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Grand Rue
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#300 🥇91%  PICK • €261k • typical • village • 420m² satellite • 10👤16👥 • only candidate in Provence
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Pignans, Cote d'Azur — near Touloun, Frejus
☃️2–11–18°☀️11☁️9 • 🍂16–24°☀️10☁️7
GREAT  🔨 effort
GREAT  🚌 transport
GOOD  ✈️ access
GOOD  🛒 shops
GREAT  🏙 towns
GOOD  🧗 activities
GREAT  ☀️ climate
GOOD  ⛰️ nature
DODGY  🌷 garden
GOOD  🏠 building
GOOD  ⛲️ hood
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Environment ✧ vineyards and wooded hills, escarpments; hikes from door, beach 30mins

Services ✧ all

Access ✧ station 10mins walk: +35min Toulon, 1h30 Marseille (direct, last 7pm), 2h Nice (airport, 1 change), 2h30 Marseille airport, 5h Paris (last 2pm, or night)

Dedicated units likely for part-time use only and renting.

Notes ✧ quickly received an offer, though may be rejected or may not acquire bank funding
a good deal to get a foothold in an area which is otherwise expensive, these tatty older properties are even still sometimes overlooked especially given the new rules for rentals — however would be around 35% more expensive (less time) than other properties
Toulon is not a touristic town but is a good one being very presentable mixing both activities and hanging out, with a great market, a cable car to the top of its escarpment for hiking, France's second largest opera house, and a waterfront lined with unpretentious restaurants (they're below ugly apartment buildings), and tons more in squares dotted around the historic centre — altogether a great local town that's had extensive public works and is now up-and-coming
✦ from the prior station (better served) which is a 5min dropoff/10min scoot, Saint Raphael is only 35mins, Cannes 1h; it will also be gaining a more frequent (and hopefully later) service for Toulon
whilst it is effectviely on the coast, with the beaches at Hyeres only 30mins, this section is a massif and tricky to traverse, thus the good beaches and Saint Tropez/Maxime are 1h however Cassis and other spots are accessibel by train too in 30mins+ plus bus/20min+ walk
✦ village is moderately presentable with a small square and very good restaurant plus cafe/bar, a 'pub', thai takeaway, supermarkets and small twice weekly market, plus an organic shop (albeit 15mins walk in a commercial zone) and gym
✦ 4(!) tennis courts 10mins walk
✦ the pretty streamside village of Collobrieres is 30mins drive, as is larger Hyeres
✦ the better known villages of Carces, Cotignac, Lorgues, Le Thoronet, Entrecasteaux are 35–45mins
✦ even more villages even a waterfall at 1h for day trips involving lunch/hikes/plunge, or alternatively Aix-en-Provence and the montagne Sainte Victore
✦ the massive impressive turquoise lake is 1h20 thus a bit out of reach but as a day trip stopping off in Aups, doing the upp/lower gorges and Moustiers is more plasuible with variations for repeats including lavender season
hikes and biking from the door (15–25mins walk along lanes) with endless small paths and firetracks but dry and hot, easily climbing 200m, or 550m in 2h; more impressive rides and hikes with an outing (train or drive)
✦ 10mins train to kayaking
✦ 20mins drive horse riding
naturally there's a fair few little things to do, such as a botanical garden 10mins drive, castle ruins 20mins, abbeys, … albeit nothing especially notable
✦ several lakes (no swimming) and gorges with streams, plus kayak/sup and climbing 35mins, and a slightly bigger wild river 45mins
unfortunately the same as around Canigou, drought is becoming very apparent, and at some times in the summer access to the hills is banned
Property ✧ will probably sell fast with the return of tourist season so not really worth persuing unless there's a good response from potential founding members for time stakes of at least 3 months
✦ despite being presentable on the outside there are no notable features inside, except for some minor marble and detailing, and tomette floors
there is a notable disadvantage of this property, with the railway being 100m away, most trains not stopping (~140km/h) and every 30mins yet only a few seconds of disturbance, there are a few trees and houses between however it is on a raised embankment
immediately usable but on last legs, needs significant refit, but as with most others mainly plumbing, elec and new partion walls
✦ roof beams are surprisingly feeble and need extra support especially once insulation is added (mainly against heat), no issue with refit as new rooms would add 4 additional support points, thus avoiding reconstruction which migth result in no one else wanting it; a small leak but appears to have been resolved, if not relaying a few tiles is less a concern than lifting a whole roof (such properties should be avoided)
✦ several lathe cielings need to be replastered
the village has a decent greenspace
✦ not having a garden is a disadvantage but in the typical summer heat one wants to remain indoors
✦ the back is south facing behind a large old plane tree and has 25m2 of narrow (2m) land, is really a garden bed, but could be raised with 2 windows enlarged as french doors for small terraces either side of the steps, in addition there's a stange sticky-out bit of L-shaped land abutting the rear of the neighbour that has been made into 5 parking spaces, but at least the first section of which 15m2 could be reclaimed
✦ this the back side is split between looking onto ugly modern cottages, but to the other side is greenery
✦ same as the ground floor, 2 of 1st floor widnows either side the balcony could be enlarged as doors/juliet balconies, possibly with the balcony enlarged as well thus better shading the terrace below
12.5m wide, 11.5m deep; split in 2 one side of middle window
✦ not as big as advertised (simple plot multiplcation) due to large staircase and hallway but this could be partly reclaimed by opening rooms into it
✦ roof has large windows at floor level (amazingly replete with original inner and outer shutters)), and could accommodate 8 ensuites, or more generously 2 ensuite doubles, 4 singles with 2 shared shower rooms
✦ 1st would give 2 large double-window ensuites, 6 pods (high celings), and a library/focus workspace
✦ ground would provide all other spaces -- kitchen-dining, workspace, lounge
✦ allocated as 8 rooms and 3 pods, should give average cost of ~5.5k/month, versus <4k for others
purchased in Oct 2019 for 245k
✦ the next two properties (similar size) appear to be empty and may come onto the market, first has a new roof
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