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Tobacco Warehouse
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🏬#32  VISITlovely building on edge of village near lake • €150k • historic • village • 970m² mini-hub
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central Italy: Perugia
☃️2–9–14°C  🏖31–36°  ☀️14 days  ☔️8 days
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Environment mostly flat and cultivated but paths on doorstep to hills (1h walk) and a very large lake with watersports; 2h15 to either coast

Services local busses, basics (cafes, food), 15 mins walk to supermarket; 30mins bike to small town, 40mins drive to Perugia

Access good local busses, station 10mins, Florence 1h30, Rome 2h

Property gorgeous internal arches although possibly difficult to plan around; can rebuild the ruined '☃️garden' for extra 160m2 (maybe double if two floors is allowed) and neigbour will sell some adjoining garden of around 1300m2; a vegetable plot is included on opposite side of road

Other Notes roof already renovated
• adjacent part of the same building is also for sale but already renovated thus no value in purchasing
• with extra garden could using ground source heatpump and install solar
• Capacities:
• attic 7 bedrooms (3 ensuite, 4 shared), all with one small window, 2 large rooms would need skylights
• 1st floor 7 rooms (3 ensuite, 4 shared) + dorm
• ground floor 8 rooms (all ensuite)
• event space must be in garden but workspace (

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River Ferdinandy🧚‍ posted to Hub projects

#32 Tobacco Warehouse could be good :)For Italian properties I already have done all the spreadsheets to calculate IMU (property tax) TASI (some other random tax) and TARI (the garbage tax). These can be significant and depend on the cadastral category, square meters, amount of people. Generally speaking though, Italy is complicated legally, and if we want to have more than 6 rooms and 12 spaces, and also rent to guests for periods less than a month, we get into strange territory legally speaking. I still need to crack this one.

Ciprian Iamandi posted to Hub projects

#32 Tobacco Warehouse I like this candidate for a mini‑hub