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#251 🥇91%  VISIT • €297k • typical • village • 800m² hub • 20👤30👥visiting 24/4/24
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Amelie, Catalogne nord — near Perpignan
☃️4–12–20°☀️10☁️10 • 🍂16–24°☀️9☁️9
GOOD  🔨 effort
GOOD  🚌 transport
GOOD  ✈️ access
GOOD  🛒 shops
OKAY  🏙 towns
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GREAT  ☀️ climate
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Environment ✧ valley with scrub hills and gorges, big mountain; hikes on doorstep; beaches 45mins

Services ✧ all, supermarket 20mins walk

Access ✧ station 1h bus, +Barcelona 1h30 / Paris 5h

Notes ✧ excellent microclimate with lots of sun throughout winter as is the last valley of France next to the Spanish border, however this is problematic during summer with droughts and high temperatures (but not as bad as Spain or the coast)
✦ is the only large village in the area being near the top of its valley partly isolated by surrounding mountains (the famous Canigou)
✦ has tourism year-round mainly hosting thermal curists, with a decent number of shops, cafes, restaurants, markets, plus a fablab/cultural centre, and more nearby such as a sports complex/gym, an old mill with artists studios and public events
✦ 30mins bike / 15mins bus is the pretty touristic village of Ceret with great night market in summer
✦ hikes from door; several 2h+ climbs to 1400m; many huts for multi-day including for the peak of Canigou (2700m) or secret hotsprings
✦ further up the mountain the scrub woods give way to forest and bluffs but the immediate countryside whilst pleasant might be considered a bit bland especially off season
✦ both sand and rocky beaches at Argeles and Collioure quite doable for daytrips in 45mins drive
✦ mountain biking is hard from the door, min 500m constant climbing but downhill return, otherwise 20mins on lanes, one gradual climb reaching 1000m; 10–25min dropoff gives better rides down into the foothills with many trails and suitable for beginners, returning 30mins along the old railway
✦ nice tennis 10mins walk next to river; horse riding 10mins bike; small natural lake for SUP 25mins drive
✦ somewhat scarce water and the river is not swimable, but there's a wild swimming spot just 15mins walk albeit small; good canyoning
✦ 10mins drive away is the narrowest deepest gorge in the world, which has been closed for years due to a landslide but is purportedly reopening 2026 (despite a €25m cost)
✦ just annouced in Oct [news, official] after being mooted as a 5* hotel, the old military thermal hospital directly opposite has been sold for redevelopment into a (private) sports academy (seems a bit odd) with 250 students focussed on basketball, football, rugby as well as related activities (journalism, coaching, …); will balance the population well, supporting local shops and resturants
Perpignan is the only town in striking distance, it is a good size and moderately lively, and at 45mins drive is fine for occasional outings
✦ whilst the bus is hourly and only €1, with inbound busses taking 1h (last 7:30pm), the outbound takes 1h15 then it's a further 15mins walk into the centre from the station so it doesn't offer an escape and would only be for access; in the opposite direction it goes to the next village which is usefuly for hikes and there's well timed 5min changes to go to several more remote locations for hiking
✦ train is super for Barcelona and good for changes to northern europe through Lille/Paris; the 7am departure from London arrives in time for the last bus but is a bit labourious mainly due to a 1h30 change in Lille, the 6am changing in Paris arrives at 4pm
✦ the airport has an hourly bus taking 35mins from the station, its Lisbon route was recently removed but may return for winters, London-Stansted seasonally
✦ Barcelona provides the best flight options (metro>TGV>bus)
Property ✧ down from 330k and previously 400k, also advertised direct; was under offer in Jan and then removed but apparently fell through really quickly(!), returned as of end Feb
✦ far too large acquisition if only fractional (too many pledges to finalise) however it offers good capacity to retain existing studios as dedicated units (cohousing)
✦ was 28 (small) studios and rooms, yet all having balconies(!), many covered which could be beautifully decorated with cilmbing plants and hanging lanterns, but also converted to a wonderful quiet work bar…
with limited activities closeby would be more inward, but would function as a great hub for members being a large property offering great rooms (all having balconies), multiple spaces for socialising and work (all having a very nice view over the stream), maybe with limited dropins for locals but no dedicated public access
over 320m2 of outdoor space
a back of envelope space allocation might give:
✦ 270m2 for 6 dedicated studios and 3 fractional with a min of 3 months stake (easier to finalise), thus more easily covering acquisition
✦ 200m2 for 10 rooms and 60m2 for 8+ pods
✦ 270m2 common spaces / ~30% of floorspace
the building (parcel 230; north/right side next to bridge from back, not with the squared baloncies) has a ~110m2 footprint with 4 floors plus attic rooms with terraces/dormers
✦ a modern extension below the two buildings spanning their backs and having 2 floors each with 5 studios (circa 25m2), topped by a 120m2 terrace at the basement of the building
✦ ~200m2 of outdoors shaded by trees, this is split in two with ~80m2 terrace in front of the ground floor (/3rd basement), then steep with trees to streambank retaining wall; a sauna and plunge pool would be likely additions, with the terrace gettign a bbq, possibly a small firepit and maybe an orangerie for the winter creating some privacy from the footbridge
✦ the rear of the building has 5 windows across, and 4 for the front
slightly beaten up yet solid though needs complete refit and potentially resealing the terrace, some partitions have already been removed; most of the windows and doors are temporarily usable albeit single-glazed thus all will need replacing (more expensive that most other properties given as they're doors
✦ would provide excellent mix of common spaces with 2 distinct outdoor spaces on different levels
  ✧ lowest floor/3rd basement would be common lively lounge-work spaces; probably has 4 load bearing walls dividing it which would need lintels, nonetheless would be fine partly divided
  ✧ 2nd (lowest) basement would be 5 studios with balconies overlooking the stream
  ✧ 1st basement likely kitchen and dining onto 120m2 elevated terrace
  ✧ the remaining (street level, 1st, 2nd and roof) would be rooms/microunits, plus focus coworking probably using one of the studios with a balcony thus gaining a workbar with outlook
  ✧ the roof would likely have a library-lounge, ideally part conservatory and/or with a small terrace to maximise sunny space in winter
✦ the stream is not accessible as is below a tall cut stone retaining wall; garden and property are shaded morning and evening, however the public streamfront on the other side does catch some evening sun
quiet area with few neighbours at top of stream, looking up to thermal station and gorge
✦ a pedestrian bridge passes by the terrace and crosses to the future parking the sports academy, but hidden behind lots of old plane trees
this and the smaller adjoining building (square balconies) were bought end of 2001 for 280k, that one has been fully renovated with 8 apartments on long-term rental
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