collective live+work spaces
for people going places with purpose

a community-owned gathering place and base for purposeful professionals seeking dynamism and diversity

pledge from €2000… joining us at cost ~€275/month
yes! for the cost of a month or two at a coliving you can own part and only pay costs
(more or less, whatever suits you) or invest for a ~10% yield

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What's a coliving hub?


A shared home and workspace, where we also share some of our purpose and learnings.


For a workation to escape routine, as a retreat to dig into projects, or as a base.


Be you an entrepreneur, remote worker, digital nomad, a creative, or anything else!

With your own independent lifestyle you need a house and workspace offering great common spaces and friendly faces all crossing paths. By embracing diversity and serendipity as a community we create vitality in our lives.

Learn about coliving at some of our favourites, Sun and Co in Spain, Nine in the Canaries and Playworking in Montenegro. So what if we owned one collectively to use at-cost…?!

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We're creating amazing new spaces—reinvigorating old ones!


Benefit from shared facilities (cinema, bikes, workspaces, ice-cream maker, …).


Get closer to nature whilst remaining connected to the wider world.


Stay affordably, buying into use of properties as you are able.


Be part of community respecting innovation and independence.

Our purpose as a member owned housing co‑operative will be providing affordable co‑ownership, giving us flexible and guarenteed use of spaces at cost.

As participants in a dynamic ecosystem we share its opportunities whilst generating rental revenue as a social enterprise — reinvesting in hosting workshops, talks, and activities, enriching not just ourselves, but the wider community.

By doing it collectively, we reduce our footprints and enhance the effects, across locations…

Facilities to accommodate all of us…

The original campaign

The plan—part deux!

If this sounds interesting to you please share your intentions, and you'll have to be quick if we only do a smaller property as there'll not be many shares. So do make a pledge!

Why France?

It's cheap for acquisiton and there's no surprises. Property sales have fallen through the roof, 900 agents closed last year — combine with new renovation requirements for rentals that owners don't want to pay for, thus prefer to sell giving an excellent opportunity for conversion to coliving. More to the point, I'm familiar with the country having done renovation here. Infrastructure is good, and everything runs like clockwork. Well, except when they're on strike…

It's also sorely overlooked amongst digital nomads due to generally being expensive, whilst having exceptionally strong historic tourism demand, thus established appeal for anyone wanting to escape their home-office for a while!

For those wanting to maintain EU tax residency as a compromise of low cost with good services, choosing France's micro-entrepreneur status means you'd pay just ~22% in taxes on all revenues (none wthout turnover), covering all contributions (inc. base health and pension), simply filing your quarterly revenue total (no itemisation!), on revenues up to €77k (+rentals up to €15k).

The lower Cévennes / Saint-Ambroix

Super appealing with tons to explore – the excellent Cèze and Ardèche river gorges, and (as a daytrip) the Pont du Gard, plus up into mountains. Not to mention the towns of Andouze, Uzès and Alès. Really offers everything, plus cheapest properties.

If we don't have enough backers or prefer something smaller and easier, there are many other properties.

How might I use it?

The ideal use for Hub House co-ownership is as an annual retreat or base that you come back to between travels. Once we've more locations it'll be great for full time use too. 🥳

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We're running it together—to all have a stake!

Whether you participate as a co-owner, an investor, or simply visit on rental, you do so as a member of our cooperative society, functioning within the space as a do-ocracy. To join us make a pledge then once we've agreed our plans, you'll be invited to apply for our community shares

The simple way to consider how it works as a member is that when you buy into the co-op (with shares), you get to use the co-op's facilities at cost, proportional to its capacity (fractional use) for the value of shares you hold. Put even just a small amount of money into the co-op for a significant discount on coliving accommodation. When it no longer suits anymore, you can withdraw your shares.


(The following are indicative.)

Operational costs cover our recurring expenses for utilities, volunteers, and (importantly!) maintenance/renewals:

Capital costs are what we're raising to purchase, renovate and fit-out the property, split between multiple shareholders:

If you stay longer than your share value or have none, you pay the standard rental rates. If you don't use your credit, you can trade it with other members, or give to a friend.

With more properties we'll gain more freedom and variety whilst still bumping into some of the same people within a larger community network!

Your instigator is…

[right] Up in the Alps with Pelé of Coliving Frilingue and Nomad Fest who's running a similar project but oriented around dividends (so check it out if that sounds more up your street than our use-orientation).

Jacob Jay — I created the first ever coliving hub offering public access coworking alongside short and long term accommodation (10 rooms +bunks), operating in Delhi for 4 years from 2010. When the lease was hiked and we moved out, the idea of co-ownership came to me. Location independent almost since birth(!) I understand the value of both having a base, and escaping to new places.

I'm looking for founding members! You'll join me in ratifying the co-op's articles, incorporating it, and buying-in first with me. See the pledge page or do reach out. The board will initially be formed of the founding members, as I'm not proposing a board of coliving peers this time around.

Say hi anytime, or meet me (from June 20th) for Bansko Nomad Fest, and join the likely many coliving debates… If you pledge, we'll have calls and arrange visits together.

How can I join-in?

Please see to the questions page for a bunch of common details on many topics…

  1. join the facebook group where we'll coordinate videochats and discussions
  2. pledge below, confirming with €1
  3. vote on properties to visit and have plans — or simply wait for a final candidate
  4. founding members will form the co-op making share purchases towards acquisition
  5. a group visit should be arranged
  6. when pledges and plans match, the founding members will open membership
  7. you'll be able to buy into the co-op with a deposit on your shareholding
  8. an offer will be made for purchase
    (this process may repeat, with members able to withdraw deposits)
  9. the remaining shareholdings will be paid to conclude purchase and get the keys
  10. any final members will join, closing funding for renovations

Our values… we don't believe in believing too much!
🕴 Diversity and 🕵️‍♀️ dynamism.

Make a pledge…