a cooperative coliving hub
for the south of France🇫🇷


A shared home and workspace, enabling purposeful engagement in comfort, respecting our individuality.


For a retreat to escape routine, to find inspiration and dig into projects, or as a homebase.


A diverse multigenerational community, welcoming entrepreneurs, retirees, digital nomads, artists…


Connect, share and exchange — taking advantage of serendipitous opportunities and participating in community events.

By embracing diversity and serendipity we create vitality in our lives. A coliving hub supports our independent lifestyles as a home and workspace crossing paths amongst friendly faces and great common spaces.

There's always folks to whip up a soufflé with, watch a movie or even learn some reiki… Yet also productively pursue passions, to collaborate supporting member's journeys and starting new ones, or simply take it in.


Creating amazing new spaces,
reinvigorating historic ones…

We're evaluating candidates that support broad uses into the future. If you're smitten by any do just reach out to learn more, to help define the needs or indeed to visit. Click through for maps and more details.


collective spaces for comfort, interaction and outreach

countryside for escape and adventure


towns, villages and attractions for outings

Couvent d'Aubin
not a great location however as a retreat hub it would have plenty of capacity to bring itself alive and host lots of interesting residencies and events; it would accommodate small apartments and also be suitable for families with its large garden

  • apartments
  • fabulous capacity for dynamism (despite location)
  • interesting towns nearby
  • immediately usable
  • significant acquisition
  • dubious weather
  • unexciting surroundings

Chateau de La Levade

VV Cap-Pyrenees
solid and suitable for extensive facilities including cohousing

  • huge—giving apartments and space for many residencies and studios
  • good village and station 20mins bike
  • large wooded garden of 2ha with 16m pool, and southern exposure towards the mountains
  • good town 40mins
  • some wooded walks on doorstep; hilltops 30mins
  • debateable architectural style and ability beautify
  • mountains and skiing 45mins+

Relais du Silence


A community endeavour

Our purpose as a member owned cooperative society will be in providing living spaces supporting community with varied common facilities and creative working spaces for a plethora of events, experiences, and knowledge to exchange!

As participants in a dynamic ecosystem we share its opportunities whilst generating rental revenue as a social enterprise — reinvesting in hosting workshops, talks, activities and even festivals, enriching not just ourselves, but the wider community.

By doing it collaboratively, we reduce our footprints and enhance the effects. Day-to-day decisions will be made as a do-ocracy, permitting unintrusive activities to be freely undertaken, yet having recourse should it ever be needed.



†Assuming French residency rights, otherwise six months per year for UK citizens.


Facilities to accommodate all of us…


Our model combining co-ownership with rentals ensures a resilient business that not only generates returns, yet that reinvests into itself and its community for better lives and longevity together!

Sainte Claire


Centre Ermitage

imposing old factory building in good condition, with a garden; could be a lovely space in its semi-rural location with good towns, and potential to linkup with local associations and producers; if adventurous environment/activities

Usine Gramont

Châtaigneraie d'Olargues
In a fantastic natural location, amongst chestnuts above a lovely rocky river. With creative efforts, stone walls, arches and pergolas, could be transformed into a good value and pleasing if unremarkable property.

  • independent studio-apartments
  • chesnut tree garden
  • significant acquisition, yet immediately usable
  • nice surroundings but not so diverse
  • isolated with very little to pop out to

Say hi to some of our ambassadors and board‍

Clément Roméas medium.com/…
has travelled and worked with a multitude of coliving spaces, whilst developing his own concept, yet now plotting to join and help us
River Ferdinandy cervo.house
splits time between Portugal and the Italian mountains where he's creating a coliving—whilst working to make our travel lives easier at Rome2Rio
Margaret Manning sixtyandme.com
created an online community bringing together boomers spanning the globe, whilst recognising and promoting (multigenerational!) coliving as a positive direction for us all

…and our founder

Jacob Jay jacobjay.com
created the first ever hub offering coliving with open-access coworking, in Delhi, India, and operated for four years from 2010, when the lease price was hiked, spawning the idea of co-ownership. Location independent almost since birth(!) I understand the value of both having a base and escaping to new places.

You can reach out to jacob@hub.house anytime, and the questions page has a pile of other details including the different ways you can participate in the project, such as volunteering. Anyone wishing to make an investment alongside me (e.g. for cohousing), is invited to become a patron or cofounder.

Our values… we don't believe in believing too much!
Let's learn from and support each other.


We encourage diversity. In our roles, places we live and people we know. Without judgement. Dynamic ecosystems brim with serendipity.


We enable deconcentration. Spending money where it makes a difference, away from big metros. Benefitting alongside our neighbours.


We embrace dynamism. Investigating the unfamiliar, creating resilience in ourselves, uncovering opportunities for all. We won't be left behind.