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Huos–Tilleuls Bellevue
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#215 🥉82%   €155k • commercial • village • 950m² hub • ugly yet easy building having good balance of criteria
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southern France: Tarbes, (Toulouse)
☃️3–11–19°☀️8☁️10 • 🍂14–26°☀️8☁️10 ↥400m
OKAY  🔨 effort
OKAY  🚌 transport
GOOD  ✈️ access
GOOD  🛒 shops
OKAY  🏙 towns
GOOD  🧗 activities
GOOD  ☀️ climate
GOOD  ⛰️ nature
GOOD  🌷 garden
GOOD  🏠 building
OKAY  🏘 hood
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Environment ✧ edge of wooded hills on base of mountains and agricultural valley/plains; walks start 30mins

Services ✧ bakery 10mins walk, supermarkets 20mins; village 30mins (10mins scooter)

Access ✧ station 25mins walk: Toulouse 1h (last 8:30pm), Paris 5h30 or overnight with change; airports: Tarbes 1h15 transit, Toulouse 1h45; Barcelona 5h++

Notes ✧ not notable on any front yet good balance for all needs
✦ part of a organic-farm thus fresh veg at door!
✦ private sale (15 years without takers) by the church/christian association that owns the entire property (Domaine des Tilleuls), comprising other buildings, farmland and hosting small events
✦ whilst a somewhat high capital outlay for a first property, given its benefits and a probable part-purchase possibility, plus initial fitout being fairly easy for a single section, it presents a very interesting option with regard its achievability
✦ also up for consideration to help with funding could be patron privatisation stakes permitting exclusive use when booked sufficiently in advance each year (cost ~25k for two weeks), though would be preferable on a non-exclusive basis with compatible communities, thus increasing diversity; these could be raised later to finish up the facilities
✦ (for comparison see #174 further up the valley which is the same cost, partly immediately usable, larger garden, with hiking from door, but slightly smaller, and less accessibile without shops)
10mins drive/30 bike to a pretty village with an abbey and good restos
✦ at the other far end of the lane is an out of town shopping centre with three supermarkets, one organic
walks start 30mins along lanes which is the the single biggest detractor, however at 5mins drive organised group walks are decent (this thus measn that for one-on-one and small groups the facilities must be suitable); good hikes climbing to 1700m only 20mins drive; 40mins drive to via ferrata
✦ parkland and swimming lake 30mins walk; horse riding 20mins, climbing and another wilder lake 20mins drive; easy kayaking in summer to the town from nearby (groups at other times); 2 indoor tennis courts and a gym 10mins bike/30mins walk
✦ various castles, chateau and underground caves close
✦ 30mins by hydrogen train up the valley to the base of the mountains — the town of Bagnere-de-Luchon is pleasant with a ski-station having climbs over 2000m, via gondola and lifts for summer use too; biking descents of 1200m thus reachable in 1h
✦ towns are not interesting, though the local village is decent (also hosts a world music festival), however as Tarbes is quite pleasant (with a massive indoor climbing centre in a converted factory) and essentially just under an hour by train, and also Toulouse about 1h15 (with a latish return) both are doable for occasional days out
✦ whilst the station is a not unreasonable 25mins walk it is only 5mins by bike/scooter so could keep some at the station
There's another older house on the other side (300m2+) that had a community funded renovation but does not have enough capacity for larger events for them which they would like to be able to host.
✦ Could likely jointly operate a public cafeteria and coworking space in combination with the farm and association.
Property ✧ has potential to be a complex with cohousing if the association were willing to allow construction of tiny homes on land adjacent (is all zoned as urban), or to sell another parcel (there's several behind their main building)
~2100m2 of surrounding garden with a short but very nice colonnade of large lime trees; 400m2 is sloping above a field but would support a south-facing terrace and plunge pool
240m2 footprint with 4 floors; probably constructed around the 60s
✦ solid breeze block building without load bearing partitions thus easly reconfigured, simply needs new partions and refitting
✦ could be made pretty with trellacing, a terraced extension (up to 200m2) with orangery, and some murals
✦ wooden floors reusable; windows ok but all need replacing with double glazing (there's ~72!)
✦ opportunity for a couple of studios, potentially with independent access (with new outside stairs next to lane)
✦ the roof has solar panels
✦ might be a bit close to the railway (100m), but only a couple of trains per hour and is partly in a cutting, with the south side of the building facing away
✦ no sewerage in the village, thus requires new treatment plant, as the existing is probably not up to standards
ground floor:
✦ kitchen, dining and multi-use
✦ 1st floor:
✦ 2 micro studios (25m2) with private access
✦ 2nd floor:
✦ 12 ensuite rooms (15m2)
✦ 2 callrooms
✦ 3rd floor:
✦ 6–8 pods, 4 basic rooms (11m2); shared bathrooms
✦ focus coworking (8 seats)
✦ sunset library with mountain view
capacity 18 (rooms) – 24 (beds) having over 65% common spaces!
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