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Gallipienzo Warehouse
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for a Hub House co-operative coliving project

#20 🏅54%   €40k • industrial • rural • 950m² hub • intruiguing rural property
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Spain — near Pamplona
☃️3–10–16°  🏖28–36°  ☀️8 days  🌧11 days
DODGY  🔨 effort
BAD  🚌 transport
DODGY  ✈️ access
OKAY  🛒 shops
DODGY  🏙 towns
OKAY  🧗 activities
GOOD  ☀️ climate
OKAY  ⛰️ nature
OKAY  🌷 garden
DODGY  🏠 building
GOOD  ⛲️ hood
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Environment ✧ amongst hills, edge of small agricultural plain and next to the Aragon river

Services ✧ basics 10mins walk, village 20mins bike 5 mins drive; nearby towns 15 mins drive

Access ✧ station 30mins drive: Barcelona/Madrid 3h; Pamplona airport (frankfurt/spain) 40mins drive, else Zaragoza has good connections +bus +1h20 train +40mins car else 2h car direct

Notes ✧ price drop from €80k
✦ probably a reject due to fairly significant demolition and restructuring in the warehouse, and water connection requirement (750m–1km away), would also require septic tank
✦ approx 2,000m2 of land for garden, set amongst a few fields just below a hilltop village so nicely isolated
✦ climate is possibly a bit variable with many grey days
✦ most of the roof is updated but a small part remains ~150m2
✦ two part building, the front is an older brick house/office, whilst the back is a more recent warehouse containing cement/block silos to be demolished; would require new lintels as there's currently only limited light and access, however the walls are breeze block thus simpler to create openings
✦ requires new internal storey (~450m2, giving 1300m2+) as top floor would accommodate 10 studios of ~20m2 plus mezzanine with a single tall window
✦ the top floor hall could be a planked walkway with open gaps, bridges to each studio, thus the hall below would look up to the roof
✦ 30x19 3x6m across; + 2 storey 30 wide six deep
✦ 50mins Pamplona/Pyrenees, lake 30mins with thermal waters for winter swimming iMAX was available and other operators such as UPnet appear to have continued cadastral data, streetview
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