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Cordes–Fauconnier Rouge
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🏡#250 🥇91%   €330k • typical • village • 1200m² satellite • imposing solid building in popular hilltop village
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central France: Albi, (Toulouse)
☃️3–10–18°☀️5☁️14 • 🍂14–22°☀️6☁️11
GOOD  🔨 effort
DODGY  💰 cost
GOOD  🚌 transport
OKAY  ✈️ access
GOOD  🛒 shops
GOOD  🏙 towns
GOOD  🧗 activities
OKAY  ☀️ climate
GOOD  ⛰️ nature
GOOD  🌷 garden
GOOD  🏠 building
GOOD  🏘 hood
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Environment ✧ rolling agricultural countryside and deep river valleys; paths from door

Services ✧ minimarts, lots of cafes and restos

Access ✧ station 15mins bike; 1h Toulouse, 6h Paris (changing)

Property ✧ mostly usable but old so many windows strictly need replacing
✦ very large imposing building with multiple outdoor spaces and annexes behind; could possibly includiong some private apartments
✦ parcels: 10,11,13
✦ 160m2 building with 3 floors plus good attic =600 (450 usable)
✦ 40m2 courtyard extension
✦ 80m2 courtyard annexe (onto rear lane)
✦ 50m2 garden room (old restaurant dining) next to pool 300m2 garden (55m2 pool)
✦ 90m2 courtyard
✦ apparently includes next larger section of building else space doesn't add up
✦ parcels:272,270,…
✦ 230m2 building with 3 floors plus attic =850 (650 usable)
✦ 450m2 garden
✦ 2 shops at ground level probably have long leases however a small area remains unused (could be seperately owned however a copropriete is legally required to be identified in ads, nonetheless the spaces then do add up)

Notes ✧ touristic hilltop village; good towns Carmaux (25mins), Albi (30mins/bus), Villefranche (45mins)
✦ close to many delightful villages such as St Antonin (25mins drive), Najac (30mins/train)
✦ would have some scooters for access to the station thus easy to get to the city and other places
✦ 35mins bus to Albi (several daily, last 6pm, inc Sat)
✦ outdoor activities beyond somewhat tame hiking and biking are essentially 30mins drive, mainly kayak, horse riding and river swimming
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