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#133 🏅71%   €130k • typical • village • 700m² mini-hub • Next to station close to Lisbon
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Santarem, Portugal — near Santarem, Lisbon
☃️6–15–19°  🏖29–39°  ☀️7 days  🌧7 days
GOOD  🔨 effort
GOOD  🚌 transport
GREAT  ✈️ access
GOOD  🛒 shops
GOOD  🏙 towns
GOOD  🧗 activities
GOOD  ☀️ climate
OKAY  ⛰️ nature
OKAY  🌷 garden
OKAY  🏠 building
AWFUL  🏘 hood
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Environment ✧ agricultural river and rolling hills; river beach and gentle walks on doorstep

Services ✧ all town centre 20mins walk or bus

Access ✧ station on doorstep: Lisbon 45mins

Notes ✧ possible candidate as a semi convenient city-hub, being so close
✦ neighbourhood is only bad because of the station, otherwise actually rather nice with teh river; it's set on a typical small cobbled road (likely quiet), however it's next to the Portuguese mainline north–south railway thus has a train passing every 30mins 6am–11pm, most stop thus approach slowly, with only a few of the AP trains each day whizz through
✦ the town is small and pretty with cobbled streets, although has burbs, there's several public squares/gardens including just above the rproperty with vista and cafe
✦ the river is probably not good for swimming, there's canoe//kayak though; a better river beach is 30mins drive, the coast at Peniche/Nazaré is 45mins
✦ the immediate surroundings are pleasant but not notable, and indeed immersive nature simply does not exist within any reasonable distance, however walks, calm spots and ruins to explore are aplenty
✦ half the building is protected from the railway behind another, whilst the other half and roof terrace looks diectly over the railway and fields to the river
✦ the building is built into the hill and thus lacks light and ground windows to its back/west
✦ 175m2 roof terrace having southern exposure and looking over the railway and fields to the river, but also half set back under a tree behind the building; 100m2 of back garden adjoined by 60m2 of shed that could be removed
✦ 700m2 plot with essentially 3 buildings with potential for about 10 small rooms plus 2 studios
✦ the ground floor frontage would need all doors replacing with glass to allow light in
✦ ruins of 320m2 continue along the road, and could if acquired cheaply could become courtyard and additional rooms
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