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Moulin de la Brugère
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#196 🏅74%   €96k • typical • rural • 500m² satellite • semi-rural riverside building with terraced garden as retreat space
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central France — near Perigueux, Limoges
☃️2–9–10°☀️5☁️14 • 🍂12–23°☀️7☁️11
GOOD  🔨 effort
DODGY  🚌 transport
OKAY  ✈️ access
OKAY  🛒 shops
GOOD  🏙 towns
OKAY  🧗 activities
DODGY  ☀️ climate
OKAY  ⛰️ nature
GREAT  🌷 garden
GOOD  🏠 building
GOOD  ⛲️ hood
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Environment ✧ rolling agricultural and wooded river valleys; some trails

Services ✧ village 20mins bike

Access ✧ station 5mins drive, 20mins Perigeux (last 8pm) / 45mins Limoges (last 10pm) / 1h30 Bordeaux (last 7pm); 4h Paris

Notes ✧ a very pleasant peaceful rural setting next to small river weir with 6 other houses (one a B&B)
✦ this would really be a calm retreat with nice outings and fairly accessible good towns, versus a space having more more adventurous nature and activities; thus would need space to also be more inward with residencies and small gatherings, would be capable of having a workshop thus sculptors and other acttivities could be accommodated for residencies
✦ lots of small towns under 30mins but whilst this would not operate as a minihub it could certainly allow dropins and host open days
✦ village of Thiviers has resturants, good market (bio may-oct), tennis, lake suitable for swimming and SUP (need boards, the river may even be suitable)
✦ whilst the station and town is not unreasonable by bike for croissants, it'd be better with electric scooters/mopeds, making escapes easier too, though a 2CV for runarounds would be desireable, and minibus essential
✦ horse riding 10mins drive, kayak and SUP 35mins on two different rivers
✦ trails limited, 2 there-and-back, 1 of 45min towards village, 1 of 1h30 on track beside river; more 10–20mins drive
✦ lots of chateaus of course
✦ two greenways from the village for 1h30 of riding (+20 to reach), suitable for a gentle half day out with a lunch stop; 2 train stops away there's another greenway plus hills and proper trails (15mins, plus the 20mins bike; or 30mins drive)
✦ airports not really close enough for pickups, Limoges (1h drive or taxi, +40mins train, +pickup) and Bergerac (bus to Perigeux, +20 train +pickup; better to go to Bordeaux
Property ✧ previously listed at 178k thus significant drop; can actually be initial payment of 49k then vender credit at 600/month for 8 years; this would allow much faster renovations with less pressure to get other owners on-board
✦ mostly good and immediately usable condition but roof parapet needs rebuilding to support drooping rafters, which could transpire to involve rather more serious works but the statement is only roof "repairs" required
✦ there's 10 dormers which is quite a lot if they need work, at the least the wood framing needs treating, and part of the ridge flashing is missing however this is not major
✦ 6 apartments each with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen/living, thus easily over 12 bedrooms with tons of common space including the basement, probably works to optimise layout would be gradual, eventually having a few studios and some ensuites
✦ 2000m2 of east-south garden, terraced, half open next to the lane, half wooded above; plus 50m2 of courtyard behind for parking
✦ the north-east end has eposure to the weir with a view from the 1st floor terrace
✦ one of the neighbours is the remains of the old mill with a significant section of riverfront apparently used a holiday home (if so an arrangement might be possible to use and look after the grounds)
✦ 3 floors of 150m2 plus 90m2 ground floor
✦ possibility of rebuilding a ruin at the ground level with up to 125m2 space probably as coworking and orangerie
✦ 1st and 2nd floor both open to terraces, the 1st floor terrace could even be rebuilt for up to 200m2 of new space, but best as a 90m2 glasshouse corresponding with the coworking below
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