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#102 🏅76%   €220k • commercial • village • 3300m² complex • solid and suitable for extensive facilities including cohousing
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southern France: Tarbes, Pau, (Toulouse)
☃️3–11–18° 🏖26–34°  ☀️8 days  🌧12 days
GOOD  🔨 effort
BAD  🚌 transport
OKAY  ✈️ access
OKAY  🛒 shops
OKAY  🏙 towns
GOOD  🧗 activities
GOOD  ☀️ climate
GOOD  ⛰️ nature
GREAT  🌷 garden
GOOD  🏠 building
OKAY  🏘 hood
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Environment ✧ rolling argicultural valleys at base of the Pyrenees; some paths on doorstep, lots close drive; 30mins walk to river, lakes and swimming

Services ✧ bakery and good village store 15mins walk; small town 15mins drive/30 bike

Access ✧ station 10mins drive; +Tarbes 25mins train; 40mins drive airport; 1h train Toulouse; 6h Paris (€40)

Notes ✧ VISTED 27/09/23 video
✦ was on market with several agencies over time with price drops, now off-market but could enquire direct with the holding company to make an offer probably around 150k
✦ current condition has deteriorated with vandals breaking all the ground floor windows and most bathroom fittings, plus outside doors, however the structure is sound, excepting a few roof tiles, many room doors and windows, all shutters, probably all plumbing and much electrical are in acceptable condition
✦ is good value probably cheaply fitout for high volume stays, thus requiring extensive refitting and probably soundfproofing etc, but also suitable for private studio and apartment units suitable for some families
✦ 2 large buildings; 5 floors of 350m2, and 2 floors of 100m2 annexe; 4 floors of 300m2 plus 100m2 top floor
✦ the expense of refitting the entire property would be considerable, much could be independent studio-apartments as cohousing, further a single building could be the focus to begin thus reducing the scale
✦ all rooms are ensuite some showers, some baths, joining two together would make a fab little studio having a double balcony
✦ both buildings have lifts but the cost of putting these into operation is not required unless/until making more multigenerational
village is unremarkable but has a shop selling local produce, a minimart and a very good pizziera
✦ a natural swiming lake next to the river
✦ there's a rural innovation center with fablab, a bio brasserie and even a campvan rental company 5 mins drive away
there's a few paths from the door of varying lengths 30mins–2h as circuits, thougfh fairly uninteresting; lots of nice biking trails starting 10mins away
✦ a bit distant from good nature though some variety a short drive, and much better in 30mins+; 45mins+ drive into mountains and skiing
✦ larger village and station 25mins bike
sounds to have gas central heating
✦ built 1970 and run by a large holiday camp opeator
✦ probably all windows would ideally be replaced, all common area ones have been broken but many rooms ones remain ok albeit single-glazed, most of the floors are in good condition, even the (fake) parquet
✦ min 10 studios, several apartments, and min 20 coliving rooms, possibility of some private workrooms/studios
has a pool (16m) and 2ha of wooded land, about 14,000m2 garden; well buffering from neighbours; north is woods (on a small ridge) with paths and a stream, and west is fields thus could have an open aspect
✦ plenty of space for outdoor amphitheatre and events
✦ many rooms have balconies and the buildings are in an elevated position facing south over the small valley and up into the mountains thus would gain views if trees were cut
✦ an on-demand driver would be required; an average stay of 1 month would be just over 1 dropoff/pickup per day which is perfectly acceptable especially as at least one minibus would be required
✦ would easily host a team of volunteers, probably 5–6 woould be required given a nominal workload each
✦ taxes could be quite significant, ~€15k/year, this would have to be covered by initial studio backers at circa €800/year reducing in half once the second building is completed and coliving commences
✦ may have some asbestos cement parts to remove, but roofs are tile so potentially only some pipes
✦ hundreds and hundreds of dumped tires, however these do not sound particularly expensive to have removed
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