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🏬#187 🥈85%  SOLD • €49k • historic • village • 430m² mini-hub • 19👤24👥village house at base of Cevennes with connections
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southern France: Ales, (Nimes)
☃️2–10–18°☀️10☁️10 • 🍂13–24°☀️10☁️10
OKAY  🔨 effort
GOOD  💰 cost
GOOD  🚌 transport
GOOD  ✈️ access
GOOD  🛒 shops
OKAY  🏙 towns
GOOD  🧗 activities
GOOD  ☀️ climate
GOOD  ⛰️ nature
DODGY  🌷 garden
GOOD  🏠 building
OKAY  🏘 hood
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Environment ✧ hills amongst windy rocky river valleys, scrubland and woods; hikes on doorstep

Services ✧ supermarket, shops, bars/resto; nicer village 10mins drive/bus; town 35mins drive/45mins bus

Access ✧ station/bus 10mins walk; Nimes 1h15, airport +30mins shuttle; train ~5h Paris/Barcelona (2 changes)

Notes ✧ now off market, but may not have sold
✦ offers a good mix of criteria for this cost, albeit lacking good outdoor space, requiring moderate work to fully realise, and not quite immediately usable
✦ typical village house, divided into 3 and previously having 3 shopfronts on the street, nice exposed stone walls and brick vaulted floors; with the rear overlooking the river (albeit not impressive) and the front getting some evening sun over a minor road
✦ next to the hotel de ville and a shabby but friendly bar that's does tasty bites; just off a boring square mainly used for parking but also the weekly market; potential opportunities for a community project to beautify with benches and flowers around the trees
✦ the building interior has already been stripped, plus the facade thus saving quite a bit of prep work; however this means it's non-functional though does have connections, they just need connecting, and barrel vaults are annoying for passing conduits
✦ no exterior as such but opportunity to make a novel extension and a roof terrace
✦ the village is unremarkable though moderately lively along its main street on the other side of the river; has some street art murals, tennis courts, indoor sports hall and in the summer is a short walk to a several riverside cafés
✦ there's a pile of old factory buildings, one now housing a bric-a-brac community repurposing space, and a micro-brewery(!)
✦ there's a quick bus/10min drive/30min bike to a much nicer village with several weekly markets (including organic), good cafes/retos, plus riding and kayak
✦ several hiking circuits are possible on the immediately adjoining hill climbing 450m; other hikes on the opposite side of the valley are 20mins along lanes; all trails are fire tracks and singletrack is rare; the GR44B passes the door and leads to an impressive chateau in 1h biking; the nearest moderate peak (1300m) is 30mins drive, however can reach a 1000m summit in 2h30 biking entirely offroad climbining gradually with downhill all the way back ;) similarly there's a 2h route to the small town with return by train or along the road; river spots and swimming closeby
✦ the Ardeche river and other other locations down the Ceze are 30mins (for Les Vans with good gorges and more kayakinging/riding) to 45mins (for the famous Pont d'Arc)
✦ otherwise the location is a bit limiting due to being in the foothills of the Cevennes with winding small roads to get anywhere else; there's better landscapes and a very nice town (Uzès) are 1h for occasional daytrips
✦ the main town (Alès) is not bad thanks to ongoing improvements (35 mins drive/45 bus) including a new market hall pending, and will be only 30mins in future with upgraded rail service (reopening 2026, 5-times daily); the lovely city of Nimes will be 1h from the door
✦ onward connections are good; Nimes airport is a train then shuttle with year round service to Stansted and Brussels, plus seasonal to Luton and Morocco; many more options including Lisbon from Montpellier and Marseille
✦ good winter sun and limited rain
✦ 35m2 side building = 105 + attic to be removed in favour of roof terrace
✦ 100m2 main = 300 + attic
✦ 30m2 possible extension
32 coworking seats across multiple diverse spaces: (giving capacity for some locals as a hub!)
  ✧ 10 common table ground floor
  ✧ 6 focus top floor solarium
  ✧ 7 desks casual work lounge
  ✧ 4 work lounge daybeds
  ✧ 5 casual 1st floor workbar
✦ overflow for 16 dining
✦ generous kitchen with small breakfast bar and dining room with capacity of 24 seats; upstairs workbar also suitable for individual eating
capacity of 19 beds; 9 bedrooms (most with 160cm beds); 10 pods:
  ✧ 1 premium ensuite bedroom with window, desk and bath (~14m2 +4m2)
  ✧ 1 ensuite bedroom with window and desk (~8m2 +4m2)
  ✧ 1 ensuite mezzanine with window
  ✧ 5 mezzanine ensuites with skylights (generous 4.5m2 bathrom with 4m2 changing area)
  ✧ 1 ensuite with skylight (~9m2 + 3m2)
  ✧ 8 pod dorm (with windows east and west and 3 ensuite bathrooms; pods 1m wide)
  ✧ 2 single mezzanines with shared bathroom (considered as pods as only 6m2 but have standing room)
✦ 2 callrooms (one isolated, 1 semi-isolated)
✦ at back 33m2 of ground about 1.5m higher than ground floor 2.2m deep 15m wide; onto which an extension can be built; adjoins a probable common area used as parking but walled from lane and perhaps possible for beatutifcation
✦ at ground level the extension would only be sheds
✦ the solariums don't actually get much morning sun in the winter, though the focus one does get some most of the year
✦ 1st floor rear access door onto tiny 13m2 raised terrace; adjacent an enclosed solarium workbar; good for breakfasts with morning sun
✦ full width work lounge with daybed type work areas plus desks (windows west and east into solarium workbar)
✦ pods also full width with window onto terrace for through draft
✦ unallocated 19m2 room onto workbar and adjacent premium room
✦ 2nd floor
✦ focus workwoom solarium (no sun after midday)
✦ would remove attic floor for mezzanine bedrooms and a roof terrace
✦ good living room for 18–24 with windows east and west (ideally 2 new windows instead of one small for evening light)
✦ access up to roof terrace from hall via balcony
✦ some of the tile floors could be kept which would be a nice bonus; the main work would be removing the attics and building the bedrooms and bathroom; an easy section of roof and building a terrace (only 4m wide); plus the extension which is only 2.2m deep on ground already raised 1.5m, thus not difficult
✦ several new lintels may be needed in order to provide access between the building's main parts, however there seem to be several that have been blocked up
✦ to improve light and ventillation there would be a skylight above the centre of the stairwell, thus preventing heat from getting trapped and roasting the bedrooms, which would obviously have their own with blinds; it would also be possible to circulate cold air from the basement to the top, maybe direct to the rooms too
✦ cons are that the staircase is very narrow (but has large landings); there's a factory with sawmill producing pallets near thus some potential noise (outside); the front windows only look onto the narrow street (but the rear windows have some degree of view)
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