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Relais des Templiers
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#213 🏅66%  REJECT • €45k • typical • village • 700m² hub • large tatty hotel/resturant in a quiet village
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western France — near Angouleme, (Bordeaux)
☃️2–10–17°☀️5☁️11 • 🍂14–25°☀️7☁️11
GOOD  🔨 effort
OKAY  🚌 transport
GOOD  ✈️ access
OKAY  🛒 shops
DODGY  🏙 towns
DODGY  🧗 activities
OKAY  ☀️ climate
OKAY  ⛰️ nature
GOOD  🌷 garden
GOOD  🏠 building
OKAY  ⛲️ hood
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Environment ✧ gentle agricultural and vineyards, winding canal river and woods; walks from door

Services ✧ supermarket, weekly market, bakery, good resto; town 45mins bus

Access ✧ mainline station 30mins drive: Bordeaux 30mins (+30mins airport shuttle), Paris 2h15

Notes ✧ represents good value given its size and state as a community mini-hub possibly attracting some locals
✦ whilst there's some decent bits of nature it would be quite inward with generous space and occasional trips out and about but nothing notable apart from the very nice town of Cognac (45mins)
✦ twice daily bus 45mins to town of Angouleme (7am 1pm out; 12pm and 5pm back) or 30mins drive with a 35min TGV service to Bordeaux (last 10pm)
✦ local station is 15mins drive with a 1h service to Bordeaux (last 7pm)
excellent restaurant in the village
✦ 2 tennis courts 10mins walk in quiet spot
✦ there's kayaking/SUP, river beach (in season) and horse riding nearby
✦ interestign river hikes/bikes start 15mins drive away where there's a station reaching the great little town of Cognac with trains taking 20mins (45mins drive); this line also reaches the coast and beach in 1h30 with a change to break the rather long journey; coast could also be reached with a 1h15 drive
✦ Bordeaux airport 1h30–1h45 of travel with 2 changes
✦ one 1h30 partly circuit walk with some variations for longer partly through woods; up to 2h there and back through fields along stream; one other walk across fields stretching to 2h there and back or with circuit; better walks 10mins drive/bus/30mins bike with trails through woods
✦ village is currently tidying up it's main street, but there's more than a few abandoned properties
property is really several old buildings mushed together and extended
✦ main part is 115m2 footprint 3 floors, with some extensions behind at ground, both removed would give an 80m2 courtyard
✦ the second part is at least 150m2 footprint with two floors, though the ground floor may not extend back completely and the second opens onto the garden
✦ doesn't include the tiny corner building (375, #2), does at least one other usable building on the next street (#18 40m2 *2)
✦ the 350m2 garden used to have a building that was demolished, is slightly above the lane and west-south exposure, the west esposure would catch sunsets looking over some allotments and a meadow on the other side of the lane; the meadow would be extremely good to acquire but is very large at 1ha whilst the allotments are 1800m2 in two parcels
✦ the north end of the garden where the building used to be gets south exposure and would be good for a conservatory
✦ roof and structure is good, except for some bits of edges, and many windows look like they'd do temporarily though several of the street doors and windows would need immediately replacing; all the interior to completely refit
✦ fibre in deployment
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