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#230 🏅77%  PICK • €65k • historic • village • 450m² satellite • pretty dynamic village close to small city
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Leonard, central France — near Limoges
☃️2–8–14°☀️5☁️17 • 🍂11–22°☀️6☁️13; 340m
OKAY  🔨 effort
GOOD  🚌 transport
GOOD  ✈️ access
GOOD  🛒 shops
GOOD  🏙 towns
OKAY  🧗 activities
OKAY  ☀️ climate
OKAY  ⛰️ nature
OKAY  🌷 garden
GOOD  🏠 building
GREAT  🏘 hood
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Environment ✧ rolling agricultural and wooded river valleys; walks and biking close

Services ✧ all; 2 pizza places, 2 good restos, a coffee shop

Access ✧ station 15mins walk: 20mins Limoges (last 9pm), 30mins Eymoutiers, 4h Paris/Bordeaux; airport 40mins drive/taxi+train)

Notes ✧ sitting on top of a little hill; several interesting litte shops; 3 very small/simple greenspaces, a slightly boring large greenspace next to the river, and pools (heated indoor with jacuzzi, sauna, hamman)
a few doors away is a coworking space of 350m2; a 700m2 art stuido with ateliers, and a big social centre hosting workshops and events (plus minibusses to rent, and even an associative tent camp in the hills)
✦ obviously still needs its own workspaces as otherwise the cost increases and the vibe changes however having options allows some variation for those whom desire it
✦ small annual medieval festival and a contempoary art biennial
✦ a satellite only because there's no demand for a public hub given existing facilities
✦ a simple little walk starts 10mins along a lane; better 30mins across town and giving over 3h, but the train opens up more locations with some just 15mins; several on lanes from door
✦ not terrible for biking, a couple of shorter circuits and many very long (3h), several one-ways with return by train, 1h30 to Saint-Piest, 3h to another line's station at Ambazac with a 45min return (only at 5pm); many 15-20mins drive, and also there-and-back by train e.g. to Eymoutiers, with 8am,10:30 out and 11:30,13:30,16 return, thus an easy 1h30 with lunch stop possible, or 3h with stop
✦ gentle kayak at door, riding 15mins drive; 35mins train for more 15mins drive is a lake with SUP, and 40mins for larger and more adventurous
✦ tennis 5mins bike
there's 5 daily Paris trains with just a 20min change in Limoges, and 2 more; last departs 5pm thus enabling connections from other countries, and most are €35; 5 trains from Bordeaux 3h (last 5pm); 4–5h from Toulouse (last 4pm) making connections with Barcelona possible (4h30+2h change,+5h) but flights would be more popular and both those airports are well served
Property ✧ whilst lively, it doesn't offer as much as the very similar Le Dorat/#276
✦ represents a slightly different approach as there'd be limited outdoor space although in summer it could be made to feel airy and outdoorsy with large glass doors to leave open; it would however completely lack the very desireable feature of a garden and the associated benefits such as a firepit/sauna and orangerie, nontheless a BBQ would be possible, a section could approximate a sunroom, the town has a sauna, and there's greenspace for picnics; but notably
roof in good condition, though is in 3 sections thus only nominally usable attic probably fine for a mix of pods if not bathrooms, maybe some mezzanine units
✦ some nice exterior stonework; the front facade has been redone except one small eaves section that is lathes but not high too high to access
✦ quickly nominally usable for works but needs significant interior work including all services and not least plus most noticable probably all the lathe cielings need removing, or at least securely fixing behind board
✦ one or two beam support columns may be beneficial
in two parts, most of which is 3 floors
✦ 32m2 south corner building =100 has views of the church
✦ 30m2 middle building =100
✦ 70m2 north building with back onto alley, 2nd floor only 50m2 =190 this offers potential for a 2nd floor roof terrace with south exposure
✦ no land, but in addition to the roof terraces the east, the south side of the north building could have large full height french doors as juliet balcony on the light well, and would thus get good sun
✦ 10m2 annexe on 2 floors could offer a small 1st floor morning roof terrace overlooking neighbours large abandoned garden, and underneath could prbably be opened up with windows as a breakfast niche
✦ 15m2 light well opening onto alley, currently partly blocked on ground, this could be covered with glass as another niche
✦ there's also a cave though likely not usable for anything
✦ nice rustic wooden floors (not parquet) and quite a bit of decent panelling though some not worth keeping
✦ nice wooden stairs
✦ ground floor has stone floors and in addition large doors onto the hall, two large arched garage doors, these would thus be glass as workspace and dining-kitchen
✦ awkward layout due to multi-level and 3 building sections, but many of the rooms are large
✦ first step of cleaanup has just been completed presumably at the behest of teh new agent, it's already changed agents several times at the same price but 60k might be accepted
note that the entire village centre is specially protected, thus even murals may not be allowed, and the roof terrace could be problematic diespite not being visible from streets
✦ windows fucntional but obviously need replacing, there are probably restrictions on type (wooden frames not alu or PVC); almost all the buildings still have original windows not even double-glazed
a large neighbouring garden at the back belongs to a tiny main square house with an impressive facade but a down at heel bric-a-brac thus probably a deal could be done, this property will also likely at some point be sold however its cost and use would be negligable as more coworking is not needed however a more convivial work-cafe might be good but not worth the cost unless undertaken as a community-supported tiers-lieu project and this could even happen whilst the existing owner still lives in it
✦ next door property is likely to come onto the market at some point; 45m2*3 only the 1st being used, plus 25m2 sheds
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