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or gain a yield up to 9%.

What's a coliving hub?


A shared home and workspace, where we also share some of our purpose and learnings in life.


For a short workation to escape routine, as a retreat to dig into projects, or as a base.


Be you an entrepreneur, remote worker, digital nomad, a creative—or anything else!

By embracing diversity and serendipity we create vitality in our lives. You've got your own independent lifestyle and need a house to match. At a coliving hub you have great common spaces and friendly faces crossing paths doing all sorts of stuff.

There's always folks to cook with, watch a movie or even learn some reiki… Yet with varied workspaces you're always productive, to do your best work, collaborate with our community, support member's ventures or even start your own!?

Learn about coliving at some of our favourites, Sun and Co in Spain, Nine in the Canaries and Playworking in Montenegro. But these are just rentals, we need new choices

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We're creating amazing new spaces!


Get closer to nature whilst remaining connected to the wider world.


Live affordably, buying into lifelong use of properties as you are able.


Be part of a community that respects innovation and independence.


Support stronger ecosystems with regeneration of overlooked places.


Benefit from shared facilities (vehicles, cinema, tools, ice-cream maker, …).


Connect, learn, and take advantage of serendipitous opportunities.

Our purpose as a member owned co‑operative is providing affordable co‑ownership and rental, giving us use of private accommodation along with many varied communal areas, across multiple locations.

As participants in a dynamic ecosystem we share its opportunities whilst generating rental revenue as a social enterprise — reinvesting in hosting workshops, talks, activities and even festivals, enriching not just ourselves, but the wider community.

The regeneration of smaller towns and rural areas not only opens up affordable property for us, yet helps to restore life around. By doing it collaboratively, we reduce our footprints and enhance the effects.

Location #1: Covilhã, Portugal🇵🇹

We'll add more properties in future so we all get choice amongst varied locations. Don't worry about languages, there'll always be folks around to help. 🙆‍♂️‍ (If you're not an EU citizen you'll need a visa, but we plan to add places outside the EU.)

Seeking balance…

It's not just about having an amazing space to get our work done, but also popping out for a break to welcoming towns and villages, escaping into a natural park and great wilderness, with hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, kayaking, wild swimming, skiing, and more(!) within reach.

We're running it together!

phase 1 funded 👍
501 850 pledged €208 150 remaining

Whether you participate from day one as an investor, co-owner, or visit on rental — you do so as a member of our cooperative society. To join us make a pledge, then once we've completed due diligence on the property, you will be invited to apply for our community shares, else join us for the next…?!

With coliving, for your own lifelong use equivalent to one month of an ensuite every year, we're targeting a stake buy-in of around €1,500 (plus monthly expenses). Your saving on co-ownership versus rental at ~€550/month (inclusive) means the cost of shares is recovered after 6 years, giving a saving of €250/month thereafter.

With cohousing you have exclusive use of a 45m2+ studio, at a share cost of €35,000 (excluding fitout and decoration). We're also considering dedicated rooms from €15,000 but please contact Jacob if you might be interested. You're free to rent it, keep it for your own use, or exchange time at other locations as you wish. It's an opportunity to downsize without loosing your own place nor your own style.

With investment in preferential shares, you gain dividends up to 9% instead of space use. These represent 30% of our capital, providing rental capacity and contributing to our community fund. With their income they may be used to cover your use expenses giving cost-free housing into the future.

Why stay in one place? Get away for a while — make a pledge or stay tuned to visit and rent as a guest.

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Facilities that accommodate all of us…

A choice of private rooms, from large dedicated studios with independent access, to standard rooms all with ensuite showers. There's also a dorm for groups. Plus of course more than 12 different shared spaces throughout the property…

View the full property report


This video explores the annual streetart festival, and also gives some great glimpses around the area.


  • incorporated as a Co‑operative Society in the UK for the mutual benefit of its members
  • fractional co-ownership with community shares, returning their original value if you withdraw them
  • guaranteed flexible booking with over 8 rooms unallocated
  • may expand as a network of multiple properties sharing co-owner use
  • all rooms will be furnished with linens provided, and all common areas equipped
  • minibusses for communal trips, plus bikes and electric scooters
  • year-round volunteers (with stipends) looking after maintenance, driving and some catering
  • storage of personal effects and use of address
  • maintenance fund covers costs into the future for less surprises
  • community fund from revenue surplus allows us to invest in good surprises — events and new facilities
  • we expect to be able to have our own ♻️green energy with hydro and solar generation

We won't be like a hotel nor premium coliving spaces. We'll help each other keep things clean, and do our own laundry. Our volunteers will however help us with the basics, and if you prefer to be looked after they may offer serviced rooms and mealplans. 👏


All shares and costs will be per-day thus you'll have complete flexibility, monthly equivalents are only shown for simplicity. Our budget includes €150k of deferrable and optional expenditures, plus a cushion, therefore there is a good allowance in case of over runs.

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How does it compare?

A coliving hub offers better collective facilities, more flexibility and a dynamic community — versus sharing, renting or buying your own apartment. If you do not need these and can find community and workspace in other ways, then this kind of environment may not be a good match for you.

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Your founder

This endeavour is being initiated by Jacob Jay, founder of the first ever coliving hub offering coliving with open-access coworking which was located in Delhi, India, and operated for four years from 2010.

Location independent almost since birth, I understand the value of both having a base and escaping to new places. 🧭 I am investing ~7% of the total funds, and anyone wishing to make a significant investment alongside me (e.g. for a cohousing unit), is invited to become a cofounder having a small supplementary equity reward if you expect to maintain involvement within the community.

A bunch of us are visiting the property together 18–24th September. You're welcome to join us, just follow the link after you've verified your email. You can reach out to anytime, and the questions page has a pile of other details including the different ways you can participate in the project.

Our values… we don't believe in believing too much!
Let's learn from and support each other.


We encourage diversity. In our roles, places we live and people we know. Without judgement. Dynamic ecosystems brim with serendipity.


We support deconcentration. Spending money where it makes a difference, away from the metros. Benefitting alongside our neighbours.


We embrace innovation. Investigating the unfamiliar, creating resilience in ourselves, uncovering opportunities for us all. We won't be left behind.

Count me in!

My email address is and my stage of life is .

    or ASAP for the first hub

Pledges can be split between different shares at the time of issue. When pledges exceed their allocation (as currently for investment) you will be placed on the waitlist, for the next availability.

I would invest around (optional; min €1000 to secure position)