedicated
  • significant acquisition

Why France?

It's cheap for acquisiton and there's no surprises. Property sales are falling with 900 agents closing last year and even many notaries unable to pay themselves, combined with just introduced renovation requirements for rentals which owners are reluctant to undertake (doesn't apply to collective use) thus prefer to sell. More to the point, I'm familiar with the country having done renovation here. Infrastructure is good, and everything runs like clockwork. Well, except when they're on strike…

How can you join-in?

  1. pledge confirming with €1
  2. vote on properties to visit and draw up plans
  3. founding members will form the co-op making share purchases for a deposit
  4. a group visit should be arranged
  5. when pledges and plans match, an acquisition vote will be taken
  6. those having a matching pledge will buy into the co-op with a 35% deposit on their stake
  7. an offer will be made for purchase
  8. the remaining 65% for stakes must be completed to conclude purchase
  9. all remaining backers will buy-in to fund the renovations

We're running it together—to all have a stake!

Whether you participate as a co-owner, an investor, or simply visit on rental, you do so as a member of our cooperative society, functioning within the space as a do-ocracy. To join us make a pledge then once we've agreed our plans, you'll be invited to apply for our community shares… Why work from one place? Don't get stuck — make a habit of wider horizons!


(The following are indicative.)

Operational costs cover our recurring expenses for utilities, volunteers, and (importantly!) maintenance/renewals:

Capital costs are what we're raising to purchase, renovate and fit-out the property, split between multiple shareholders:

If you stay longer than your share or have none, you pay the standard rental rates. Shares are flexible, if you take a different type of room you get more or less time with your shares. If you don't use your time, you can give to a friend, or trade it with other members.

Keep on scrollin' to make a pledge!

How does it compare?

A coliving hub offers many collective facilities, more flexibility and a dynamic community — versus sharing, renting or buying your own apartment. If you do not need these and can find community and workspace in other ways, then this kind of environment may not be a good match for you.

Tell me more

Say hi to our founder…

Jacob Jay
created the first ever coliving hub offering open-access coworking with both short (nightly/weekly) and long term (monthly/yearly) accommodation at the same property, in Delhi, operating for 4 years from 2010, when the lease price was hiked, spawning the idea of co-ownership. Location independent almost since birth(!) I understand the value of both having a base and escaping to new places so I'm investing too.

You can reach out to anytime, and the questions page has a pile of other details. Anyone wishing to make a significant investment alongside me, is invited to be a founding member.

Our values… we don't believe in believing too much!
🕴 Diversity and 🕵️‍♀️ dynamism.

Count me in!

My email address is

    or ASAP for the first hub

I would invest around