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🏬#242 🥇90%  REJECT • €60k • commercial • small town • 450m² mini-hub • 17👤20👥unimpressive but great potential and location
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southern France: Mirepoix, Foix, Limoux, (Carcassonne)
☃️1–10–18°☀️8☁️11 • 🍂14–26°☀️8☁️9 ↥500m
OKAY  🔨 effort
GOOD  💰 cost
GOOD  🚌 transport
OKAY  ✈️ access
GOOD  🛒 shops
GOOD  🏙 towns
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Environment ✧ rolling hills, partly agricultural at base of mountains; paths on doorstep

Services ✧ all

Access ✧ station 25mins drive (40mins bus), +1h15 Toulouse, 6h15 Paris €35 or overnight

Property ✧ (only approximative render)
✦ DOES NOTE INCLUDE the depicted side annexe behind the neighbour's building which has been identified as degraed state and is likely possible to acquire, would give streamfront 60m2 patio, 75m2 rooftop terrace, 170m2 ground floor, and 200m2 on 2 other floors thus suitable as studios and negating the need for the new wing; however even if that's only 40k the cost and effort is getting unacceptable although would become a very impressive complex, replete with a sauna and plunge pool, whilst still being able to accommodate yoga and even a (small) firepit

✦ the streamfront being at a weir means still water thus potentially undesireable for mosquitoes, though no concern in the case of the orangery

✦ outdoor space is actually fairly unncessary given the town's public spaces

9 rooms plus 6 good pods
✦ the 1st floor of the main building would provide 6 bedrooms, at least 3 having a window as doubles and possibly suitable for basic mezzanines, and 3 singles
✦ a new wing would be required, replacing some annexes, giving a further 3 rooms with skylights and mezzanines, a bunk room with 6 pods, plus a callroom

✦ 3 multi-use interconnected spaces
✦ 110m2 coworking (min 13 desks) and kicthen-dining, fronting onto lane
✦ 65m2 orangery courtyard; probably usually for dining, with 25m2 roof terrace
✦ 45m2 living room and focus coworking, onto stream

✦ 110m2 main building; 9.5m wide, 12m deep
✦ 80m2 metal roofed building siding the stream, probably having 45m2 living room and focus coworking (min 6 desks)
✦ would need to build a new 90m2 wing (19m long), in place of demolished annexes, which would be sufficiently high for bunks and mezzanines; this would be easy construction as essentially a single storey

Notes ✧ private sale; dropped 15k; regrettably has a tenant and some moderately notable works required, yet partly usable having a 3 bed apartment
✦ 200m2 of asbestos panel roof on outbuildings, however single storey and look to be in good condition thus not unduly difficult/expensive to remove/have removed, would need removing immediately to make the space usable
✦ potenitally 440m2 footprint (not bad for a town centre!) onto stream front next to a weir, and a recently renovated public square
✦ essentially smack in the middle of a new path between the hills either side of the town
✦ the front is onto the junction of a lane joining the main avenue through town, which is planned to be improved and calmed
✦ regular busses to both Foix (tiny; 40mins) and Pamiers (large; 1h, last 8pm) for stations; the latter via the lovely Mirepoix (30mins); plus Limoux is 45mins drive and Carcasonne for occasional day trips 1h
✦ good paths climbing 300m, long greenway for Mirepoix, plus Montsegur castle bikable in 45mins; several marked mtb routes from door
✦ horse riding a few mins, lake 30mins bike, but likely to increasingly be empty
✦ ~30mins drive to SUP/kayak/rafting; 45mins via ferrata
✦ small ski station just 30mins drive with peaks of 2000m and a ski lift open for hikers and bikers in summer; larger peaks 1h drive
✦ this small town having an textiles industry past is transforming itself with significant investment into new public spaces (removing parking), including a new hillside garden a stone's throw (docs)
✦ also rehabiliating old spaces such as the market hall, whilst introducing some private investments with a new hotel, plus multigenerational housing with restaurant
✦ 3 supermarkets, 2 in 10mins walk, 1 organic supermarket 20mins walk
✦ twice weekly outdoor market
✦ limited selection of restos in town, Thai, Russian, and a brasserie; but more around
✦ the area does get a smattering of snow, but is also reasonably sunny, however it is now affected by droughts with the small river to the east no longer being capable of filling the local barrage which is also integral to tourism, thus plans for the river through this town to be used to supplement it (but being drawn lower down), whilst it has a much smaller watershed it has significant peaks; the stream past the property has an insignificant watershed
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