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Têxtil Cravinos
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🏘#53 🥉67%  SHELVED • €180k • industrial • town • 2750m² complex • Rather above budget and notable risk due to scale of works. An incredible complex of buildings with rocky stream and bridge between them. Land is not included thus requires negotiations, it comprises stone steps covered in vines up small terraces behind (and a large terrace for veg!).
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Portugal: Castelo Branco, Guarda, (Lisbon)
☃️4–12–17°  🏖31–37°  ☀️13 days  🌧9 days
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Environment ✧ natural park with 2,000m peak, lakes; town has gym and sports centre; paths but start 1h through town; river 5km, would ned own equipment; small ski station 30mins drive; coast 2h

Services ✧ all, town centre and shop 20mins walk; next town 1h train

Access ✧ station 20mins walk (3h30 Lisbon); airports too far (2h30 drive)

Property ✧ First building next to the lane is a more recent 70s concrete structure whose roof can be kept and thus usable quickly. Has four floors with lift shaft. Over the stream the buildings need entirely new floors and some roof repairs/reconfiguration.

Notes ✧ can be redeveloped in several phases, finishing with cohousing units
✦ capacity allows much larger reserved usage improving access and prices
✦ will require pumped sewerage, thus also a tank, which would have to be placed in front at the bottom of the main building, but could have a terrace over it thus isolating the pump, could also have an off mode during the night during when the tank fills and is only pumped if full
✦ work score doesn't include the buildings on other side of stream but that would not be required for the initial member allocation
✦ a couple of tracks a short walks away, however most activities involve a quick trip, e.g. 20–40 mins bike/car
✦ slightly sheltered from the south by being built into the hill
✦ next to a rail bridge, the line will be reopened soon after being upgraded and electrified, thus traffic should be fairly quiet, currently there's only four trains per day
✦ stream might be suitable for small scale hydro during winter (maybe covering heating costs)
✦ can be very hot although buildings remain cool and is cooler in the valley, down season might be split betwen winter
✦ access is restricted to train or bus from Lisbon or Porto as rather far to drive unless combined with a group day trip, however future rail connections will improve
✦ 53 and 54
✦ town has a datacentre and fibre networks are being rolled out; also a new national Center for Innovation in Tourism
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Jacob Jay🎩 posted to Hub projects

Always interesting visiting properties! #60 Institut Lamothe-Poulin was run by the department itself which doesn't pay taxes, so not known (yet).

The purchase duties wouldn't be significant (under €10k) but I'm talking of the annual taxes, which for a property this size could easily be €10k/year. Or in context for us, ~€40/month per room. It is calculated on both size and facilities (e.g. lots of bathrooms would increase it). Comparatively Portugal / #53 Têxtil Cravinos is much less annually, but more up‑front; this is less up‑front and more ongoing, so (arguably) better for scaling more slowly so long as we budget for several years of future taxes in the capital — although there should be several years free / reduced because it is not yet renovated.

For facilities I think Lamothe will be better, but as you said Cravinos is better for location. The important thing is that the first can be successful to do more. ;)

Jacob Jay🎩 posted to Hub projects

Hey Ciprian good to see you here! I like your choices, same as me, I may yet visit the Tobacco warehouse, I'd gotten as far as negotiating to get some of the neighbour's garden for it. Not quite the potential as a larger property which I consider key for the first, if not maybe quite as large as #53 Têxtil Cravinos amazing as it'd be. The 1,000m2 of sheds/hangers at #60 Institut Lamothe-Poulin would be darn cool for projects/crafts/performance/indoor sports, and yes there'd be at the very least a communal minivan at all of the properties, essential for fun trips out.

Ciprian Iamandi posted to Hub projects

#53 Têxtil Cravinos Looks to be the best candidate if we want to go big. A lot of potential here