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🏬#149 🏅73%   €67k • rustic • hamlet • 500m² mini-hub • 14👤20👥wine warehouse with good environs but some drawbacks
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southern France: Carcassonne, Narbonne
☃️3mo 10–17°☀️3🌧19 • 🍂3mo 14–21°☀️5🌧17
OKAY  🔨 effort
GREAT  💰 cost
OKAY  🚌 transport
GOOD  ✈️ access
OKAY  🛒 shops
GOOD  🏙 towns
GOOD  🧗 activities
DODGY  ☀️ climate
GOOD  ⛰️ nature
DODGY  🌷 garden
OKAY  🏠 building
DODGY  🏘 hood
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Environment ✧ vineyard valley, escarpments with good hikes on doorstep; 1h coast/mountains

Services ✧ bus 5mins walk; basic shop 15mins walk; good village 20mins bike; town 20mins drive

Access ✧ station 20mins drive, 5h30 Paris changing or night train, Barcelona 3h direct; airport 25mins drive

Notes ✧ UPDATE: returned to market at an increased price, was 45k so likely still acceptable; neighbouring units (ads linked) also at same price
✦ a rather unimpressive building and hamlet, yet low capital, do-able in phases, with affordable shares (~€2300/month) — starting with this as a mini-hub presents no issues nor complexity but would be oriented around workspace and outings (hikes and towns), not the property nor neighbourhood; whilst smaller, it's lower capital requirement could mean there's still backing and interest remaining to add a second 'mini-hub' location giving variety, or it could be expanded with a larger number of adjacent buildings many good outings all around the famous medieval fortified town of Carcassonne; from the doorstep there's ruins and good walks and biking year round hikes, reaching 600m (4h) through scrub woods and rocky outcrops, yet also gentler walks through villages too (topo map); horse riding closeby, kayaking 40mins drive, bit further for rafting/canyoning; a lake very close (30mins bike) good for swimming and SUP (boards required); various public pools including indoor with hamman/sauna; within 30mins there's several river swimming spots, including at the pretty Abbey village of Lagrasse
✦ local village of Trebes is 30mins bike on tracks and lanes, having a pedestrianised canal waterfront, restaurants and cafes, supermarket, weekly market, a small amphitheatre, tennis courts and a sports hall/dojo
✦ within 30mins drive there are lots of sights and Carcassonne town is just 20mins drive/bus (50mins bike which is fine for a half-day outing), with good facilities and being moderately lively
✦ next to a chateau hotel with restaurant and spa but not so well reviewed; immediate surroundings are vineyards; hamlet has a bouledrome and football pitch with some surrounding land that could be improved as community gardens with seating thus offering outdoor space, no doubt the mayor could be persuaded to allow a firepit and maybe even gazebo for communal gatherings, railway however next to it
✦ the main drawback is lack of outside space — the lounge, library and balcony would however be fine for chilling, a breather in the community garden, a 20min walk gets one into the quiet countryside with a few different circuits; else its outings — essentially one is either in the building, or elsewhere
✦ the hamlet is also squashed between a motorway (with the steep hills next to it) and mainline railway, thus subject to potential noise when/if outside although the hotel and B&B next door are reviewed as being calm and quiet and noise risk maps are just on the edge of the 55–60dB zone ('fairly quiet') and is protected by other buildings, this is the lowest mapped but still noticeable outdoors; needs checking! despite having to walk over the motorway (10 mins), the moment one does, you're amongst nature and are never likely to spend much time outdoors in the hamlet itself
✦ bikes and a licence-free electric car (Citroen Ami) would facilitate private outings and escapes; car could have the first hour free to make grabbing croissants easy, then a contribution; minibus would always be available for any collective activities; this combination would mean there's no reason not to pop out whether for a coffee and stroll, or an entire day at the beach
✦ as a mini-hub of just the one building, it could not offer public access coworking nor host events, except meals/games up to 30 people; could welcome occasional vanlifers to join in (coworking, kitchen, showers), as the location is just off the main route to Spain
✦ 40m2 ground floor workspace (12 desks) with morning sun; 40m2 upstairs library and focus workspace (6 desks) with morning sun; 40m2 lounge with afternoon sun; 100m2 kitchen–dining (3–4 workstations; 18–30 seats); 10–40m2 balcony with afternoon and evening sun
✦ despite being small the layout is highly functional with clever use of angles making it optimal for both privacy and interaction; there'd be wide openings between the main spaces to allow light through, with sliding doors that may be closed during cooking or films, permitting passage without interruptions
✦ should include 40m2 of west-facing ramp to another warehouse, and so may retain access rights, nonetheless potential for a balcony of some size; is the only location for laundry; UPDATE: does not, but negotiable 12 units plus 4 pods (20m2 with two ensuites); 8 mezzanine ensuites (12m2) with south facing skylight ~€2300/share/month, 4 premium ensuites (18m2) with large north facing window ~€2900/share/month; the mezzanine units are very compact at just 2.25m wide yet functional with a good sense of space as the bed is on a recessed mezzanine (3m2), leaving a 6m2 full-height space with skylight giving access up to the bed and for dressing (could easily accommodate a small desk and stool); skylight would be motorised; premium units could also be arranged with a mezzanine thus giving the floorspace as a microstudio with sofa, desk and kitchenette, however seems superflous for a mini-hub.
✦ as all units are ensuite, there would be no common WCs, though the pods would have 2 ensuites available for visitors
✦ no callroom, so bedrooms would have to be used, thus a stool and desk in each actually might be benefical
✦ will need a bunch of new lintels for windows though there's two small ones that've been blocked
✦ winter is damn dreary, rain isn't too bad, mostly very short showers that blow over; there's always a few decent days for outings; obviously summer is lovely, and mid-season very pleasent; [I used to live in the town, and biked extensively around the hamlet —ed.]
✦ would employ 4-4-4 seasonaility with 40% extra time in winter, so technically all members could use their time just in mid and peak seasons; I beleive despite the climate the location is still appealing and would work, as winters would be cheap (~€300/mo/ensuite as rental) thus good for focussing on projects or startups, still better than the UK with things to do and being within the community bus to both towns only run a couple of times a day
✦ families would likely not be permitted due to the size and lack of segregated common areas, however mezzanine rooms are actually ok for an extra mattress on the floor, and so kids could be allowed during a specific period
✦ floor and roof ok, however roof trusses need mid support which is not a concern as corresponds with hall placement
✦ fibre already available; requires sewer, water and elec connections but directly outside
✦ the airport is served by Ryanair and because of the strong tourism has a good variety of routes, including year-round(!) to Stansted, Manchester, Porto, Dublin, Charleroi, plus seasonal to Edinburgh and East Midlands; however train connections are not bad if potentially requiring a 30min connection and there's also coach connections
✦ the budgeted share cost does not include an electric car nor balcony however their cost represents half of the budget window, thus providing limited overuns they would covered by this once all shares are subscribed
✦ as a mini-hub it would have no studios, however within the same building complex there are five 60m2 houses for ~€20k each with independent access and potential courtyard use, but three other warehouses between so wouldn't be connected, though if studios were desireable, at this cost, acquiring the two intermediary warehouses alongside might be plasusible and would interconnect everything (via ramp) whilst offering fantastic indoor spaces and upgrading to a dynamic hub, otherwise the cost for extra space is not really worthwhile (~€300/share/month excluding works)
✦ more lots are for sale (see images) — 2 more warehouses, 5 small houses, a 400m2 courtyard, and two barns; the courtyard will probably be assigned to its adjacent buildings which are the opposite end (advert €89k 280m2)
✦ worth comparing with #157 which has a better neigbourhood/community and slightly better climate but more work; #137 is a much much better building in a similar location with a garden and good community potential but requires much more capital, and hiking isn't much cop
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