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O Lagar da Fábrica€75k 63% Portugal
filed by Jacob, 2nd April '20,

Not sure what this is all about? This is a report on one of the property candidates for our crowdfunding campaign to create a co-owned co-operative coliving space! This property was sold just before our visit was scheduled.😭

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▶︎ Comparison with prior candidate / Covilhã



The area — Serra da Lousã, Portugal🇵🇹

☃️6–13–18° 🏖31–38°  ☀️12 days  🌧8 days

  • the local (small) city is Coimbra about 1h30 by public transport, either a once-daily direct bus (two others with a change), or frequent to a village 15mins drive; trains are then 1h Porto, and 1h45 Lisbon
  • yet at 45mins drive, Coimbra is good for a weekly trip together, and as a scheduled pickup/dropoff but a little too far for on-demand pickups
  • direct overland access to Coimbra is possible by overnight train from Madrid and Irun (French border for TGV connections), or coach (Flixbus: 7h direct Madrid, 19h direct Paris)
  • the tiny immediate village has a mini-market and a bakery/cafe; a bigger village (Góis) is 20mins bike/10mins drive with small supermarket, weekly market, and a couple of simple restaurants
  • the main town (only slightly larger) is Lousã, 25mins drive, and has a number of decent places/restos to hang out and eat; including a boutique hotel-restaurant, an artisanal burger/beer joint (and another), plus a couple of good local eateries such as Villa Lausana
  • the immediate countryside is quite non-descript except for a river beach 5mins walk plus a lovely tiny gorge and natural swimming spot 20mins bike/40mins hike
  • nearby one can do canoeing, (beginner) rappelling and canyoning
  • around Lousã offers more variety, at the base of the Serra do Ceira with its valleys, pretty villages and good hiking paths; there's also a bikepark with a club organising MTB races and trailrunning; other activities include deerwatching
  • a bit further (45mins+) gives more choice such as lots of waterfalls; the national park and fantastic seaside beaches are about 1h15 drive so reasonable for the odd daytrip; the mountains are 1h30

Some pilfered photos… the local swimming spots

not too far

The property

750m² across 2 floors and 2 outbuildings • 700m² garden • 2400m2 land

Accommodations (12 fractional, 2 dedicated, 1 dormitory)

Typical occupancy around 16, max 24 (singles) to 36 (twin-sharing/doubles), including 2–3 volunteers.

  • 2 studios 45m² ensuite (15m² mezzanine), kitchenette, tall river window
  • 4 premium 29m² ensuite (12m2 mezzanine), tall river window
  • 4 standard 24m² ensuite (9m² mezzanine), courtyard window
  • 4 basic 11m² with shared bathrooms, restricted window
  • 10 pods 60m2 dorm with tall river window, and 3 bathrooms

Indoor common spaces (360m²)

  • kitchen/dining 150m² (with sofas and open area)
  • lounge/cinema 90m² for ~24 presentation seats
    plus ~14 lounge seats
  • quiet workspace 30m² for 8 desks
  • lively workspace 85m² for 16 desks (with sofa)

Outdoors (~3100m²)

There are three distinct outdoor areas. The courtyard is adjacent and a little below the road, requiring a new wall, and at its bottom having a high balcony hanging over the river. At the south end below the kitchen, a terrace area is next to the river with some decking.

Continuing along 170m of riverbank, is terraced land. The far section flattens (widening to 25m), suitable as an open riverfront garden space. It is better distanced from the road and would be isolated once trees grow back. (The trees were recently cut.😢)


3D model

Just a very quick rendering!


Fitout and function

Kitchen and dining hall

On the upper floor, this is the primary common space, and partially adaptable. It is open across the full span of the building with exposed beams and roof. In inclement weather it could accommodate 12 people for yoga without unduly inconveniencing breakfast, and at other times with tables pushed aside gives 70m2 for up to 24 people, or for workshops and games.

The kitchen itself has a 7m-long island with 6 workstations, 4 sinks/ovens, surrounded by copious storage and fridges, thus allowing simultaneous independent or coordinated cookups.


On the lower floor below the kitchen. As planned here (send ideas!) it has two sections with built-in seating so is purpose specific unlike the dining hall. The back side (with only one window) functions as cinema and presentation/discussion/workshop area accommodating everyone simultaneously (at a squeeze), whilst the front side has windows over the river functioning as a relaxed lounge. Both sides can be used to lie back and work with feet up. This arrangement allows both to be used with an element of overlap due to only being semi-separated. (During events to avoid disruption one could instead chill on sofas in the kitchen or workspace.)


There's two workspaces on the lower floor facing the river, one quiet and focussed, the other lively.

As the only dedicated quiet area is the focus workspace, and as there's no call room, those needing quiet spaces to make calls would be expected to use their own rooms at such times if none of the other common areas are adequate.


Standard and premium rooms both have mezzanines with a compact ensuite toilet and shower below, premium are slightly larger and have a full-height window over the river, whereas standard have a standard window onto the courtyard.

Pods share a spacious separate building off the kitchen balcony, with a big window over the terrace and river; plus three large ensuite bathrooms. The four Basic rooms share two bathrooms, the rooms themselves are however small with no outlook as the windows open into a path, facing the wall of a terrace. Yet these are only slightly more expensive than pods whilst being quieter with more privacy.


Unusually there is no internal staircase (or rather it would be removed), meaning the main circulation between floors is outdoors, with a covered staircase between the lounge/terrace and kitchen, or open through the courtyard from the workspace to the kitchen. This arrangement improves isolation from sounds and smells, whilst encouraging outside interactions.

Given that's there's lots of nice cold water, a sauna would be great, and can be squeezed in somewhere. The riverfront garden could feature a firepit for outdoor gatherings, plus of course there could also be a pizza oven and BBQ somewhere too.

Many specs similar to #53/Cravinos, but without the water brake for sustainable power although it may be possible if a small weir could be built albeit having very limited production.

Structural works

Fitout works


Business, operations

At this point, extremely speculative. Obviously being a small property means a number of significant differences versus larger ones, not least the lack of cost efficiency and capacity from scale.

Forecast suggests a circa €4k p.a. surplus for the community fund, with preference share yield at 8% within a few years.

These monthly expenses include a contribution to volunteer stipends (€200/mo), so if the community is good at looking after the property and themselves, could potentially reduce by €75/mo/pp.

Activities at the park…

Comments and feedback

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