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Mount Pleasant Mills
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#197 🏅69%  CONCEPTUAL • €270k • industrial • village • 950m² mini-hub • Another hypothetical UK example for a hub, canalside between towns and moorlands.
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UK Midlands — near Halifax, Manchester, Leeds
☃️2–6–12°☀️1☁️21 • 🍂9–19°☀️2☁️16
OKAY  🔨 effort
GREAT  🚌 transport
GOOD  ✈️ access
GOOD  🛒 shops
GOOD  🏙 towns
OKAY  🧗 activities
BAD  ☀️ climate
GREAT  ⛰️ nature
DODGY  🌷 garden
GOOD  🏠 building
OKAY  ⛲️ hood
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Environment ✧ river valleys, woods and crags; canalpath on doorstep, country paths nearby

Services ✧ minimart, veg resto, pub, cafe; small town 10mins bike/bus,

Access ✧ station 5min with high frequency services for Halifax 10mins, Manchester 40mins and Leeds 45mins (both last 11pm); London 3h30, London airports 4h30

Notes ✧ these UK light-industrial properties (see also #104 which is a better deal) would not be suitable for dedicated units, only for fractional use (part-time coliving co-ownership) and investment on rentals; they represent exccelent value for conversion given the demand for housing and lack of properties in the market, especially in this location; however the specifics of what licencing they would operate under remain to be seen
✦ super drizzly (slightly over half the month all year) but very pleasant environment, and as ever given the propoensity for work, the ability to take advantage of clear periods should not result in undue loss of outdoor activity; Jun-Sep would be peak, Mar–Apr and Oct shoulder, and Nov–Feb low, with peak exceptions on any week including some holidays (Christmas, Bonfire night–Halloween, Easter); mins stay would be just a week; winter rates would have to be slightly less than Portugal
✦ the neigbouring little market and mill town (busses and trains every 15mins) of Hebden Bridge is a well known and quite delightful enclave of hippies and artists that has been on the up in recent times, with a pile of nice cafes and hangouts including a picture house, theatre and park all hosting events
✦ this kind of location and property represents an excellent escape from London (1 change in Leeds; £25) if likely not for very long stays, perhaps two to four weeks, this however would improve the yield; it would maintain appeal for foreigners given its emminent Englishness and historical setting but only during the better part of the year
✦ green/sports pitch directly opposite, canal, river and station seconds down lane, plus a community gym with indoor badminton plus yoga, and a bigger leisure centre with pool 10mins bus
✦ walks start 10mins away at Hoo Hole, offering hours of trails for hiking or biking across the moors; hardcastle crags just around the corner, plus amultitude of other good spots
✦ doesn't require major works so could be cost-effective, however new lintels for windows may be needed on the 2nd floor at the back, the ground and 1st floors at the south, and the ground floor at the front in place of the garages to let light through
✦ would accommodate 14 15m2 rooms on the 2nd floor each with a large window (though likely needing to be reduced to save on heating), and 7 on half of the 3rd/top floor, which has good views and would thus also be a library-lounge with focus coworking, and could also gain a 50m2 south-facing balcony, which would in turn permit a 50m2 extension below it and above some ground/1st sheds
✦ more lively common areas would be on the ground (likely cinema/events/lounge with cozy fire given limited light) and 1st with kitchen-dining and coworking (probably having access through the adjoining annexe and to a new terrace
✦ 45mins bike along canal into Halifax
✦ is an independent part of an old mill complex about four times the size with small businesses but parts having residential conversion potential
✦ approx 350m2 of narrow steep bank could be acquired seperately and would provide a good south-east facing terrace and/or glasshouse above the lane, but not too much point given the likely cost, better to simply put them above the 50m2 of garages which would become an extension to the ground floor
✦ FTTP is not yet available but scheduled in next few years, possibly even very soon, however FTTC is available (50/15+) at 700m from the exchange; a business connection would be possible sooner, e.g. dedicated 100Mbps for £250/mo and nominal connection cost
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