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Impasse du Pont
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#262 🥇100%  SOLD • €198k • typical • village • 800m² mini-hub • adjoining property could offer dedicated units
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St. Ambroix, Cevennes — near Ales, (Nîmes)
☃️2–10–18°☀️10☁️10 • 🍂14–25°☀️9☁️9
GREAT  🔨 effort
GREAT  🚌 transport
OKAY  ✈️ access
GOOD  🛒 shops
GOOD  🏙 towns
GREAT  🧗 activities
GOOD  ☀️ climate
GOOD  ⛰️ nature
GREAT  🌷 garden
GOOD  🏠 building
GREAT  ⛲️ hood
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Environment ✧ pine and scrub woods, rocky little river valleys; hikes on doorstep

Services ✧ all

Access ✧ bus/station at door: 1h Nimes / 1h30 airport, 2h15 Marseille/Montpellier airport, 5h Paris/Barcelona (2 changes)

Notes ✧ this little town is fairly pretty and lively with a good market and some cafes (including a salad bar) etc, multiple good restos, plus sushi and burgers
✦ the main town of Alès used to be rather ugly yet is undergoing rehabilitation notably with a new market hall and square planned for reopening in 2025, it's moderately lively and has tons of shops and restos, even an icerink
✦ in 2028 the railway line will be reopened bringing the main town to 20mins, until then the bus is reasonably good at 30mins (last 6:30pm) however visits should be minimal, mainly for access
✦ onward connections have good choice; Nimes airport is a train then shuttle and normally has year round service to Stansted and Brussels, plus seasonal to Luton and Morocco; many more options including Lisbon from both Marseille and Montpellier
✦ last train from Nimes is at 9:20pm which isn't bad, but last bus 6pm thus late arrivals would require pickup but should be avoidable
the river at the door isn't good for swimming though fine nearby for a splash, better and kayaking 20mins walk, or bike/bus
✦ 10mins walk to tennis, and a garden with a small natural rockface for climbing
✦ good variety for biking some trails reaching 600m (400m ascent), and including 3h with just a single road crossing
✦ 3 hikes/walks start 10mins along lanes with circuits and strolls possible, one to a ruined fort (being rebuilt by an association), a short drive gives more variety such as these lovely eroded pools 30mins drive (1h15 bike) good gorges with sup/kayak/climbing, and heights around 900m at a pretty village, plus the pont d'arc are 30mins drive
✦ with the train to Besseges there'll be even more paths and trails
✦ for daytrips the nice little towns of Uzes and Andouze are a reasonable 45mins drive with the famous Pont du Gard at 1h
✦ winter climate is pretty good with an entire third of days clear and just a few of snow, though gets bursts of very heavy rain in spring and autumn and this is getting worse, with little rainfall the rest of the year
Property ✧ despite the not insignificant acquisition this represents great value in the centre of a nice little town, having big annexes, a good garden and huge terrace with outlook (unusual in a town!), plus several mostly usable apartments (if tatty) with overall great potential for reimagination and development
✦ likely no major works, the roof actually seems okay so probably not selling due to a very odd hotch potch of different bits having limited value as apartments (not to mention conversion costs)
✦ most of the capacity I've counted needs to be developed with only about 300m2 usable
whilst there is capacity for a couple of dedicated units, they may be best for fractional; thus acquisition could initially only proceed with for example 45 fractional stakes of minimum €5k representing a stake equivalent to 2 months (basic room); once acquired fractional stakes would be sold at lower values to fund renovation
✦ there is the possibility of dedicated studio/apartment with individual deeds† for sale in the building directly opposite (and in fact adjoining via the barn) at 127k 105k with 240m2 in 5 studios/apartments some having roof terraces, with two garages (+30m2); it is rather ugly but funcitonal, so not a bad deal at €25k on average for a unit as-is, though some kind of stake would be expected in the main property, it could also probably be better divided; the final cost is in the realm of better buildings with more functional layouts; †if converted to a copropriété (condo)
probably not enough demand as a hub, thus public coworking would be limited to max 2 days/week without full time use for better dynamism
the parcel (860) has a remarkably good 860m2 footprint of which 430m2 is the garden sitting at 1st floor level, 270m2 grassy with 2 pine trees, 160m2 paved terrace looking out to the east and south over the countryside
✦ the building gives around 580m2 on a 190m2 footprint (170m2 inside, >140m2 usable), of which the ground onto the lane has a garage and a small old shopfront (would be changed to common spaces) and opens onto a courtyard/passageway (possibly 35m2) below the garden, then there's 2 main floors, the first having balconies and at the rear could have a bridge access over the alley to the garden, and one attic floor having windows only to the south-west (the front, not rear)
✦ one apartment of only 50m2 on the 2nd floor was rented but now appears to be vacant, regardless not too hard to shift
✦ below the terrace is a magnificent long vaulted cellar of 130m2 perfect for a cinema/karoke/games/events, this joins onto a tall open-sided barn of 80m2 facing south that would make an excellent coworking space or could be converted to 3 very nice mezzanine cohousing microunits, each having 15–20m2 ground, full height windows with a large bedroom mezzanine (probably same size, thus min 30m2, but set back with a ~10m2 open section); one end unit would be larger, the acquisition part for these would be about €20k, and fitout min 20k (depending upon the size of the front windows however this would be standardised)
✦ access to both of these annexes is currently only via the 2 lanes so units would have private access, however it would probably be worthwhile connecting a spiral staircase to the terrace for private access between the main building
✦ there's some other kind of small annexe in the garden, and possibly other sections of cellars below
✦ most of the windows are already double-glazed (but PVC) and electrics ok, the 5 attic windows are however bricked up, and the rear of the building might need some bigger windows; may also be possible to to add some windows to the cellar for use as a (cool) lounge
✦ the attic is open but split between two side for 160m2, with the south wall essentiall double height thus perfect for pods with bathrooms at the lower side
✦ the position will generally be quiet and there's other buildings between the road and bridge, however it's probable there will be some traffic noise
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