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🏢#200 🥉77%   €75k • typical • village • 775m² hub • collection of buildings with large garden in heart of a river village
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central France: Angouleme
☃️3–10–17°☀️4☁️15 • 🍂13–27°☀️6☁️12
GOOD  🔨 effort
GOOD  💰 cost
OKAY  🚌 transport
OKAY  ✈️ access
GOOD  🛒 shops
OKAY  🏙 towns
DODGY  🧗 activities
OKAY  ☀️ climate
DODGY  ⛰️ nature
GOOD  🌷 garden
GOOD  🏠 building
GOOD  🏘 hood
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Environment ✧ undulating argrcultural plains, wooded walks closeish

Services ✧ supermarket, resto, café and various shops, weekly market

Access ✧ local station 10mins drive / 30mins bike, +20mins Angouleme +2h45 Paris

Notes ✧ been on the market quite a while, and the village has several such properties for sale
✦ good village on a small river, and home to Gautier cognac
✦ would be very inward focussed as uninteresting countryside even if pleasant for meandering
✦ Angouleme 30mins drive with 35mins TGV to Bordeaux
✦ woods with longish walks starting on track 15mins along lanes, ok for easy biking, easy canoe/kayak 15mins drive; coast is too far at 1h30, thus nothing natural challenging nor inspring; outings to chateaus, gardens and villages would be decent, though winters would lack any appeal except as a cheap quiet place to work
✦ 1 daily bus to Ruffec 30mins (mainline), and Angouleme (1h) with 2 returns
✦ very nice little town of Cognac 45mins drive
✦ great 800m2 courtyard garden with a tree, and given the good size with outbuildings would be easy to enhance the facilitaties to include a covered pavilion/stage/terrace and a glasshouse/orangery, perhaps even additional accommodations
✦ main building 150m2 with 3 floors =450m2 6 windows north onto street, 4 windows south to garden; roof redone; this would be fairly easy to convert, the remaining buildings would require more significant works
✦ ground floor already has large shopfront windows and door onto street, but demand for a public coworking would probably be limited as there's others around if not terribly attractive/dynamic and mainly just private offices/incubationm, but enough to provide some local faces if not revenue
✦ portico 45m2 with possibility of 1.5 floors between street and garden
✦ very shallow (~3m) annexes of 45m2 with 2 floors, east windows
✦ 50m2 deep sheds facing east to garden but no windows?
✦ 70m2 stone barn, east facing with two floors, large arched entrance and some windows
✦ garden could have gate onto public parking
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