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Minoterie de Naurouze
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#199 🏅77%  REJECT • €47k • typical • hamlet • 500m² hub • parts of an old mill complex in historic location
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southern France — near Carcassonne, Castres, Toulouse
☃️3–10–18°☀️4☁️17 • 🍂14–26°☀️7☁️13
OKAY  🔨 effort
GOOD  🚌 transport
GOOD  ✈️ access
GOOD  🛒 shops
GOOD  🏙 towns
OKAY  🧗 activities
DODGY  ☀️ climate
OKAY  ⛰️ nature
GOOD  🌷 garden
GOOD  🏠 building
GOOD  🏘 hood
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Environment ✧ good walks but no terrain; agricultural plains; hills 30mins drive; coast/mountains 1h30

Services ✧ resto 5mins walk; supermarket/bakery/ 8mins bike; bus stop 5mins walk

Access ✧ mainline train 15mins drive, +3h Barcelona; Paris 6h; two airports both with transit

Notes ✧ historic location where the water supply from the hills joins and feeds the canal at its highest point between the two seas, and was also used to power the mill which features huge water channels in vaults under the building
✦ owned by a Franch-British couple whom converted part to operate as an B&B and resturant, whilst also hosting art residencies, but most of its spaces are empty and unused
✦ was for sale in its entireity and originally listed 2018 for 700k, then reduced to 500k(?) and whilst this is a bit excessive given other options, it is now being divided up into lots, two at the south-west at €45+75k totalling €120k for 900m2 with 1000m2 of garden; even the cheap one at 300m2 might be interesting as a satellite
✦ 6ha public green opposite with a possible SUPable octagonal 1km channel, plus the canal (4.5km to next lock); however the plane trees are likely to have to be cut down due to disease meaning the land would be less pleasant, yet the proprty itself has a variety of other tress around it
✦ presumably has hydro rights, though would be very small scale generation du to quite low flow, however the lock could be kept closed thus giving a moderate head of maybe 2m
✦ the full property has two gardens, 2500m2 to the north with a drive and backing onto the mill's own canal, 1700m2 to the south fronting the source canal, a 300m2 north yard fronting the lane, and 300m2 south-west courtyard between the buldings also the front the source canal
✦ local station 45mins walk, 10mins bike
✦ 45mins bike to town along canal; Revel 30mins drive; Carca/Mirepoix/Limoux 45mins the bus (Montferrand stop) serves the local town (15mins), the station (Avignonet 5mins), and the city (Toulouse in 1h but potentially better to change onto the train, or bike to it)
✦ climate is passable but not great due to rain and winds but as ever with great indoors spaces one takes advantage of good days as they happen, during winter there's some and terraces plus a glasshouse would make it pleasant
✦ lake 20mins bike with sailing and SUP
✦ good walks mainly along the canals and its feeder but also around small hills and the lake
✦ some hills for walking 25mins drive (but 1h30 bike), the low Pyrenees and Sidobre are 1h
✦ some decent if unchallanging tracks start 5misn away and can provide several hours with lots of small variations; good biking with a 45mins drive
✦ this means that as far as outdoors is concerned there would need to be regular organised outings, however for a more gentle retreat in good surroundings, everything is within reach independently
900 2x 350 main +120 2nd+3rd
✦ 950 | 2x 430 angle + 50 end + 75 end
✦ 90 end
✦ ==1900m2
✦ has a 1st floor covered walkway between the two buildings
✦ 350 channel side terrace; 200m2 road side parking; 130m2 bridge terrace (with sheds demolished); 150m2 garden terrace
✦ 2500m2 main garden (north); 1700m2 veg garden (south)
✦ 100m2 metal roof raised to 3rd storey
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